Inevitable Road To Divinity 481 Team Up With Me

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The good time with his closed ones had to end quickly.

Xue Ren left his own world, appearing in the volcano! He had displayed a lot techniques and hard work for these three years, so he believed that no matter what, he can survive the army of the other households.

If they unleash everything at once.

Nevertheless, right now, it was time for some peace, so Xue Ren simply came back to the training. As Daria was somewhere else, Xue Ren slowly took out the needed items for Blood Adaptation!

Before reincarnations thoroughly appeared in his life, Xue Ren was only 17 years old b.a.s.t.a.r.d who was the lazy boi! Such process of splitting up the concepts from blood was indeed hard and tiring work, but it reminding him a little about his birth world!

The Earth!

Of course, such things were only possible in a games, but it was enough.

He continued up the refining with smile on his face.

Then few days later, Xue Ren got message.

"It's from Milliane, Mr. Xue Ren."

Daria was even more respectful. She is the lady whose growth was the fastest out of everyone from Xue Ren's side, but it was solely thanks to him. The powerful techniques, bloodline library abilities and the way to raise one's power with s.e.x.

It was simply too amazing.

Her growth was very dependant on it. And as someone who valued it highly, Daria's will only deepened allowing her to grow much stronger! The lady was hoping to be with Xue Ren so much she herself couldn't realize her own feelings.

Now, she just stood like servant, doing her best to not displeasure Xue Ren!

After all this time, Xue Ren became closer with Daria and with her growth, he was also feeling as if relying on her. She, together with her brother, had faced many front battles. It weren't the easy opponents, but Xue Ren was surely taking the most strongest ones.

Even so, she was very diligent and working hard.

Though her purity was still here.

At this point, Xue Ren felt like just letting the things go, but the things can easily change!

"Milliane? What does she want?"

"She asks... us to meet her in our volcano."

Milliane had clearly stated that she wants to meet Xue Ren and siblings in their own volcano! She has an easy access to it as this very volcano is on the new territory conquered by her own forces! Thus, the siblings weren't really surprised if she suddenly took it.

Though Daria and Guri felt very close to this place, so there were a lot of emotions going throughout them right now.

Xue Ren just took the message which was small flickering flame. This flame could pa.s.s down the voice of Milliane and had her own 'aura', so there was no way for someone else to fake it!

"Hah, we just have to go. I don't think such person would lie to us."

"But she is... killing everyone, Mr. Xue Ren... As she is willing to kill everyone on her road, it's clear that she might try to you in the secret."

"What about you?"

After all, she is also going with him if he decides! But Daria was thinking more about Xue Ren than about her own brother or even herself! Blus.h.i.+ng out from it, the lady clenched her red robes and looked below.

"We can not keep all these forces without you... And without this force, we can not meet our parents... Other than being selected to go to the main volcano... But I don't think they would be interested in us."

"Why wouldn't they? Your potential and Guri's potential is not something to laugh at."

At this point, Daria didn't know what to say! It was true, thoug she wasn't willing to try it... The main volcano is quite mysterious, but there was more to it! Not understanding her own emotions, the vermillion bird lady got redder and muttered that the chances are low for such thing to happen.

Even though she really could go to the main volcano right now.

"Alright, alright."

In the end, Xue Ren waved his hand and turned the flame letter into nothingness! He told Daria to call out Guri, but hearing the name of her own brother, the lady lost all her bashfulness which turned into disgruntled expression.

"He needs... some time to prepare..."

The special c.o.c.ktail and then, the pleasure of finding about his real desires, Guri simply became the second garden gardener! He had already destroyed a lot of bottoms in the new forces and there were a lot ladies still willing to become closer to him simply for treasures and... pleasure!

"I am sorry, I am sorry!"

As soon as possible, Guri appeared in the special place where Xue Ren and Daria could be next to each other. No one was aware of Xue Ren except Milliane and the dead vermillion birds! Now, the three of them, silently left their own territory and went straight to the volcano.

"Is it really fine though?"

Guri was the same as his sister.

"It is. I have the feeling that such person like her wouldn't attack our forces or try to us."

As Xue Ren spoke, all doubts disappeared from the young man's heart and he followed closely with his sister next to her.

Soon enough, the three of them entered the volcano to which the surprising sight greeted them.

It was sitting Milliane on the 'black house'.

Thogh the lady was sitting calmy, the fact that she looked calm and collected was what surprised the siblings. For them, Milliane was simply loud and aggressive woman who possess the thick killing intent!

So her calm side kinda charmed them all.

The two siblings blushed upon seeing Milliane.

"We are here, s.e.xy girl."


If sounds of Xue Ren's footsteps weren't enough to awaken the charmed siblings, then the sound of his words surely awakened them thoroughly. Hearing Xue Ren calling the woman of Milliane's caliber 's.e.xy girl' simply shocked them to the core.

They kept trembling non stop, imagining various scenarios that might unfold before their eyes soon.

"You have really gotten rid of my Vermillion's Red Vision..."

This was enough for Milliane to change the opinion of Xue Ren!

"Yep, so be careful or I will turn you into a s.e.xy woman."

"Enough of this."

Though Xue Ren said something that would usually enrage Milliane, the lady controlled her emotions and remained calm... Then, the reason for such side quickly became known.

"Team up with me."


Only the siblings were surprised. And why wouldn't they?! Just in three years, Milliane changed up the opinion of Xue Ren and even them as it could be seen that her eyes approved even them! They themselves weren't young for a 'Earth World standards', but in the vermillion bird's molten word, the siblings are quite young.

For them, it was also amazing solely because of Milliane's fame and power to take the territory that they were desperately fighting for not too long ago.

Their eyes turned to Xue Ren as he was simply the main voice.

"Don't you want to kill everyone? Haha~~ I would like to know more, you know~~"

And he was as usual, talking with his normal voice and even seeming a little too overfriendly with Milliane!

Inevitable Road To Divinity 481 Team Up With Me

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