Inevitable Road To Divinity 578 At This Rate, The Whole Universe Will End Up Within His Body.

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"Who the f.u.c.k was that?!"

Xue Ren shouted as he felt that fresh air and solid ground! He laid himself on the ground, then locked his eyes on the cloudy sky! It was quite a high tension situation that made his heart clench so hard like never before.

That was someone... too strong!

His eyes went to the side to peek at Ruler!

The last reincarnation was also shocked, his eyes looking at the sky as well. The fact that he was Ruler meant one thing - he had enough ability to 'become' such person he had just seen. But he quickly broke his destiny and became a man who just enjoys the different lives.

As he thought about that, Ruler just let out sigh and came back to the throne room.

In the end, an easy life had caused his mental to be truly too weak against an existences from another world. The life full of victories was all nice, but Ruler had a few people telling him that it won't last long.

However, only when sitting on the throne, Ruler realized how big the rest of the world is. The worries turned into a huge worry and using an perfect excuse which was 'to feel how weak people feel' and 'to get a family', Ruler made himself reincarnate in the unique way so that he can experience a lot lives and make a strong 'future self'.

So all good.

Xue Ren was strong.

All good.

Even so, it was a good time for an advice.

"You should just turn everything into a shadow just like how you have done it to the white flames."

The Ruler was one, but it got split by his own reincarnation! This had caused a birth to a lot different powers and even world's got influenced by it! Nonetheless, the former ruler had an shadow divinity.

His power was that of a shadow and so the strongest of all the rulers like powers.

It should give Xue Ren and advantage, not only against a darkness forces like before, but against everyone!

And from this point, he should build up his power accordingly.

"It's not that bad."

Xue Ren just agreed mindlessly, then turned around. He couldn't just lie down in an unknown world, thus, he properly gauged the 'energies' within the nature and found out it's a higher world. If it's a strong higher world, then the 'powers' here should be notified about his appearance.

Or maybe the broken piece of the throne had allowed him to enter the world without anyone noticing him.

If that's the case, then it's worth learning more about it...

However, it's pretty hard to learn about a s.p.a.ce concept... without a teacher.

's.e.x G.o.ddess...'

Xue Ren was aware how hard it is as his reincarnations had told him enough. The Ruler himself also could help him, but this man had gone to enjoy his life, so Xue Ren was all for himself.

Furthermore, the darkness powers had to be stabilized, so Juliet should also grow up by devouring their powers slowly.

If she grows up in a strength by doing so, her 'shadow' abilities also should raise and so memories gets unlocked too!

The fast way would be to ask s.e.x G.o.ddess, but Xue Ren couldn't really tell whether she wouldn't go all mad for that s.p.a.ce throne.

"I should just rest for now."

Xue Ren thought about a small rest! The rest with a beauties by side is the best, so he called out his lovely family and both of them made a small camp in the forest enjoying that wild nature.

If someone finds them, then so be it...

He will either fight or just disappear with that powerful abilities of his!

The fluff is the most important!

And so, everyone enjoyed a nice and fresh air while talking about their recent 'comprehensions' in their own respective fields. The cold air was here, but what was the most cold was that cold drinks from Madam Sovereign!

Xue Ren made sure that everyone feels good from his world, even the ladies that weren't really 'his'.

Though only a Madam Sovereign and Superbia are such rare case here. They are all cute though, so who wouldn't want to care of such ladies?!

And the fluffy atmosphere surely can melt even the ice heart of the Madam Sovereign whose heart ain't that ice at all.


Xue Ren didn't really leave that high world yet.

He was enjoying the camp though Aria couldn't be really here. The lady had her own stuff to deal with and as Anyia was growing bigger, Aria could begin her mother's mission anew. A few days won't really matter that much in their case though.

They both are divinities after all.

That's why, Xue Ren wasn't worried and knew he has to repay harder when they meet again.

For now, he decided to go to the city yet again.

He had done a few 'dates' in a higher world with his ladies, but these were all normal days in the common areas to not bring any suspiciousness. They also had hidden their real appearances as the divinities are ravis.h.i.+ng and handsome all right!

It was also quite fun and nice to play, so everyone didn't mind it.

A lot of stuff has been bought to their world that can bring a fresh sense to that non stop growing world of Xue Ren.

"Is that all you want?"

Xue Ren was full of bags even though he has that s.p.a.ce ring. This is a part of their fun though, so he had to hold all the stuff with his own body! His eyes looked at 'ice' beauties whose turn was to play.

Though ice, Eleonora, Utilis and Madam Sovereign had turned their appearances into completely opposite 'type' and went all red. The red haired ladies had to lower their 'beauty' though, but Xue Ren could imagine them with that red hair.


"Hmm? s.h.i.+ni, what's wrong?"

However, Madam Sovereign was a little too quiet. She was usually quiter than most ice ladies, but thanks to Schnee, s.h.i.+ni opened herself enough to have a nice life in Xue Household. Even so, s.h.i.+ni was way too quiet now!

Her eyes were always looking up to the sky as if searching for something.

"I think... there is an ice divinity here."

She wasn't speaking about this world, but a world not too far away!

Xue Ren and the rest reacted accordingly and slowly extended their senses.

Just like s.h.i.+ni said, there was indeed a huge ice world not too far away! But looks like her senses from another universe allowed the lady to locate the ice divinity as their are both 'strongest' types in their own field.

The ice type divinity!

"I have already accustomed myself to 'devour' the words. I should be able to do it even better thanks to the ice island and blue phoenix flames within our world, so do you want to take them, s.h.i.+ni?"


Xue Ren could raise the ice races far better than anyone else thanks to the G.o.ddess of life bloodline. That bloodline could be used on an ice thanks to the blue phoenix's flames, so it was time for an another conquest.

After all, s.h.i.+ni also hoped to get a hold of a new ingredients for her hobby.

"Yes, I want to take them."

The Madam Sovereign agreed. But it's no good to ask for something while not repaying back! The blue phoenix lady was well aware of it!

"I will make sure to look over them and properly control."

It was also something in a favour for Madam Sovereign. The caught up race is going to be properly raise her ice fruits and other ingredients needed for her hobby... In the similar way, they are going to raise their powers as such activity means they will spend a lot time on the ice island which never stops growing.

Along with the ice creations born from the treasures of the ice world, the conquered ice divinity should be raised a very nicely here...

Everything will contribute to something!

"Let's check them then. Maybe there is a snow divinity, so I will take that f.u.c.ker for myself."

"Why are you so aggressive?"

"Only I can hold a power that connects to My Eleonora."


The snow beauty still buried her head within his chest though!


Inevitable Road To Divinity 578 At This Rate, The Whole Universe Will End Up Within His Body.

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