The Beautiful Idol's Secret 388 I Already Knew Her...

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"One, two, three. Start now!" The MC said loudly. She gave a signal to the person in charge and waited patiently on the stage.

After that, the person who had been chosen to move the spotlight quickly did his job. He turned the spotlight left and right randomly, before finally deciding to stop moving when he felt like it. All he had to do was to turn on the light and voila...! They would get the lucky person.

People were waiting excitedly and hoping that the spotlight would land on them by luck. They also believed that they would appear in the news if they were the ones who opened the mask. It was really a win-win solution for them --- who knew that they could get famous as well?! They could see the beauty up close and was able to get into the news!

"Okay! It seems like the spotlight has finally stopped moving. Come on! It's time to turn on the light so we can see who is the lucky one!" The MC said loudly and the person in charge obediently turned on the light.

The light turned on in one click and landed at one person. Everyone turned their gaze at that person curiously, wanting to know his ident.i.ty.

"Wow... There we are! We have finally gotten our one lucky person!" The MC said excitedly when the spotlight finally landed on that certain someone.

The man was wearing a cap so the MC couldn't see clearly his face --- but she knew that he was a man from his body shape. The man looked around in surprise, not realizing that he was being picked. He jumped up and pointed at himself in wonder.

"That gentleman over there! You... Yes! It's you! Can you come to the stage? You are the lucky one today so you can help our Ariel to take off her mask! It's a great honor and so many people want this chance ah~!" The MC said cheerfully.

The man seemed to be hesitant while looking around his surroundings but finally walking to the stage under the envious stares of so many people. Some people in the production crews could see that he was uncomfortable in the spotlight or maybe he just wasn't Feng Xiao Qing's fan. But well... he was the chosen one so there was nothing that they could do about it.

They could only swallow their grievance and blamed themselves for not lucky enough.

Feng Xiao Qing was nervous and started to let her guard up slowly because honestly after she had been through so much before, so she was slightly vigilant around strangers and didn't believe in others easily. Despite her unwillingness, she had no other choice and continued to smile, welcoming the man to stand beside her.

Previously, she had hoped that Lu Yi Feng would accidentally be chosen --- but it seemed like it was just wishful thinking on her part. After all, this show was legit so they couldn't plan anything beforehand. She felt slightly nervous but no one could see it but Lu Yi Feng. The latter felt worried for her too, however, he also knew that she needed to get used to it.

This was the life of an idol. They had to rely on themselves once they were on the stage...

The MC finally let the man stand beside Feng Xiao Qing and asked, "Do you have any words for Ariel? Anything! Encouragement or maybe showing her some love... You can say it before you can help to open the mask."

The man nodded his head, looking like a timid person which made the MC encourage him. "Don't be nervous! Our Ariel is a sweet girl... she will surely love to hear what you think of her."

They didn't see the smirk that the man had underneath the hat, so they didn't have any preparation for what would happen next. They merely thought this as an ordinary thing.

The man cleared his throat before he was finally talking slowly. His voice was hoa.r.s.e and honestly, giving people an uncomfortable vibe. The hall was quiet so his voice was reverberating inside the hall --- loud and clear.

"I already pay attention to Ariel for a long time..." He said softly at first before his voice finally became louder. It seemed like he had finally found his courage...

"Wow! How come?" The MC asked, feeling interested. She thought that this man wasn't really Ariel's fans and that was the reason why she just asked him to give encouragement to Ariel, however, it seemed like the man was actually interested in Ariel.

"I already knew her ever since she was a trainee..." The man said.

When Feng Xiao Qing heard this, she quickly looked up at the man in surprise. Her ident.i.ty was well protected... so how come this man knew her ever since she was a trainee?! Lu Yi Feng had the same worried expression as well and wanted to call his bodyguard to be on standby just to be on the safe side.

Feng Xiao Qing saw that Lu Yi Feng was going to make a move and slightly shook her head. They didn't want people to know their relations.h.i.+p and Lu Yi Feng's bodyguard had never been used to protect a trainee before --- so it would be better to lay low. Feng Xiao Qing felt that she could handle this.

Lu Yi Feng could only grit his teeth and hold himself back. Feng Xiao Qing sighed in relief, knowing that he respected her decision and believed in her.

The MC asked, "Trainee?" She also felt that something wasn't right because even the producer of this show didn't know Ariel's face or her real name, so how could this person know? She looked at Feng Xiao Qing in concern but the show must go on, after all, this was a live show...

"Yeah... She is a trainee at Young Master Lu's company, right?" The man's voice turned eerier by the second.

The Beautiful Idol's Secret 388 I Already Knew Her...

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