Curse The Mainframe! 200 How Do You Want To Die?

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Te.ake frowned when it realized that the host was resisting its commands.

The alien pressed down harder, having to use a lot more mental strength that left it weak. Or rather, weaker, before it was able to press down the host's consciousness to take full control over the body.

It was finally satisfied when the host's mental consciousness did not do anything, obediently staying under the sea of unconsciousness.

Te.ake, satisfied, stepped forward, only to see the youngling slap a piece of paper onto its host's body.

Confused, Te.ake touched the strange sheet with equally strange writings and scribbles on it, only for it to feel a sudden surge of power from the host's mind, and the host's entire body to freeze in place.

Shocked, Te.ake tried to withdraw from the host's mind, only for it to realize that the host's consciousness was not pressed down at all. In fact, the host's mind was a lot stronger than it originally thought, causing Te.ake to feel terribly confused.

Instead, the original consciousness of his body attacked Te.ake's own mind with a hidden ferocity that shocked it whenever Te.ake tried to regain control.

Since the host had only ever fought back with the merest tokens of resistance in the beginning, when Te.ake took over it always thought that Dominique's mental state was weak and fragile.

Like with Natalie, who had not even managed to put up any resistance at all, to those other influential people in this planet, Te.ake had never met a human that was able to resist it.

It was only now when it realized that it had been tricked by these humans!

Indignation and humiliation burned bright within it.

How could it have looked down on its opponents so much that it had made such a fatal mistake?

What was this piece of paper, and what was it doing to it!? What sorcery was this?!

Alec brushed a stray strand of hair out of his eyes, watching as Dominique blinked, the ring of blue remaining in his eyes, but the aura around him changed immediately.

Dominique stretched a little, finally being able to go back to his normal self without having to force those unnatural actions and expressions on his face.

Dominique felt like he could finally breathe properly after so many days of feeling stuffy. While the alien had thought he was being subtle with his so-called 'mind control', to Dominique, it felt more like the alien had been shouting orders inside his brain.

Frankly, it felt disgusting and unnatural to him, but he'd played along, following the orders of the alien. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was something that didn't quite sit right with him but thinking that he was being useful to his boss by acting like this, Dominique was willing to bear with the uncomfortable feelings.

"Welcome back, Mini," his boss said, and Dominique felt his heart swell with something he didn't know how to describe.

Then, he remembered the various things he did while under the alien's 'control'.

His face immediately fell, feeling distressed.

Dominique's fingers uncharacteristically twitched as his fingers tingled with the remaining feelings of the force that he'd used to grip his boss' neck, upset.

He had been in full control of himself at that time, yet he was worried that Te.ake would go jumping around to the rest of them, so Dominique hadn't dared to allow the alien to realize he was in full control of himself.

Alec watched curiously as Dominique hovered, acting like he wanted to touch, yet at the same time, he didn't dare to.

It wasn't like his subordinate to act like this, though the familiar light of fanaticism in his eyes had returned, and Alec felt something inside him relax at the sight.

It had been strange seeing Dominique walk around for days acting differently, and though he had believed that Dominique was in control of himself the entire time, it hadn't felt good to know that his subordinate had to act according to the whims of the alien.

Speaking of which, Alec's eyes narrowed a little, causing Dominique's heart to jump. Was the boss going to admonish him?

"Is the alien – Te.ake – still conscious?"

Dominique at once felt a mix of disappointment that he wasn't getting scolded, as well as relief. "It is."

"Do you think you're able to move its consciousness at all?"

Dominique fell silent as he thought about it. When the alien had tried to control him, he hadn't felt much of anything at all.

The most he felt was like there was – quite literally – another being that had inserted itself into the back of his mind, trying to dictate his actions. He knew that he was able to ignore whatever it wanted if he wished it.

Now, the alien was trapped inside his body, unable to leave, and its consciousness originally tried to fight against Dominique, only for the Sin to slap his around mentally.

Now, the alien was all but cowering in the back of his mind, giving off faint terrified vibes. When it heard Alec's words, the terror only increased.

"I should be able to."

Dominique pushed aside his distress, only feeling anger at the alien daring to use *him* to cause harm to boss. Not only that, the alien wanted him to kill boss!?

The more he thought about it, the brighter and colder his anger burned at once. He would love to render the alien limb from limb in a fight. But first, they had to remove the alien from his mind.

Alec immediately shook his head. "If you aren't certain, then I'm not willing to risk it."

The System rapidly rifled around through his knowledge to cobble up a seal that would transfer someone's consciousness to a container of his choosing.

Te.ake had gone from humiliation and indignation to worry and caution, then outright terror when it realized what the humans were talking about.

How could it not, when they were able to produce something that was able to contain Te.ake's consciousness?

How could Te.ake not be terrified when it thought about the possibility of being eradicated forever?

Death had never been so certain.

Though Te.ake had the strength mentally, it was not physically gifted.

"Release me, and I shall bestow upon you many things that you have never seen before," Te.ake coaxed Dominique, its heart still carrying a faint trace of hope that he could survive this unscathed.

So long as they got this piece of paper off, Te.ake would immediately try to flee after it returned to its original body.

It originally thought that the inhabitants of this planet were all weak, but it turned out that wasn't the case.

Te.ake no longer dreamed of anything big. It just wanted to leave with its life intact. It knew when to retreat and when to advance, and this was definitely not the time for him to advance.

Dominique gave a very disdainful sounding scoff, tendrils of anger curling up, the flames of wrath burning brightly within him, causing Alec to raise an eyebrow.

"The alien wants to bribe its way out of this situation."

Alec's eyes narrowed.

Crafting the seal in his mind, he stuck another one on Dominique's head, between his brows, while sticking a few more on the alien's original body.

Alec's lips twitched.

How could he allow the alien to escape when he was still p.i.s.sed about what he'd done to his subordinate?

Alec tugged the seal that he'd stuck on Dominique's head. "Move its consciousness into that seal," Alec said.

Dominique immediately followed orders, shoving the screaming alien's consciousness towards the area that the seal was stuck on, and he felt the stuffy feeling fade immediately.

It felt so good to have the alien's consciousness gone. Before, his head felt like it'd been overstuffed.

Te.ake blinked awake in its own body but was horrified to realize that it was unable move a single tentacle, nor was it able to move anything other than its eyes.

By now, Te.ake was truly trembling in fear inside its body.

It had originally thought that the planet inhabitants wouldn't be able to touch its body at all, but it had a feeling that this was not going to be the case right now.

Sure enough, his worries were proven right when the smile on Alec's face widened.

"So, how would you like to die?" Alec said with joy. The hidden anger in the depths of his eyes were for Dominique, who'd gotten hurt – however superficially it might have been.

Curse The Mainframe! 200 How Do You Want To Die?

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