Inevitable Road To Divinity 574 The Darkness World's Core Taken! A Broken Piece!

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It would be too wasteful to kill them on the spot though.

Xue Ren just utilized his ruler's powers and corrupted the shadow divinities thoroughly. He turned them straight into the shadow puppets just like the rest of the shadow world! It was quite a pitiful fall indeed.

From the darkness royalty to the shadow puppets that are everywhere in the darkness world.

Such falls are common though.

As the control over darkness palace got secured, Xue Ren turned his attention to the knife G.o.ddess and her descendants... Since she was a divinity herself, the lady had that high resistance against his corruption and could properly protect herself.

But it was a matter of time before she fell to Xue Ren and Eva.

After all, her powers were obviously limited to the point where her descendants couldn't rely on her and vice versa, she couldn't even protect them!

That's why, when the sight of Xue Ren appeared, Miss Knife G.o.ddess experienced the similar feelings to the darkness G.o.ddess, her heart clenching in an utmost worry!

The man in front of her was clad in two different shadows - white and black.

The white shadow was releasing so much pressure and hotness that knife G.o.ddess felt her clothes melting... Her defenses were clearly disappearing the closer Xue Ren got...

Then, completely oblivious to the fact that the black shadow was also working within her own shadow, Knife G.o.ddess got suddenly her whole defenses shattered as the Shadow Lock appeared out from her shadow!

It struck to her body like a thousand hands!


Pinned down by these shadows, Knife G.o.ddess realized she became too much focused on the white shadow that was crawling its way towards her! Now, it was pretty impossible for her to even try to defend as both Xue Ren and Eva were limiting her.

Without sparing any second, Xue Ren approached her and began the scary process of turning a beautiful lady into a shadow puppet. He knew her and there were a few spars between them to train up that knife qi.

But now, it was all meaningless.

"W...what... is y-your... goal?"

It was the last question of the knife G.o.ddess directed at both Xue Ren and Eva. While divine blacksmith just turned her head to the side, Xue Ren let out that cruel smile and slowly spoke up.

"I am just changing the divine holders."


"All for myself, so I can feel more safe~~ Haha~~"

The laugh of the s.e.x G.o.d was the last thing Knife G.o.ddess heard before completely losing herself.


"How do you feel?"

"Fine... No need to worry so much."

Eva was in a very special state, so Xue Ren turned first to her, then looked at the victorious wife who was punching the baldie for fun... Both of them had a powerful shadow powers, so now, Juliet was enjoying the rewards of their victory!

Xue Ren just allowed her to have some fun...

After Eva rea.s.sured that everything is okay, she began gathering up the shadow puppets that were related to the knife divinity! The lady also took Xue Ren's divine weapon and went to his world to work on the knife weapon for now.

The shadow puppets from the knife divine side are going to polish up Xue Ren's powers here.


So when Xue Ren sent his lady off, his attention went thoroughly to Juliet. It was time to properly deal with so many shadow puppets! Furthermore the darkness world's core is going to be useful too.

That's what he believed, thus, Xue Ren asked for Juliet to go with him straight to the world's core. Their shadows could blend flawlessly, so the trip was not that long. Moreover, the darkness divinities had caused a lot of darkness to spread throughout the world.

Xue Ren had corrupted it, so he had an easier way thanks to it...

The darkness' world core was black, floating up in a special place. The moment Xue Ren appeared, the womanly voice rang out! Corrupted by the darkness itself, the lady with a similar looks to mother nature appeared.


"Hi, hi~~"


The lady could only surrender and as she could feel the desire of Xue Ren to catch her, not kill, Darkness World's core just allowed herself to be caught up! But what came next was something she herself didn't expect!

Xue Ren grabbed her 'world core' which was her body and tightly clenched it. At the same time, the world began turning into a darkness itself! Of course, it was clad in a darkness already, but everything had still a solid structure.

So what was Xue Ren doing was not him turning everything into a darkness to absorb as a pure energy, but thoroughly taking a whole world somewhere!

"Ugh... it makes me... dizzy..."

"Hold on... If you absorb it, then your divine powers should raise up."

Xue Ren bit his lips, then properly withstood the pressure. Soon enough, the world's core of the darkness world disappeared into his world as well! Xue Ren then found himself in the universe together with Juliet.

But in front of the disappeared world's core, there was an unknown object.

""What is this?""

It was as if a broken piece of something!

It was floating indifferently on the universe without being affected by its laws! Xue Ren's instincts told him he would regret if he didn't grasp it, thus, his hand went out to take it. It was relatively big, so with a whole hand, Xue Ren tightly clenched a broken piece.

Then, his hand retreated, but the broken piece showed off its power in this very moment!

Its sharp edge cut the s.p.a.ce itself.

Throne Of s.p.a.ce.

It was a broken piece, the key to the throne of s.p.a.ce!

Xue Ren's eyes went wide, then he carefuly sent it straight to his world. However, he truly understimated the power of the throne of s.p.a.ce. The moment he focused on the broken piece and just let the s.p.a.ce to be 'slightly distorted', Xue Ren and Juliet slowly got grabbed by the unknown force.

It was coming from the cut s.p.a.ce, throwing them somewhere.

Inevitable Road To Divinity 574 The Darkness World's Core Taken! A Broken Piece!

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