Inevitable Road To Divinity 569 A Shadow Puppe

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Xue Ren has surely an easier time with 'weapon divinities' thanks to his wife, Eva.

Her abilities and research accompanied by the new findings thanks to Xue Ren's 'unique powers' allowed Xue Ren to rise bountifuly and fight against stronger divinities that can outs.h.i.+ne him with their divine wings.

Even so, it looked like nothing can stop his progress!

"Did you get his divinity?"

"Yes, I will try to comprehend it later."

As Eva asked with bewilderment, Xue Ren answered briefly, then his body turned as it was time to leave. His Victorious Wife was fighting against the darkness divinity's descendant, so it was his job to support her!

Of course, Eva was well aware of it, so the lady just corrected his clothes and sent him off! The reason for her bewilderment was surely because of how easy the whole process was. 

Xue Ren just needed to kill the knife divinity, then take that sharp weapon all for himself.

Nonetheless, only his body can withstand all divine energies in one! This is the power belonging to Xue Ren, thus, only s.e.x G.o.ddess can also achieve such feat, so it surely only looks 'easy'!


Xue Ren appeared outside his own world.

The multicolored orb sunk straight into his heart, completely hiding its existence within the s.e.x G.o.d's unique body. The whole darkness formation was riddled, as if someone had pierced it from the outside!

However, Juliet was doing a good job by both stopping the darkness divinity's descendant and also hiding his world.

Naturally, as Xue Ren appeared outside, the riddled formation was slowly gaining up in a power as Juliet could focus only on one thing.

"Looks like my help isn't needed."

The Victorious Wife is indeed powerful!

That's why, Xue Ren just closed his eyes and immersed himself in the darkness divinity's powers. His Shadow Ruler's powers were enough to rule over it and he could highly benefit by doing this! Raising up this very unique power is surely going to help Xue Ren on his road.

Every 'Ruler' power is important.

They are pretty much the strongest and can put Xue Ren on the highest stage in another universes as well.


After a while, Xue Ren opened his eyes as the body of the darkness descendant fell in front of him. The man was full of wounds that were so deeply planted inside his veins as well! 

Juliet had truly made sure that he won't be able to turn into a darkness even by igniting his divine bloodline! Her shadow energies were rampaging both outside and inside the man thoroughly sealing him.

Soon, she herself appeared out of a shadow, then her heel struck the body of the fallen descendant.


Xue Ren could only let out a whistle!



Xue Ren mixed up his 'ruler' powers, then he began turning the darkness descendant into a darkness puppet. It was painful process as the screams of the darkness boi were incessant.

The power of Rushai's demon corruption was also using Juliet's shadow particles that were deeply planted inside, thus, Xue Ren was 'reopening' the wounds anew! 

It was so painful that the darkness descendant just allowed himself to get corrupted after a while in order to get rid of this pain.

"Lord... Xue Ren..."

"You are going to be a good honest boi."

And so, Xue Ren began building up enough intel.

He has learnt about darkness divinities, their connections and main goals. Appearently, they were searching up for a descendant of the shadow ruler. Though it was very hard as Ruler himself didn't have any.

This man just reincarnated!

However, the fact that he had dominated the darkness divinity was always stopping the royal darkness family from advancing.

Their alliance just immersed themselves more into an while searching for any clues regarding this shadow ruler.

Of course, the fact that the destiny got split was also known by them, even so, it truly didn't change anything as they couldn't grasp it. It meant that the shadow ruler was born anew and had an advantage.

"How pitiful... They are searching for someone impossible to find."

"Nothing is easy, right?"

Xue Ren chuckled, feeling rather proud of himself and his powers. In his good mood, he completely ignored the shadow puppet and turned his attention to Juliet who had done a splendid job.

Though it was a very good work, the lady got hurt here and here.

And as a good man, Xue Ren naturally had to take care of this. Using his own 'Healing Divinity', The s.e.x G.o.d's hands began caressing the wounds with its soothing effect. And as he is that s.e.x G.o.d, Xue Ren also could use his main divinity to increase the pace of regeneration.

Naturally, it ends up with things going lewd, but mature victorious wife was all in for it.

"Is there Darkness Victorious Wife?"

"No~~ Mmm~~"

"So what is left for me is to get more darkness puppets and get their intel for myself."

And on the way, Eva will be able to deal with the G.o.ddess of knife divinity which is also here!

Not even trying to hide his good mood, Xue Ren went all in licking and feeling the victorious wife thoroughly with his own body!

The darkness formation was being tighly utilized by the new shadow puppet, so there was no way for anyone to peek at them. Just like that, they went rather wild doing it in a place which was a battlefield not too long ago.

But Xue Ren found it highly pleasureable.


This is what he found highly pleasureable.

Forcing Juliet to scream this word with his hard weapon!

And though she is surely the only unique case where she could just reset herself, Xue Ren decided to make every victorious wife scream this word for him!

Once he takes other 'Ruler' destinies, the victorious wives are surely going to stay in their mature forms even while 'resetting'.

So Juliet is truly an unique case, but not like she minds it!

It allowed her to become more human like and every human enjoys the hot desires!

Inevitable Road To Divinity 569 A Shadow Puppe

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