Inevitable Road To Divinity 492 Vermillion Bird's Bloodline Is Mixing Up With Life Itself.

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The staircase lead the party all the way to the inheritance.

It's as if such pocket realms are way too easy to attain! Maybe it was because of the fact the molten world is created from the various world's core or simply not everything could be 'melt'. Xue Ren had various thoughts as he descended.

Then, his eyes finally spotted the skeleton.

It was quite big skeleton. It's bones were clad in some red formations from the top to bottom! The ground and everything surroudning it was also under the same treatment. The whole place had to be sealed, or the pocket realm wouldn't be able to withstand the pressure of this legendary race.

"It's so hot."

"Whether dead or not, the flame aren't planning to get extinghuished, hmm?"

While Xue Ren and Daria were pretty astonished by the skeleton and its formations, Milliane nervously stood behind them, looking at the skeleton with her eyes s.h.i.+ning bright. She could use the formations of this place, but such thought got thrown aside rather quickly.

'Just believe.'

She thought so, then taking the initiative, she explained about the formations. Milliane was naturally the lucky lady to find such treasure, but the formations were here from the very beginning. It was very strong hiding fire.

It also could hide its presence from the mother of fire and main volcano's people.

That's what she said. Though the origin of this vermillion bird is not known, Milliane knew that someone done its best to hide it using its own life. Not like she was planning to be sentimental though. The lady used the weakened link and took the control over the place wholy!

Thanks to it, Milliane had grown so strong and her bloodline could be purified very much. However, there was naturally a limit as to how long she can be here. There were also a times where Milliane couldn't withstand the pressure which led her up to give up the training in this realm.

Sometimes, it was much better to just go and conquer others while submerging in the battle l.u.s.t!

"I usually would try to scratch off some of the bone... It usually induces a lot of flames going off as it's like blasphemy towards the race."

The bones would answer defensively and bathe her in the flames!

"I see. Well, the presence of the real vermillion bird is already stimulating my bloodline. For now, just by feeling its presence, I can grow up with my bloodline."

They were still far away from the skeleton. But as Xue Ren said it, he began slowly stepping forward. He mentioned something about research and just by going forward, one could challenge it and their own bloodlines.

However, Daria didn't move and stood next to Milliane.

As she could see that Xue Ren had no problems whatsoever, she turned her attention to Milliane. Her eyes weren't possessing any evil intentions, on the contrary, she tried to be very friendly.

"I can help you."

At this point, Milliane could begin her training! Once at the high top, she could surely withstand the presence of the vermillion bird's skeleton for a long time. She knew her body could withstand the familiar yet not so familiar pressure!

This is the beginning of her comeback.

"No need."

However, the answer was negative. The beauty refused the fluffy princess, and stepped forward as if her body already got healed a little. The bloodline was thumping hard, causing her to feel her own blood thoroughly.


But, Daria was still here, looking at Milliane with her usual expression. The fluffy lady had threw Milliane forward though. The huge pressure descended on the Milliane instantly swallowing her in the flames that hurt, hurt so much!

Back then, such pressure would be nothing, but now, it simply hurt!

"What... do you want?!"

"Being weak must be annoying for you."

Daria was weak, no, she is still weak. However, a lot of possibilities are all wide open for her as she found her happiness. However, the days of fear and loneliness are deeply engraved within her personality to this very day.

And now, Milliane was experiencing something.

Of course, Daria hit the truth. It was annoying for Milliane. Her limitations were clearly too severe for her. In the past, she knew who can she offend ahd with the skeleton behind them, the lady had clear pathway to the top.

Her will was also strong due to the life experience she had suffered in her own household.

"It it annoying! What can you understand?!"

"I might not understand everything, but a little, yes."

Daria smiled, then her own fire also joined up the play. She sattled the former strong lady and using her own fire, she was both controlling the heat, so that Milliane could have time to rest. But before these rests, she has been experiencing a lot of pains!

The fluffy princess had a simple thought - it would be too wasteful for Milliane to get back her strength quickly. The feeling of being weak would get washed away instantly upon her comeback which would make the whole experience useless.

That's why, she began 'bullying' her while masking it.

"How does it help me?!"

"It does."


Xue Ren was feeling something nice.

It's not a beauty though.

The vermillion bird's skeleton was one good treasure. He naturally could stand below it and within this very skeleton, Xue Ren got a good effects. His bloodline was mixing with the G.o.ddess of life as he was feeling the real vermillion bird.

Xue Ren had an easy way with this bloodline here as it was mixed with his fire one. It was naturally sharing its might thanks to the fact tht the vermillion bird was fire related bloodline. However, it all led up to the Kuzan's ancestor bloodline getting angry.

The divine fire coat appeared by itself and began changing. It was also sucking the aura out from the bones.

Of course, why wouldn't it be angry? The sleeping divine bloodline needed a lot of generations to mix yet this vermillion one was simply growing up just like that?

It all ended up positive for Xue Ren though. He spent one year mindlessly staying in the sea of the bones!

His ladies got way too worried because of it!

Inevitable Road To Divinity 492 Vermillion Bird's Bloodline Is Mixing Up With Life Itself.

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