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The course of a year seemed to pa.s.s by both quickly and slowly at the same time.

Because there were fewer of them, Evin now had much more time to drill them in the various different things, as well as more time to go over their strengths and weaknesses.

In this way, pa.s.sing the first time round was both a blessing and a curse.

There was just something missing without Zacharias' comments in the background, or Tatiana and Cyrus' fussing over him when they finished their lesson for the day.

One look at Elias' face showed him that he felt the same way. This prompted them to work that much harder in preparation of their meeting outside of the clan.

Today was the first day of their week-long survival in The Great Expanse, and Alec had cheated a bit using the underground cavern that he had 'discovered' exactly a year ago.

It wasn't really cheating if it wasn't stated in the rules that he couldn't do it, so he had no qualms about doing it. Using whatever they had at their disposal was one of their lessons, after all.

It was day one of the survival test, and Alec had finally gained enough courage to try and experiment a little on Bunbun and himself.

As he had observed over the year, the various effects of Awakening would not be able to take place should it be anything that negatively affected the living spirit or consciousness that already existed.

Of course, this was discounting him being able to severe the connection between whatever made them sentient and 'alive'.

There was no way that he was able to bring himself to do that to his bunny. At least this way, he knew that he would be able to try it out to his heart's content without worrying that something unhappening would occur.

His magic capacity had reached an all-time high at the peak of the elemental stage. Just a little more and he would break into the foundation stage. Elias had made even larger strides and was currently in the transitional foundation stage.

Alec was really helpless comparing the both of them. His various experiments brought him both great joy as well as countless setbacks in terms of his magical capacity.

Bunbun hopped around, still the same small size as he had been a year ago. That should have been the first thing that tipped him off, but it wasn't.

"Bunbun come here," Alec said, and the bunny obediently hopped over.

Over the course of the year, the blue that had dyed the bunny's fur had faded, and he returned back to the original white fur.

Alec cradled the bunny on his lap, peering at his core.

The core that had been linked to the brain was a lot more stable now, and the linkage was thicker. Even if he tried to cut it off now, it would most likely lead to the bunny's death. Though not in body, he would essentially be braindead should he ever try to do that.

This was what he meant when he said that he was able to severe the connection between sentience.

This time, however, instead of Awakening the bunny's brain further, Alec would like to try something else.

He had always been thinking about how the bunny was particularly fragile. Just like when Bunbun had launched himself at the monster one year ago, which would have resulted in a quick death, there were other similar incidents where Alec had his heart almost stop beating from the various actions the bunny took.

He had come across the thought one day. In the book that he had acquired back here, the more he read about 'Activation' or better known today as Awakening, the more he realized that the Magitypes were actually rather closely interrelated.

The more he discovered, the more he realized that it wasn't so easy as just cla.s.sifying a person by their Magitype and being done with.

In other words, the four Magitypes were actually like an interlinked web. Just because someone fell on the deeper end of the spectrum didn't mean that they weren't able to use the other Magitypes.

From what he could infer, Magitypes were layered and not one-dimensional. No one person was the same from the other, which was why no two people could use the same magic in precisely the same way.

What Alec was about to attempt now was to try and boost Bunbun's latent strength. The bunny was normal in every way except for the fact that he was smarter than average.

Alec had very quickly realized that the bunny's intelligence was not restrained by his species. He attributed this to the fact that the bond between the bunny's core and his brain was so bright. Not only that, it was constantly growing and evolving in different ways.

When he compared the Bunbun now to the Bunbun a year ago, there was a vast difference in their comprehensive abilities.

Alec tentatively connected the bunny's core to his various limbs and muscles, making sure to use some of the magic in the bunny's core to strengthen his bones as well.

Having done this, Alec withdrew his magic from Bunbun, sweat beading his brow. That had been a workout and a half. Not only was he taxed physically, he was also taxed mentally.

He checked and doublechecked to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the bunny physically.

Alec then checked his own magic capacity, realizing that he had, yet again, drained it to almost nothing. He silently held his forehead. Just when would he have enough magic to make sure that it would stop draining him dry all the time?

Before he started meditating, Alec observed the bunny, a spike of worry working its way through him when he realized that the bunny was laying on him like he was dead, only to realize that Bunbun's chest was still moving up and down.

Gave him a scare.

Bunbun's consciousness had faded from the moment Alec started drawing out from the core. The core inside him was now dimmer than before, but the slow trickle of magic in the air entered the core, refilling it.

Alec watched with abject fascination at the changes that were taking place before his very eyes.

The muscles on the bunny slowly bulged and increased, as if he was watching a fast-forwarded video. Bunbun's fur seemed to glisten under the cavern's light, a sort of quality that made one feel like touching his fur to see if it was real.

Where before the bunny had been able to comfortably fit in his palms, the ball of fluff was now increasing at a great pace.

Alec's mouth opened slightly.

Before long, the bunny as already the size of a watermelon and still growing.

While he hadn't been alarmed at first, Bunbun continued growing and didn't seem to be showing signs of stopping any time soon.

Thankfully, he stopped fairly soon.

The bunny rolled over, exposing his tummy. A smile curved on his face.

The little bunny was now a big bunny. How exactly was he going to carry the other around now, he didn't know.

Now, his turn.

Alec dropped to the ground after he saw that Bunbun was fine without him for a while.

Meditating, Alec absorbed the magic in the air into his body. He realized earlier on during the survival test that the magic around the pond was more abundant, so this was the perfect place for him to do his experiments.

He wanted to boost his physical strength as well, which was pathetic even for eight-year-old standards.

The moment he restored back his magic capacity; he couldn't help but feel that he was the only one in the world who was going about things like this. Ah, life was really difficult for an Awakener!

Time to get to work.

Allowing the magic to flow throughout his body, he slowly sunk into a deeper meditative state where he blocked out the rest of his surroundings.

Curse The Mainframe! 39 Growth

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