The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 336 Trauma?!

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Xiao Xi Xi shrugged her shoulder off. "I don't know the doctor's name, Grandma... It's the doctor who also handling's Daddy's trauma --- that's all that Daddy has told me about," Xiao Xi Xi said in a low voice, forgetting that Lu Yi Feng hadn't told Zhang Li about it. In her mind, she would only be vigilant to strangers and also, people that weren't close to her. She was in her comfort zone with Zhang Li and that was the reason why she was comfortable to tell Zhang Li everything.

A child's mind was that simple and there was no scheming purpose behind her words.

Zhang Li was taken aback. "Huh? Trauma? What kind of trauma?" Zhang Li furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. Why didn't she know anything about it?! Did her son really have a trauma? However, he seemed to be fine in her eyes so far. He had always been independent of a young age --- so when did he get the trauma?!

She couldn't stop thinking about this matter.

Zhang Li wondered whether Lu Yi Feng was making up the trauma for appeasing Xiao Xi Xi so that the latter would want to visit his doctor or was it actually the truth? She tried to recall whether her son had mentioned about this matter or not... and she was unable to recall anything!

Zhang Li knew his personality well as an introvert person, so it would make sense if he didn't tell her anything about it. But... trauma? What the h.e.l.l actually happened that she didn't know about?! Was it because she was too busy working that she didn't notice his pain?!

Xiao Xi Xi tilted her head to the side and asked, "Grandma, you really don't know about it?"

It was a simple question but it was hard to answer. She could only blink at Xiao Xi Xi while opening and closing her mouth a few times --- unable to make a sound.

Xiao Xi Xi slapped her own forehead and the sound was pretty loud.

Zhang Li jumped up in surprise and asked, "What are you doing?!"

Xiao Xi Xi said, "It seems like I just made a mistake..."

"Eh? Why?" Zhang Li asked in confusion.

"Oh... I almost forgot about it! Daddy said he hasn't told you about it yet... I believe that he would tell you soon. I already told him that it's not right to keep a secret from our mother..." She said innocently but with a guilty look pasted on her face.

Zhang Li knew that Xiao Xi Xi didn't lie to her. She forced a smile and said, "I know... I'm sure he will tell me soon. Thank you for telling your daddy to tell me." Zhang Li was pretty sure that Xiao Xi Xi was the one who made her son change for the better.

Xiao Xi Xi clapped her hands and said, "Why don't we do this now? Grandma, please wait here, okay? I will call Daddy over."

"This... this what?!" Zhang Li had a bad feeling about it.

"Of course, Daddy's confession ah~!" Xiao Xi Xi answered excitedly.

"But..." Zhang Li was hesitant because she also wasn't sure whether she was ready to listen to it or not... If he did have one, she would feel like she was failing as a mother. No wonder he didn't want to get closer to her... The fault laid on her body.

Zhang Li's mind was full of negativity which made her feel depressed. She was feeling afraid, truly afraid.

Xiao Xi Xi patted Zhang Li's shoulder and then, hugging her. "Don't worry! Everything will be fine, Grandma!" She saw that Zhang Li had a guilty expression on her face just like her mommy this morning. She looked so worried that her face turned pale which scared Xiao Xi Xi quite a bit.

Zhang Li would never think that Xiao Xi Xi would be the one who consoled her and fortunately, she was able to make Zhang Li calmer so she became clearheaded. Her smile turned more genuine and nodded her head. "Thank you!"

It was better if she knew the truth first before trying to find whose mistakes it was.

Xiao Xi Xi shook her head. "There's no need to thank me! Daddy is my daddy, so of course, I want the best for him too!" The little girl said with a wide smile. "I want him to have a better life! Maybe, he would be able to smile more..."

Xiao Xi Xi knew that the man was warm to her but sometimes, it was annoying to keep seeing his stoic face. She wanted her daddy to smile cheerfully like her as well!

If before this Zhang Li told Xiao Xi Xi to call Lu Yi Feng 'Daddy' just for the sake of it, at this moment, it became the turning point of their relations.h.i.+p --- she really wanted to make Xiao Xi Xi as Lu Yi Feng's real daughter! It was rare for a little girl to care so much about another person's happiness --- it showed that the little girl had a good personality.

Zhang Li vowed that she would think of a way for that to happen --- of course, it meant that she would have to ask Feng Xiao Qing's permission. However, it was a story that would happen in the future and a fun one!

Xiao Xi Xi really called Lu Yi Feng over. The oblivious man would regret why he didn't pay attention to their chat just now --- at least, he could put a stop when the conversation went to the direction that he wasn't ready to touch yet!

"What?" He asked Xiao Xi Xi, wondering why she needed him so urgently. The little girl didn't give any reason but she kept pulling him so that he could sit in front of her and his mother.

"Daddy... do you remember your promise to me?" Xiao Xi Xi asked all of a sudden.

"Which one?" The man asked in confusion.

Xiao Xi Xi pouted. "You have just promised me this morning!" She looked at Lu Yi Feng, feeling hurt.

"Er... Is it about 'that'?" Lu Yi Feng asked. It seemed like his premonition was correct!

The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 336 Trauma?!

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