The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 377 Pa--- Pants?!

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Lu Yi Feng suddenly blushed but he still answered her, "You can... but not now..." Fortunately, Feng Xiao Qing didn't really pay attention to his expression so she missed his blus.h.i.+ng face.

Feng Xiao Qing pouted because he was being so petty. "Why?! I really want to see it just to compare with Xiao Xi Xi's. I can't believe it's really true! I thought that it's a hoax but just to be on the safer side, I pay attention to that matter carefully..."

After all, it was a drunk person's words --- how could see fully trust such a silly thing? She admitted that she didn't even believe in Lu Ming Cheng's words, however, she still tried to cover up the birthmark by never cutting Xiao Xi Xi's hair short.

"It's not a hoax... but really... you can look at it next time, okay? This is not the right time..." Lu Yi Feng said hesitantly once again. He wondered why she was being persistent at this moment. It wasn't like he didn't want to show it to her... It was just that he couldn't... He couldn't ah~!

The place was a bit... too private...

"Come on! It's fine... It's just a birthmark. Why are you being so petty?" Feng Xiao Qing coaxed. "I will only look at it..." She looked at him with a hopeful expression which made him feel helpless.

"When... When we are getting closer, I will show it to you. Don't worry! I won't run away, right?" Lu Yi Feng answered with a gentle smile, trying to appease her.

"Then... are we not in a relations.h.i.+p now?!" Feng Xiao Qing asked, not feeling reconciled. She pouted cutely which made Lu Yi Feng's heart melt a little bit. But still...

"We are... but..." He still felt a bit hesitant. Yes, their surrounding was a bit dim and it wasn't a big problem to show it to her --- but, people could misunderstand them if they saw them!

"So... as a girlfriend, I'm not close enough for you, huh?" Feng Xiao Qing pretended to be angry.

Lu Yi Feng didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. How could he say no to that question ah~?! He didn't dare to... "No... you are already so close to me and... my heart!" He admitted.

Lu Yi Feng's words made Feng Xiao Qing grin happily once again. "So... why can't you show it to me? If you keep rejecting me, I... I will get angry!" Feng Xiao Qing would never think that there was a day she would behave like a spoiled woman just like this...

It seemed like Lu Yi Feng brought out her feminine side and it made her feel embarra.s.sed as well.


"There's no but..."

"It's located near my private area down here... so if you really want to look at it, I need to take off my pants... Are you sure that you want to see it right now?" Lu Yi Feng finally said, after all, the girl didn't get his hints even though he had said it a few times.

"Wh--- What?" Feng Xiao Qing asked in surprise. Honestly, that never crossed her mind.

Lu Yi Feng saw her embarra.s.sment and planned to tease her once again --- his shameless side had come out. He quickly stood up and pretended that he was going to open his pants. "If you really want to see it that badly, then I can only help to fulfill your wish."

He wore jogger pants so the waistband was quite flexible. It would be easy to pull down his pants so he decided to do it in slow motion. He believed that Feng Xiao Qing would stop it in time.

Feng Xiao Qing gaped at the shameless man in front of him. "What are you doing?" She gasped.

"Didn't you say that you want to see my birthmark that badly?" Lu Yi Feng talked in a serious expression which made Feng Xiao Qing feel baffled.

She was feeling anxious... What if he really opened his pants here ah~?! She felt like she had become a pervert if that really happened!

"No... No... No... No need!" Feng Xiao Qing quickly yelled.

Due to her anxious state, she quickly grabbed Lu Yi Feng's hands to stop him from pulling down his pants. However, when she tried to stand up, she was stumbling upon a small stone. In the end, she almost fell down because of it.

She grabbed Lu Yi Feng's hands a little bit too hard and Lu Yi Feng tried to save her from falling with both of his hands. But because of that, he removed his hands from his own pants --- he needed to choose his pants or Feng Xiao Qing, so of course, he would choose Feng Xiao Qing ah~!

Feng Xiao Qing who yelped in surprise tried to hold onto something and the only thing that she could grab was Lu Yi Feng's waistband. After all, it was the closest thing to both of her hands.

Even though Lu Yi Feng was quite strong, the momentum was quite bad at that time. He couldn't hold onto her so she was still falling down despite his effort to save her from the fall. Along with her fall, her hands continued to grab onto his waistband and... voila! She pulled down his pants... Feng Xiao Qing still didn't realize what she had done because she was more concerned about her fall.

Fortunately, Lu Yi Feng was still wearing underwear. Otherwise, he would be naked down there and it would become a sight to behold.

However, it was still a quite s.e.xy sight ah~!

Feng Xiao Qing held onto the ground but she wondered why she didn't feel the soil at all. At that time, she realized that she was holding onto something...

Pa --- Pants?

She was in disbelief. She was looking down at the moment but her whole body was sweating because she understood clearly what had just happened.

She... She pulled down Lu Yi Feng's pants!

The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 377 Pa--- Pants?!

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