The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 337 A Family Wasn't Always Defined By Blood

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"Yes! It's about your confession ah~!" Xiao Xi Xi said while nodding her head like an adult. She smiled at Lu Yi Feng which made the latter couldn't get angry at her.

Lu Yi Feng looked at his mother's face and he got a headache all of a sudden! The woman looked at him intently and judging from her look, it seemed like she already got the gist of it.

He wasn't ready to tell her about it ah~!

His secret was being found out by three people in mere two days! He also made a mistake because he forgot to warn Xiao Xi Xi not to tell other people after their talk --- including his mother... However, it was already too late ah~! It seemed that he needed to talk a lot with the little girl.

It would be a trouble for him if she accidentally blurted out some truths about him every now and then. If it was his people, it would be fine. But what if it was his enemies or paparazzi who were deliberately searching for information? It would be too dangerous ah~! Lu Yi Feng sighed...

"Mother..." He said hesitantly, not knowing what to say to appease his angry mother.

"Do you really think of me as your mother?" Zhang Li asked sarcastically while looking at him with blaming eyes. Honestly, it made him feel uncomfortable ah~!

"What do you mean?! Of course ah~! You will forever be my mother," Lu Yi Feng quickly answered.

Zhang Li rolled her eyes. "Then, why didn't you tell me anything about it? It's really true, right? Xiao Xi Xi doesn't lie to me, right?"

"This..." He was at a loss. Should he tell her the truth?! He just didn't want to hurt his mother's feelings...

While he was pondering over the matter, Xiao Xi Xi quickly said, "I'm not lying to you, Grandma... I also don't believe that Daddy would lie to me! It's really the truth!" The little girl insisted.

What more could he say?! He didn't want to become a liar and not only that, it would make Xiao Xi Xi back out from receiving her treatment.

"Yes... I have a trauma that makes me have a health problem..." He said hesitantly but decided to admit everything.

Zhang Li's face became paler when she heard that. What kind of health problem?! She was really curious!

"Tell me more about it!" Zhang Li looked at him seriously. "Do you really have a trauma? What kind of trauma? How could it happen? Why didn't you tell me all this time?!" She asked several questions all at once which made Lu Yi Feng felt helpless.

He knew that his mother was worried about him! It was honestly making him feel uncomfortable because he had never seen her so pale like this. Her image had always been strong ah~! But currently, she showed her weakness and it made him feel guilty because he was the reason for her being this way.

Lu Yi Feng told her everything about her trauma. Zhang Li gaped in surprise but gained an understanding at the same time. No wonder he didn't want to be involved in any women all this time --- it wasn't that he was being picky or too workaholic, but it was all because he couldn't touch any women.

She was feeling guilty about scolding him all the time because of this matter. So what if he couldn't get married and have a child? They could adopt Xiao Xi Xi into their family. A family wasn't always defined by blood --- it was by their hearts ah~!

However, she still needed to know the reason ah~!

"Why? What had happened to you that makes you that way?!" Zhang Li asked urgently. "Is it because of me? Do I make you turn this way because of the lack of attention when you were a little boy? Be... Because I was too busy..."

Zhang Li used to think that by earning money, she would be able to give the best for Lu Yi Feng --- but if it made him have an illness so why did she work so hard at that time?! She really wanted to blame her deceased husband! If he was competent enough to earn money and didn't only use his lower body part to think, she didn't have to work so hard! At least, she would be able to spend time with her son...

Zhang Li didn't exaggerate about her husband's personality. He was the second generation of wealthy people who couldn't work and that was the reason his parents wanted to look for a woman who knew how to work so that she could maintain their wealth.

She used to be very poor and got a scholars.h.i.+p from her husband's parents --- of course, the way she should pay them back was by becoming their daughter in law. She was an orphan so their help at that time seemed to be the only way out from her hard life back then.

Zhang Li agreed to their terms, not knowing that she had sold herself to the devils. She needed to work hard and maintain their lavish style. Not only that but she had to be patient dealing with her husband's infidelity and unstoppable waves of women.

Otherwise, where would Lu Ming Cheng appear from?

It was fortunate that she didn't love him or she would live in misery her whole life. However, it made her loath to look at that incapable man so she buried herself at work. Not only to earn money but also to avoid him!

Lu Yi Feng shook his head. "No, Mother... It's not about you... Really... You are setting a good example for me --- of course, not about your workaholic part..." He tried to make a joke but failed miserably. He sighed and said, "You show me how to be strong... Maybe without you, I would already give up a long time ago..."

The only one who really cared about him was his mother... She really was his source of strength!

"Then, why...?!" Zhang Li asked in a hoa.r.s.e voice because she started to get teary.

The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 337 A Family Wasn't Always Defined By Blood

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