Curse The Mainframe! 195 Bunch Of Backwater Hicks!

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There were only the sounds of faint scratching on paper as the mutterings of the sole inhabitant in the room were heard.

No one else accompanied the scientist in her journey of cells as she threw herself headfirst into her work, a sense of purpose filling her entire being.

They'd eventually moved the container with the alien inside it into Natalie's lab since she needed it on hand to gather more materials from it.

The day slid into night, and the tensed att.i.tudes of those who'd been privy to the contents of the metal container relaxed a little.

What they didn't know was that despite a lack of heartbeat from the alien, and its apparent state of hibernation, that did not mean that it was not alive.

On the contrary, the alien was very much alive and well despite the things that the nasty humans had done to it so far.

They had made the a.s.sumption that because it stopped moving that it was dead. Oh, how wrong they were.

How dare these creatures of lower intelligence treat it like it was something that was to be dissected? To be studied like a measly s.p.a.ce rat?

Te.ake was displeased. Infuriated. Enraged.

How dare these beings treat it like it was something that was of a lower intelligence and spectrum? How dare they?

Te.ake might not be part of the master race, but it was by no means from a weak species. Those dared treat Te.ake like this had already paid dearly for their mistake.

So, Te.ake was biding its time, waiting for the right moment.

Beings that dared sully the great Te.ake would not receive any mercy from it. It had come in relative peace, but its goodwill had been spat on.

Te.ake even lost a tentacle to these pathetic creatures, something which caused its rage to burn bright. How dare they? How dare these backwards hicks dare sully the great Te.ake's body!?

Yet, Te.ake knew the patience of a hunter. As a superior being, Te.ake could wait.

A day would come where these measly humans would regret ever trying to bring harm to Te.ake.

It had already extracted part of its revenge against those who dared try to contain its great and mighty self. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Those who had dared lay hands on it had already perished in the aftermath of the meteorite it had called from s.p.a.ce, yet that was only the first part of its master plan.

It was not enough that those who had hurt it had perished. So long as these humans remained on this planet, they would not stop at trying to hurt Te.ake. Of that, he was sure.

Te.ake had been foolishly gentle as it approached the humans, only carrying goodwill, but they had spat on Te.ake's generosity.

No longer.

These humans from the backward hick planet paled in comparison to the true master race in s.p.a.ce. Not only were they of lower intelligence, they were backward in their technology and means as well.

Te.ake would end this planet before they ever dared of journeying throughout the great universe.

Having used most of its energy to call the meteorite down from s.p.a.ce, Te.ake could only lie in wait as it tried to regain its energy.

It had been able to control some of those humans with more power by using implantation of its consciousness. It was only a matter of time as the red virus spread throughout the planet, thereby eradicating all life on this puny planet.

Te.ake bided his time, listening to the sounds of paper being scratched, as the insolent human removed its lifeblood from its veins time and time again, treating Te.ake as mere fodder – something that didn't even need their attention nor their care.

Te.ake shook with anger, its tentacles frizzling in the darkness of the box they'd so carelessly shoved it in.

Those who had dared lay hands on Te.ake's body had already perished, but now, new humans had taken their place, proving Te.ake's thoughts right.

It had been prepared to give a bit of mercy had the humans just allowed it to be, but all humans from the backwater planet were the same.

No mercy.

Te.ake would not fall for their ploy any longer.

The red virus source was so near that Te.ake could almost taste it. With just a little bit of the virus that was so poisonous to this planet, it was only a boon to Te.ake's race.

Te.ake would be able to regain enough energy for it to leave before ending this planet.

A planet like this did not deserve to exist, so all Te.ake had to do was change it to its liking.

With the spread of the red virus, the planet would eventually fall into ruin, whereby the other races of the great s.p.a.ce would be able to partake and reap benefits and rewards. This was a great boon to Te.ake.

Just the credits alone were enough for Te.ake to live in wealth for the rest of its life.

Te.ake's tentacles wriggled happily as he thought about the wealth that was just at its tentacletips.

Te.ake froze.

The virus source was nearing his lifeblood. Unconsciously, Te.ake's tentacles waved wildly as its patience was about to pay off.

Unfortunately, just as its plans were about to come to fruition, there was a loud sound as the door slammed open in the room, startling the human that had been about to give Te.ake its liberty and causing the red virus source to splash onto the table.

Te.ake just barely resisted the urge to curse, but it obediently curled up and stilled itself before these humans were able to realize that something was wrong.

Fury burned in Te.ake's heart. Truly, these backwater hicks were…

"Natalie, dinner."

The door closed behind the human, leaving Te.ake in the silence of the room. Back to biding its time as the end times approached this little planet.

If only it hadn't used so much power implanting its consciousness in the other humans, doing this would be a piece of cake.

But still, Te.ake waited patiently. Soon, the time would come. It was only a matter of time.

Sure enough, a short time later, the female human returned to the room, continuing its 'research'.

Te.ake bore the indignity as well as it could.

The day for revenge was nigh. Te.ake would wipe out the rest of the miserable humans on this backwater planet and spread the red virus to the rest of the planet's creatures before finally causing all lifeform on this planet to succ.u.mb to the virus' whims.

With the scent of death thick in the air, this type of planet was a boon to many races in the great galaxy, and Te.ake would be the sole reaper of the credits that could be acquired from this place.

A drop of red virus met its lifeblood, and Te.ake immediately felt the surge of power that rushed through it, leaving Te.ake feeling better than it had been in a long time.

The time had come!

Its consciousness scouring around, Te.ake looked for a host to carry its consciousness. A strong one was the best host to take care of errant matters.

Curse The Mainframe! 195 Bunch Of Backwater Hicks!

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