Curse The Mainframe! Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: 251

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Ophelia let out an enraged shout upon seeing her idiot of a brother's familiar face .

He was partially turned away from her, but she felt rage build up replacing the previous shock when she saw him .

Why was he here in her mother's bedroom when she had been looking for him all over the palace?

Unbelievable! Didn't he know that men and women should keep a distance?

Especially when they weren't related biologically by blood!

She stalked forward, shouting at him . "Why are you here?! Where is my Alexander?" she cried, looking around the room, as if her darling would come out if she just looked for him .

There was a faint trace of unease that was building up inside her .

Something was wrong .

Unlike his usually sloppy self, where a smile always hung on his face, there was no trace of it now .

Alistair turned his head ever so slightly, looking her straight in the eye .

His eyes were cold and calculating, and despite Ophelia's intrusion into the room, he didn't reply her at all, as if she was less than a fly in his presence .

Ophelia felt as if she'd stepped into an alternate world, with how he was acting .

She was beyond shocked .

When had she ever been looked at with those cold eyes?

Especially when it was coming from her trashy brother .

Still, he always doted on her, almost just as much as her own fully blood related brother doted on her .

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Getting a look like this that lacked all feeling from him shocked her to the core, and she almost took a step back in shock .

Still, she threw away her shock as she went around him with determination .

The question about her Alexander's whereabouts that was just about to leave her lips died in her throat .

Her eyes widened in shock when she saw what Alistair's body had been hiding from her thus far .

Alistair stood casually with his hand gripping someone's long blonde hair tightly, their body halfway collapsed on the ground .

As her eyes directed themselves downwards without any conscious action on her part, she gasped .

"M-mother?" she stuttered, her hand flying up to her mouth in shock .

Her usually impeccably dressed mother empress had been reduced to a state where she couldn't be any more dishevelled . Strands of her hair were sticking up everywhere, and her clothes were in disarray .

There was blood splattered on her, and various wounds that she had were visible through her dress, sluggishly bleeding .

There were light cuts on her throat, which were also sluggishly bleeding .

Blood was pooling on the floor, ever so slowly .

The empress looked a far cry from her usual dignified self, and one would be hard-pressed to see the similarities from before and after .

The empress shook her head at her daughter, despair colouring her features . "You shouldn't have come in here," she whispered, her eyes darting fearfully to Alistair's cool features .

The princess couldn't accept what was happening before her very eyes at this moment . Ophelia glared at Alistair . "What are you doing! Let go of her this instant!"

But instead of doing as she ordered, as he always had whenever he met her, Alistair instead just sneered at her, as if she was talking air . He even tightened a grip on the empress' hair, but the empress didn't dare make a single other sound .


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There was a single heavy footstep that echoed behind her, and Ophelia froze, her face paling . How could she have forgotten about her father's murderer?!

She quickly backed away from them, her mother's desperate eyes still bore into her .

Suddenly, it clicked for Ophelia . She looked between the masked murderer and Alistair, feeling horrified when the implications. .h.i.t her .

The masked murderer was still wearing a faint smile on his face as he walked closer, as if he was amused by this whole spectacle .

She felt cold all over when she thought about how he had been enjoying her suffering, and the princess felt the hate acc.u.mulate inside of her .

"You… you're working together!" she gritted out, and she saw her mother's eyes flit to the masked figure as well .

Alistair let out a short laugh . "Ah, what brains you have," he applauded her, truly .

"What have you done with my Alexander!" she shouted at him . Her voice trembled .

Even as she couldn't tear her eyes away from her mother, her heart burned when she thought about something happening to the love of her life .

Did he know about Alistair's true colours? Or had he suffered under his hands?

Was he… was he already dead?

Her heart shuddered at the thought, and though she worried about her mother's safety, she could not shake the worry that plagued her heart .

Alistair chuckled again . "What do you think?"

Ophelia felt despair hit her at his words – she feared that the worst had already happened to him .

Instantly, tears flooded down her face, agony burning in her chest at the thought about her Alexander having suffered in this monster's hands – just like her mother was now .

Alexander was hers! Hers!

"You monster," she choked out, much to his amus.e.m.e.nt .

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The thought that Alexander had been clueless to the end made her ache so much . He had his loyalty and affection thrown into his own face and had been killed because he was no longer useful .

"Why! Why did you kill him? Wasn't Alexander perfectly loyal to you? He would never have betrayed you!"

Alistair's eyes flashed . His mouth curled into a smirk . "Who said anything about killing him?"

"R-really?" Hope bloomed to life in her chest .

"Really," Alistair purred, gripping the empress' hair even harder, drawing a cry from her at the harsh jerk .

"What do you want?" Ophelia demanded, now that she received the answer she wanted . "Why are you doing this?"

Alistair blinked slowly . He didn't see a need for her to know .

Really, if she hadn't understood it by now, why should he waste his breath on helping her understand?

Ophelia saw that he had no intention of answering her, and she discreetly moved the magic inside of her .

The instant she tried to make a move she was knocked aside roughly by the masked murderer – wait . There were two of them now .

She looked at them warily .

The only ally that she had in the room was her mother, and her mother was incapacitated .

Ophelia swallowed .

Not only was she outnumbered, she was outcla.s.sed as well .

"Where is Alexander?" Ophelia asked again shakily .

She felt as if her death was drawing near – she failed to see how she would be able to escape from her fate this time .

But she wanted to see with her very eyes that her Alexander was alright before she had the chance to go .

She wanted him to see Alistair's true face – to know that he shouldn't stand by a man like this .

She couldn't accept that her gentle Alexander was stuck with someone as cruel as this – someone who made a move against his own family .

Ophelia was the worst hypocrite – she had been the one who had been trying to convince her mother to kill Alistair, yet when it came to Alistair, she had double standards .

"You want to see him?" Alistair snorted .

He had actually been doing her a rare favour by allowing her to die without ever knowing that her so-called 'love' was just a spy that infiltrated the palace using her .

Ophelia nodded silently, determination filling her eyes .

The empress realized that even with her heavily injured in front of her daughter's eyes, the man that she had become obsessed with still took precedence over her .

Despair filled her eyes, and she shut them .

She knew that today would be the last day she lived .

"You really want to see him? Alright then," Alistair said with amus.e.m.e.nt . "Have at it . "

Ophelia's brows furrowed . She started to have a bad feeling . "Where is he?"

Alistair's free hand lazily pointed behind her, and Ophelia turned around .

All she saw were the two masked figures that were leisurely standing around .

"What foolery is this?" Ophelia demanded .

Then, the figure on the right, the one that had been smiling this entire time and had chased her all the way to this place, stepped forward just as she stepped back warily .

"Lady Ophelia," the figure said with a very familiar gentle voice .

Ophelia shook .

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Curse The Mainframe! Chapter 251

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