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Thea snuck into the place Alec told her about.

The information that he'd managed to glean was a good amount, so much so that Thea had been rightfully suspicious about how true it was, and whether or not there was fake information.

More than anything, it upset her that the information was probably coming directly from the first prince, who was apparently in a relations.h.i.+p with Alec.

She didn't know how it happened, but it didn't give her any good feelings that her clan mate was together in bed with someone who held enmity for their clan.

Sure, she knew that anything could happen on infiltration missions, but she hadn't expected Alec to go this far.

If she was able to prove that the information provided to Alec from the first prince was false, then Alec would be able to extract himself cleanly.

She both wanted and didn't want the information to have problems.

Thea was starting to understand herself less and less these days.

Alec didn't say anything when they parted, but Thea could see a faint glint in his eye that made her think that he knew what she was going to do.

She didn't like this feeling. Like he could see through her all the time.

It was at night, but she could see the faint traces of light from the distance already.

Though it was relatively silent, even whispers that gathered in the thousands made a loud sound together.

Thea sucked in a breath. So, it was true.

There were complicated feelings swirling around in her that she didn't know how to give name to.

They were tangled together in a giant web, and she didn't know where they ended and where they began.

The camp that the royal family had gathered was indeed in the outskirts where hardly anyone came by, but they looked like they were ready to move out any day from now.

Looking around a bit more, Thea made very sure to keep her presence as low as possible, just on the level of a pa.s.sing gust, where they would be sure to overlook it.

She didn't dare to approach too close, in case they sensed her presence.

Confirming that the army was here, Thea quickly and silently looked as she gauged the number of people that had gathered here to take part in trying to ma.s.sacre her clan. Thea's heart was cold at the thought, feeling disgusted by how many people were willing to take part in this 'expedition'.

She retreated just as quickly as she came, heading back to the city.

Thea made certain she wasn't being followed before heading back.

She was grudgingly impressed by Alec's work, even as she felt sad that he had to put himself through that just to obtain information for them.

While she was happy that he managed to weasel the information out of the first prince, she didn't really like that for some reason.

Now that she'd confirmed the information, she would extract herself from Rhys City and send herself back to the Neil Clan.

Alec was going to be staying for longer in the city, much to her confusion.

But since it was the orders of the sect leader, and Alec himself didn't seem to mind, then she was fine with it.

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The rumours about Alexander and Alistair had spread at such a fast pace – Alistair confided in Alec that he was certain the empress had a hand in it.

While the rumours had been plenty even before, now it had grown to a staggering level, where you would be hard-pressed to find someone that wasn't talking about it.

Where before it was only the n.o.bles who whispered about it, now it had even spread throughout the common populace.

The moment it spread, it was hard to control, and for this, there were people in the background moving to make the rumours even more outlandish.

Of course, Alec and Alistair were playing it up as well, and Alistair had taken the chance to ditch all of his 'friends' that followed him around.

Those 'friends' of his made themselves scarce as well, not wanting to get caught up in the rumours that were going around about the two men.

Some people even speculated that maybe Alistair and Alexander were a pair of Chers that had fallen at first sight.

Right now, Alec and Alistair were relaxing in the café, in front of many n.o.blewomen's eyes, peacefully enjoying each other's silence.

While they stared at Alec with hearts in their eyes, the looks that they gave Alistair were a bit off.

No one knew what to make of this strange couple before them, and the café was rather silent, save for a few whispers and giggling.

Seeing the degenerate prince and the heartthrob Alexander together painted a strange image indeed.

Still, the more they looked on, the more they felt like they could accept it compared to pairing Alexander and Ophelia instead.

Of course, it wasn't much better than seeing Alexander with Ophelia, so they still felt hostility for the first prince.

The haughty princess had not shown her face in high society for a few days now, especially not when the rumours about Alexander and Alistair were floating around.

Some of them sneered, thinking that it served the princess right when she so obviously had to coerce Alexander to her side.

The faint melancholy air that Alexander sported before had all but disappeared now, and the smiles that he gave to the first prince made their hearts melt.

Still, they didn't approve of the couple, just like they hadn't approved of Alexander and Ophelia ending up together.

Just what was Alexander seeing in Alistair that made him look at the other with such soft eyes?

It was this thought that prompted them to take a few more glances at Alistair even when they didn't hold any good impressions about him.

They would kill to be in Alistair's place – without any hesitation at all, even.

It was at that moment that Alistair took a sip of the hot chocolate from the mug, and promptly found himself falling in love with that cup of hot chocolate.

Alistair slurped a little louder, playing it up even when he was genuinely enjoying it.

Alec grinned a little, and a few of the n.o.blewomen staring at him squealed in the corner, clutching each other.

Alexander's smile already had such devastating charm, and this was a new expression that they'd never seen before – a grin with the hints of mischief hanging onto his lips.

It made him seem more approachable and friendly.

Alistair put the mug down when he caught sight of the glint in Alec's eyes.

"What is it?"

Astoundingly, the grin on Alec's face softened into a smile, and the glint in his eyes grew stronger.

Alistair had a bad feeling.

Sure enough, Alec leaned forward and 'dotingly' swiped a thumb on Alistair's lip indulgently, letting out a little mischievous chuckle.

Even though he didn't do anything dramatic like lick his thumb and wiped it off on a napkin instead, the girls around all but pa.s.sed out from shock and giddiness.

The prince and the System exchanged smiles, which was all the n.o.blewomen could see. None of them noticed the hidden battle that the two were having between them.

Alistair just barely resisted swearing at him.

In retaliation, Alistair reached forward and patted Alec on the hand, smiling winningly at him. "Thank you, dear."

Ye Sha choked with laughter at the sudden change of address.

As they continued their battle of wills, the n.o.blewomen around were all but losing their minds.

"Did you see that!" one of them squealed, clutching at her friend for dear life. "Oh, my goodness, that was so sweet!"

"Ahhh! They're so cute together!"

Suddenly, the way that the n.o.blewomen looked at Alexander and Alistair changed subtly.

Where before they were hoping to replace Alistair, right now, they were quite content to watch the two together, as their 'doting' actions towards one another escalated.

Without knowing what he was doing, Alec had created a whole new faction within the n.o.ble circles.

Janelle shakily drank her tea.

For some reason, she was feeling quite excited looking at the normally sloppy first prince and darling Alexander together!

The n.o.blewomen looked at their exchanges with happiness, and the more they saw, the more they approved.

Previously, their impression of the first prince was at an all-time low.

Because the first prince was exactly in that position that was so enviable, yet he held himself just like the degenerates of their society, mixing around with them.

The emperor never did anything to correct his behaviour either, so the ladies that were looking for eligible partners all made sure to avoid the first prince wherever they went.

When they heard about Prince Alistair and their Alexander getting together, they were shocked beyond belief, and they were even hostile towards the first prince, thinking that blood ran deep, if he was doing the same thing as the first princess.

So, when they chanced upon Alexander and Alistair together at the café, they were all observing them closely, ready to step in and ask their parents for help if they ever saw the first prince doing anything untoward to Alexander.

However, the more they watched Alistair and Alexander interact, the more they felt that their initial impression was flawed.

When they first heard about the more outlandish rumours – like Alexander and Alistair being Chers in love, they scoffed at it. Surely the royal family would have made a public announcement if a prince turned out to be something other than a Bright.

But now, they weren't so sure.

Alexander and Alistair were clearly deeply in love with each other, with those sweet actions!

How could they not support them? What a romantic and adorable story!

Suddenly, many of them converted to what was commonly known as a 's.h.i.+p' on a distant planet called Earth.

Alistair suddenly looked a lot better in their eyes, and at a closer glance, they could see that the first prince did not look as sloppy as he usually did.

He was dressing a lot neater now – perhaps good influence from Alexander? – and those degenerate friends of his were nowhere to be found.

The more they thought about it, the more they supported the two together.

Suddenly, determination burned fiercely within them.

They had to protect the two.

Anyone who tried to break them apart was an enemy!

Curse The Mainframe! 246 Ship?

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