The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 254

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Published at 20th of September 2019 10:10:10 AM Chapter 254

A lone man and a lone woman were staying right there in the middle of the night which were being accompanied by a subtle glow that came from the moonlight --- it made the atmosphere become more ambiguous and exotic . They looked at each other deeply, however, the woman was too shy to continue when she saw the man's intense gaze .

She could feel her heart was beating faster, despite her previous sadness . Thus, she looked down while her face was blus.h.i.+ng prettily .

The gentle light from the moon fell onto Feng Xiao Qing's face --- made her appear more radiance and more beautiful . Somehow, her lips looked redder and more sensual than usual . Honestly, to Lu Yi Feng, she looked so appetizing --- even more so than his favorite dessert .

He bet that she would taste so yummy, after all, he still remembered the taste of their kiss back at the Ferris Wheel . . .

Lu Yi Feng could only swallow his saliva while trying to hold himself back . 'This woman is really too hard to resist!' He thought to himself . 'So dangerous . . . '

A dangerous temptation .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntLu Yi Feng really wanted to get closer to her --- maybe by pouncing on her, so she would stay under him while looking at him with her watery eyes . He really wanted to trace her lips with his finger, and finally, gently bit it .

'Endure . . . Endure . . . ' Lu Yi Feng chanted inside his mind .

Lu Yi Feng would never think that he was actually such a pervert . They were talking about Xiao Xi Xi's matter and what he could think at the moment was to kiss her and ravage her neck . He was actually such a beast! At least, it was only towards Feng Xiao Qing ah~!

He cleared his throat but his gaze couldn't leave her lips and neck . Feng Xiao Qing was too enchanting ah~! Even worse, he could feel his little Yi Feng start to twitch, move, and get harder . . . and harder . Fortunately, the moonlight didn't fall on his body or else . . . this would become an embarra.s.sing moment ah~!

His hardness would be s.h.i.+ning under the moonlight gaze! Even the image made him feel mortified!

"Boss . . . Boss . . . " Feng Xiao Qing called him a few times to get him out of his trance . The man suddenly stopped moving and his gaze was focusing on something that she didn't understand . Feng Xiao Qing didn't notice that he was actually looking at her . She tried to look behind her and find that nothing was there . So, what made Lu Yi Feng fall in a trance ah~?

They were in the middle of an important conversation and the big boss suddenly s.p.a.ced out .

If she knew that he was actually looking at her with desire, she would certainly blush in embarra.s.sment and run away from there --- hiding inside her quilt to ease her beating heart . Too bad, the woman was quite oblivious to the matter of the heart .

Besides, her current mind was full of Xiao Xi Xi's problem . Her mind was still sober!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Lu Yi Feng woke up from his trance after a few times of calling by Feng Xiao Qing and somehow, he was blus.h.i.+ng . How could he not feel embarra.s.sed after imagining such thing ah? It was like he was having a wet dream in the middle of their conversation . He could feel the tip of his ears become warm, fortunately, Feng Xiao Qing didn't seem to realize it .

"What?" Lu Yi Feng asked in a low hoa.r.s.e voice which somehow made Feng Xiao Qing tremble . She found that something different could be detected in his voice and she didn't know that it was called desire . . . Somehow . . . his voice made something weird happen to her --- she could feel that her sweetness down there was a bit wet .

Yes, wet .

Feng Xiao Qing almost fainted due to her own embarra.s.sing body reaction . Feng Xiao Qing wasn't stupid enough not to know what she had felt . Was she feeling aroused?! Just because of his voice?!

'Oh my G.o.d!' She screamed inside his mind inwardly . 'This . . . this is just too crazy ah~!' How could she feel aroused just by listening to his voice?! She must have been sick and not right in the head . She just didn't know that it was a part of falling in love . If someone was falling in love, he or she would certainly feel attracted to the other . In the end, it would always have a little bit of l.u.s.t mixed in it .

If people said it wasn't, then it should be called bulls.h.i.+t ah~! Then, what was the use of making love?

Feng Xiao Qing quickly cleared her throat so that Lu Yi Feng wouldn't find out about her abnormality . "Will the doctor be okay with it? How can you change his patient by yourself without trying to consult with him first?" Feng Xiao Qing asked curiously .

While talking to Lu Yi Feng, the latter's seductive voice was still echoing inside her mind .

Feng Xiao Qing didn't forget to tighten both of her inner thighs because she was still affected by his voice --- just to ease the tension and tingling feeling on her sweetness down there . Fortunately, she felt a bit relieved down there . . . after clenching it a few times . She felt so ashamed at how lewd she was at this moment . She gritted her teeth but trying to appear as calm as possible in front of Lu Yi Feng .

However, she couldn't cover up her slightly blus.h.i.+ng face . . .

She felt like scolding her sweetness down there, 'Stop the tingling! Stop the wetness! Calm yourself down!' However, she felt a bit silly because of it . How could her sweetness down there understand her words ah~?!

Too bad, the moonlight was quite bright and it illuminated her lovely face, so Lu Yi Feng was able to see her tense face clearly . In his eyes, she seemed to be in a bad mood . Shouldn't she feel happy for finding a psychiatrist for Xiao Xi Xi? Lu Yi Feng was taken aback by the sudden change of her expression .

'What went wrong?' He thought to himself . After all, he didn't think that he did anything wrong to her .

Lu Yi Feng was feeling concerned about her and asked softly, "What's the matter? Do you feel uncomfortable somewhere?" He started to see that her face was slightly reddened . . . did she get a fever?

Feng Xiao Qing really wanted to cry when she heard the sudden question . She almost blurted out her thought, 'Yes . . . Yes . . . my sweetness down there is feeling really uncomfortable . . . Why? Why? Do you want to help me by giving me relief?'

Fortunately, she caught herself in time! Otherwise, she should just find a cave to live in rather than feeling embarra.s.sed every day! If she really said that, Lu Yi Feng would really be laughing at her ah~! She knew that he wouldn't let her forget about this matter too!

Despite his serious face, Feng Xiao Qing noticed that he had a mischievous side as well . Feng Xiao Qing cleared her throat and gave Lu Yi Feng a weak smile, "I'm . . . I'm fine . . . "

"Really?" Lu Yi Feng asked once again, feeling unconvinced with her answer .

The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 254

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