The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 384 She Will Appear Soon...

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Unfortunately, his information came a bit too late and Lu Ming Cheng would regret it.

"Boss... you should see this!" Someone came into his room in a hurry, even forgetting to knock on the door and it annoyed Lu Ming Cheng. After all, he had always reminded his employees to knock before entering because he liked his privacy.

Lu Ming Cheng looked at the man in displeasure. "What?! Why don't you knock on the door?!" He had just wanted to read the files but this man was barging in and made Lu Ming Cheng close the files once again.

The man looked down guiltily and said, "Sorry, Boss. I'm in a hurry! But there's really a piece of important news about our compet.i.tor..."


Honestly, he had a lot of compet.i.tors but for his people to have this reaction, it must be some of the most powerful ones. He started to pay attention more carefully to the man's report and forgive him for his mistake.

"Lu Yi Feng's company, Boss..." The man gulped while answering. He knew that his boss hated his half brother the most and for him to be the one who brought the news... it was quite scary. He could see the change in his boss' expression and sigh inwardly --- this was going to be a long day for the workers.

"What? Tell me everything about it.." Lu Ming Cheng raised his voice while straightening his posture --- he really needed to know what the heck was going on here.

"Maybe... you should see it for yourself... Can I borrow the remote for a second, Boss?" The man pointed at the remote on Lu Ming Cheng's desk carefully.

"Take it!" Lu Ming Cheng ordered impatiently, feeling irked because his subordinate kept beating around the bush and didn't just tell him the point right away.

The man opened the TV and changed the channel so that they could see the mysterious singer's show. Lu Ming Cheng knew about this show but it was usually joined by veteran singers. Lu Yi Feng's singer who was credible enough to join the show was Yun Yi, so what this had to do with Lu Yi Feng?

"She will appear soon..." His subordinate explained in a low voice.

"Who? Someone from his company?" Lu Ming Cheng asked.

"Yes, Boss..."

Lu Ming Cheng became even more curious. "Who is she?"

His subordinate shook his head and answered, "We don't know for sure... we can't find out anything about her because they guard the woman's secret very well..."

Lu Ming Cheng furrowed his eyebrows. Why did it sound so familiar? He looked at the file on his desk, wondering whether it was the same girl or not.

When the music started, Lu Ming Cheng recognized right away that this was the current most popular jingle music from perfume ads that had been booming lately. The music was cheerful, sensual, and easy to remember.

They had been searching for the one who made the music and sang the song but there was no news about it --- until now. Lu Yi Feng really knew how to keep a secret, huh?! Lu Ming Cheng sneered inside his heart. He would never think that Lu Yi Feng would be able to counterattack his move in such a short time.

Lu Ming Cheng started to feel annoyed. He always knew that Lu Yi Feng was smarter than him but he just didn't want to admit it. He didn't want to lose to him! The more he beat him, the more his thirst to defeat him became stronger.

Ever since he was a boy, the only thing that he could look at was Lu Yi Feng's back. Whatever he did... it was always being covered by Lu Yi Feng's shadow. It made him become more and more envious of him. His mind became a bit twisted whenever he was thinking about Lu Yi Feng. Instead as a brother, he saw him as a compet.i.tor which made them not as close as before.

He looked at the TV intensely and to his subordinate, his expression looked really scary so he didn't dare to make a single sound. He actually wanted to ask for permission to go out but he didn't dare to do that anymore.

Feng Xiao Qing who already waited in the middle of the stage didn't know anything about Lu Ming Cheng's side. Even though she knew, she wouldn't care because she knew that her appearance bounded to make a commotion. She knew the consequences but if she kept being afraid and didn't dare to face her past, she would have to run away forever.

With Lu Yi Feng as her backing, she was stronger than before. She had told him about the arson and her guess that it was related to her father, so Lu Yi Feng would know what to expect when he jumped into a relations.h.i.+p with her. After all, it would be better if they were cautious. She was also afraid that her father would start to attack Lu Yi Feng because of the latter's relations.h.i.+p with her.

Surprisingly, Lu Yi Feng also admitted that he had already known about it when he checked her background. When she questioned why he did that... he admitted that he had done it to every trainee that they had. He didn't want to have a troublesome trainee --- one Yun Yi was already enough.

Feng Xiao Qing understood his point and couldn't refute anything about that. As a trainee, she understood her boss's point of view... What he had done was a mandatory thing in the company. On the other hand, from a girlfriend's point of view, she was feeling a bit irked. After all, he didn't ask for her permission first. However, she couldn't do anything about it.

At least, she didn't need to feel afraid that he would be afraid to be with her. He had accepted her for who she was and it made her feel relieved.

She closed her eyes before starting her performance ---- her debut. She would bring a surprise to the people that she knew in the past!

The Beautiful Idol's Secret Chapter 384 She Will Appear Soon...

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