Curse The Mainframe! 271 Killing To Keep A Secre

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Travis woke up feeling like a horde of monsters had stampeded all over his body.

Strangely, he felt like he was rather relaxed even when his body was aching all over.

s.h.i.+fting a little, the man rolled over, only to feel something sticky leak out from – from somewhere.

His eyes flew open.

Similarly, his body rose off the bed, and Travis hissed as the ache and pain hit him all the more sharply.

But he couldn't be bothered about that right now.

No, instead, the ache was foreign to him, but the feeling he got from it wasn't so.

He'd heard countless people describe it to him before, but it wasn't something that he himself experienced.

Travis turned his head ever so slowly, his memories vague and hazy.

Sure enough, he caught sight of three naked bodies on his bed, and the young master trembled in both indignation and rage.

The three men on his bed were familiar to him.

Too familiar, even.

They were, just like him, in varying states ranging from debauched to completely debauched.

There were unnamed fluids everywhere, and the expanse of skin that was revealed to him did nothing to curb his rage at all.

Travis flushed looking at their indecent state, then he looked over his own body.

Travis looked like he had been the one who suffered the most under the three's hands, his previously pale skin carrying the marks of all three men together.

The humiliation built up strongly in him, and he even felt faint.

Just a single look and you could already tell that they'd partic.i.p.ated in something that couldn't be talked about in polite society. It was tantamount of social suicide if it ever got out.

There were love bites and bruises everywhere, not to mention the suspiciously white liquid.

A single glance was enough for a scandal that would be talked about for years on end. Especially for a young master of the Ross Clan, like Travis.

Travis Ross was someone that received attention from all sides of society, but it something like this was known to his enemies, they would have all the information needed to force him out from the ranks of high society.

Travis almost felt as if he could breathe. How could this have happened!?

Travis started trembling in sheer rage when he felt the sharp pain coming from the lower half of his body.

He felt strangely tender, and his skin p.r.i.c.kled at the faintest tease of wind that blew across his skin.

His face changed many times all at once, and he immediately kicked the bodies off the bed in his state of anger.

He stripped the coa.r.s.e blanket from the bed, using it to cover his naked body partially, ignoring the groans that came from his henchmen.

He even felt an urge to kill them on the spot, but not before he managed to find out what happened from their mouths.

What happened!

Just what the f.u.c.k had happened last night?!

He tried to recall what happened before all of this, but the only thing he could remember was the knock on the door.

He had no other memories apart from that.

Wait, no… he – Travis seemed to recall the disjointed and hazy memories of drowning himself in pleasure and pain as the night progressed on, but the memories were so vague that they might as well have been a dream.

He seemed to recall calling out and begging for more, which made his face darken and flush simultaneously in humiliation.

Travis took deep breaths to steady his breathing, trying to remain calm when all he wanted to do was permanently silence them so that they could keep his secret forever.

There were a series of groans from the three men, who were just waking up at the sudden rude awakening to their previously sound sleep.

Travis' soul almost left his body when he realized that the door to the room was slightly open.

"Shut the door!" he shouted, to the befuddlement of the three men who were just waking up. "Shut the f.u.c.king door right now if you don't want to die!"

Connor staggered before shutting the door, and Travis' heart, which had almost stopped beating, finally calmed down a little.

Still, he was plagued with the worries about who'd peeked into the room before this, with it having been left open this whole time.

Or… had someone entered in the middle of the night, then left it open when they exited?

The numerous possibilities sent a chill up Travis' spine.

He couldn't even say nothing happened, because one look at any of them blew any credibility they had out of the water.

It was quite evident that they had 'done the deed', so to speak, and nothing he could ever say would wash him clean from the stain on his reputation if it ever got out to society.

Travis glared furiously at the three henchmen, feeling like he wanted to peel their skin off of their bones.

The young man gritted his teeth. When had he ever been humiliated in such a way before?!

"What the f.u.c.k happened last night," Travis hissed, his face dark and menacing.

Bill and Connor unconsciously took a step back from the sheer malice that was contained in the young master's tone. Things never ended well whenever that tone was directed at someone, let alone themselves.

Usually, that tone was only ever directed at his enemies, and it seemed like they had gotten on the bad side of the young master now that it had come to this.

Their faces were pale, and their hearts were bleak.

How could they survive when it had come to this?

At this moment, a bit of despair started seeping into their mentality.

Working with the young master had always been rewarding, and they had never tasted any hards.h.i.+p after following him.

Now, however, it looked like everything was going to turn on its head.

The most d.a.m.ning thing was that they were not able to recall doing such a thing, but the hazy memories that were left with them told them that they had indeed spent a hot evening with the three other men.

Their faces cycled through a series of complex emotions as they had that thought.

A foursome…

Travis looked like he was about to lose his patience and start trying to kill them, so Bill hurriedly opened his mouth.

"I don't remember much, young master. All I remember was that after the two targets fell asleep, Joe and I carried them up the stairs, but when we were outside your room, our vision blackened. I don't remember anything other than that."

Of course, he was not so stupid as to mention that he could vividly remember the feeling of the young master's soft skin under his hands…

Joe confirmed Bill's words, and Travis was starting to look nonplussed.

He was beginning to think that it wasn't the party of three's retaliation but instead a move from an outside party that wanted to harm the Ross Clan.

Travis slammed a fist on the wall, causing Bill and Connor to jump at his sudden show of rage.

Travis' eyes seemed to pierce into Connor. "What about you." The man's voice seemed to promise death if he didn't like what he heard.

Connor opened his mouth. "I don't recall much. After managing to sneak attack the target that had been sleeping in his rooms, I recall nothing other than pain and agony. After that, I woke up here."

Travis fell silent, his face dark and brooding.

He s.h.i.+fted a little, and the blanket that had been keeping his modesty loosened a little, causing his shoulder to be revealed. Three pairs of eyes fell to the white shoulder that had been revealed.

Travis stood up with an unreadable face, killing intent blooming within his mind.

He had to kill them.

There was no other way about it.

There was no way that he could trust these to keep his secret upon death.

He knew what they were like, and he would only be able to rest easy if they were eradicated from the face of the planet, keeping his secret forever.

Curse The Mainframe! 271 Killing To Keep A Secre

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