Curse The Mainframe! 253 A Tragic Love Story

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There was unrest in the city.

Someone had blown off the palace gates, and the commotion that it made was so huge that they couldn't miss it even if they wanted to.

Even if someone hadn't heard the initial loud explosion, they'd have been filled in by the rumours going around.

Where was it?

It was the royal palace!

How could they not care? It wasn't some sort of random house down the street.

It was the untouchable royal palace!

Something had happened. Black masked figures all around had broken into the place – or so the rumours went.

Still, everyone was talking about it, so some of it had to be true.

Who had the audacity to infringe on the royal family's authority? Was this a rebellion?

Not only that, the intruders were doing so in broad daylight!

How daring was that?

It was clear that the intruders had full confidence in themselves, but what really made them puzzled was why the royal family hadn't already handled the problem.

There were the sounds of swords clas.h.i.+ng and shouting from beyond the gates, but none of the civilians in Rhys City dared to approach.

It had already been an hour, yet the 'rebellion' still had not been handled.

While they were curious, they were not so curious as to risk their lives to satisfy their curiosity.

Still, the sounds of fighting and slaughter made them unbearably nervous, and almost every one of the shops had closed down for the day, heading home as they hugged their family close, worried about what was about to happen to the city.

Though those actions were the most common, there were others who were unable to deny their curiosity, peeking out from the windows near the palace gates.

The place the emperor and his family resided was deep inside, so they couldn't see anything, but the road along there seemed to be filled with bloodshed.

The civilians that were not in the know couldn't help but worry about their livelihood. The people that were up top and claimed the 'royal family' t.i.tle didn't matter to them.

What did matter was how the people up top guaranteed their livelihood.

So, the braver souls stuck around, if out of sight, but still around to see what would happen.

Not too long after the gates were first blasted off, there was an even larger cacophony of sound that reached unenhanced ears, and the civilians tensed up.

Something was about to happen – no, something had already happened, but there was change.

The sounds of ringing metal grew louder, and there were obviously a group of people that were coming their way whether they liked it or not.

The shouts were growing louder – growing more desperate, and the eyes that peeked out from behind the curtains were focusing hard as they stared to see who would emerge.

Was it the emperor?

Was it the prince?

The princess?

They didn't know what they were waiting for, but the antic.i.p.ation was at an all-time high.

Instead of whatever they thought they would see, what they didn't expect to see was two male figures das.h.i.+ng out from the fallen palace gates. They were holding hands, but their running was equally as fast, so they didn't get in each other's way.

It was a surprisingly romantic gesture that one didn't expect to see when they were fleeing for their lives.

Behind them, there were a group of black masked men from top to toe chasing them, hot on their heels.

"The prince! That's the first prince!" a man gasped.

His wife, who was standing next to him and peeking out just the same gasped as well. "The first prince… isn't he the famous prince in the rumours that has suddenly changed his ways? The rumours were real?"

But they didn't have any more chance to make conversation because the masked men made their move.

An arrow from the dark came flying at the two lovers, and the people that were watching had their hearts in their throats just watching the arrow near the two lovers.

It almost felt as if they were watching it happen in slow motion. They stifled the yell of warning that wanted to leave their throats.

Alexander turned around at the last moment, his eyes widening when he saw the arrow that was headed towards them at high speed.

In the end, there was nothing he could do about the arrow that was headed directly to Alistair's back. Nothing he could do to deflect it.

In the end, he chose the one thing that would allow him to ensure Alistair's safety.

Alexander pulled on the prince's hand hard, exchanging positions with him and covering him with his back.

There was no miraculous turn of events that would allow both lovers to live as the arrow stabbed deeply into the man's body.

"Alex!" Alistair shouted, his eyes going red.

Alexander collapsed on the ground, his hand shakily touching the arrowhead that had partially pierced through into his front, his hand coming away completely red with blood.

Alexander coughed, blood trickling down his chin.

"Alex!" Alistair shouted again, his hands uselessly going to the arrow that had pierced his lover through.

The masked men were closing in on them, and Alistair pulled Alexander closer to him, letting out a shout of anger as he glared at the men.

The prince bit his bottom lip until it was bleeding, shouting out. "Attack! Don't let them hurt anyone else!"

A large troop of men quickly emerged from the streets, lightly armoured and equipped with weapons, before they heard the prince's orders.

They looked like they'd rushed here from far away, and they were each panting lightly.

In an orderly manner, the guards threw themselves forward, and they managed to push the intruders back through the palace walls, where they would not be able to harm any innocent civilians.

But those that were watching from the shadows no longer watched that fight anymore.

Instead, their eyes were drawn to the tragic couple.

Alexander had risked his life to ensure the prince's safety, and they couldn't help but think back about the rumours that had been circulating around the city.

Most of them thought that it was just hogwash, but what they saw now made them change their minds.

The rumoured sloppy and depraved prince had really changed – he'd changed after he fell in love, but what they were seeing now blew their minds.

Alexander breathed roughly, reaching up to touch Alistair's pale face.

It almost looked like Alistair was the one who was rapidly losing blood instead of Alexander, with how pale his face was.

His hand, stained as it was with blood, left a b.l.o.o.d.y mark on the prince's face. "Are you alright?" he mouthed, but there was barely any sound leaving his throat.

Alistair's eyes shook, and he desperately tried to stem the bleeding that was coming out from the wound, but there was nothing he could do.

The arrowhead just barely peeked out from the wound, but if he removed the arrow, the bleeding would become even worse.

Yet, if he didn't, the bleeding was still maintained.

He was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Alistair bit his lip, bowing over Alexander's hand. "I'm fine. I'm fine-" he choked out; his eyes with unshed tears.

Alexander nodded sluggishly, his vision going blotchy around the corners.

Not once did his vision move from Alistair's face, as if he was imprinting the other's looks into his mind before he departed from the world.

The tragic scene was permanently etched into the civilian's minds, and many women started crying when they watched what had been a wonderful love story turn into a tragedy.

Even the men were moved, seeing this touching scene of self-sacrifice for love.

Then, Alexander's hand went slack, falling off the prince's face, dragging powerlessly on the ground.

Alistair froze, his hands still clutching Alexander's cooling body.

Something seemed to break inside him.

He pressed his head forehead to Alexander's, and from the viewer's angles, it looked like he was giving his love a last kiss as he departed the world,

Bowed over Alexander's unmoving form, both of them were utterly still, and some of those watching even wondered if both the first prince and his lover had died together.

Alistair stood up, carrying Alexander's body in his arms.

Alexander looked peaceful, which was something that shocked many of them when they thought about the pain that he should have been in with the arrow still lodged in his body.

There was a warm smile on his lips – one that would be permanently etched there for eternity.

There were tears flowing down Alistair's cheeks, dripping onto Alexander's face.

Alistair's face was completely blank, and he looked like a soulless doll.

He cradled Alexander to himself with such care that the people watching were sent into another fit of tears.

They despaired at Alexander's death, but not as much as the prince was obviously suffering.

Then, the blank look on his face slowly morphed into one filled with such pain and rage, and he flew forward back into the palace, still carrying Alexander in his arms.

All that was left behind was silence, but the impact that made was even worse than if there were still the sounds of fighting.

Alistair and Alexander's tragic love story would forever be remembered by the citizens of Rhys City.

Curse The Mainframe! 253 A Tragic Love Story

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