Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 41

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Chapter 41: Cannon fodder counterattacking the indifferent campus king (Part 13)

There was a trace of surprise that flashed in Tang Yu’s eyes as the girl in front of him suddenly became cold.

So cold that she didn’t even spare him a glance.  This kind of her and the her who had silently followed him for two years were completely different people.

“Luo Qing Chen, are you playing hard to get?”  Tang Yu narrowed his eyes and said through slightly gritted teeth.

He didn’t believe that a person could change this quickly.  The previous her liked him that much, no matter how harsh his words were, she would always silently watch him from the side.

Seeing her silly appearance, he sometimes felt…..it was a bit cute.

Suddenly her felt he was a bit dumb.  Why didn’t he like this girl before, why was he dead set on Qian Fei Fei?

Perhaps people were like that.  One would be rattled over something they couldn’t obtain and they would have no fear when favoured.

When the day comes, the thing that loved you left, you would find that you’ve missed the most beautiful time and the person most suited for you.

“Toward you…..Ke, ke…..Do I need……Ke, ke, do I need you!?”  Luo Qing Chen’s throat seemed like it was burning and it was incredibly itchy.  When she finished the last part of her sentence, she almost roared it out.

Her head hurt so much and cold sweat was slowly dripping down her back.  She raised her hand and placed it on her forehead.

d.a.m.n…..So warm.

At this moment, she didn’t have the mood or the strength, she didn’t want to talk to Tang Yu at all.  She wanted to head home and take a hot bath, as well as drink a cup of 999 cold medicine.

“Wait a minute.”  Tang Yu saw that she was turning to leave and his heart was a bit anxious.  He directly reached out and grabbed her hand, feeling a slightly cool touch pa.s.s from his palm.

Luo Qing Chen felt like her head was heavy and took shakily took a step back.

Tang Yu’s other hand came out and firmly supported her.  A soft voice sounded in her ear, “You don’t look good, I’ll send you home.”

It wasn’t a question, but rather an affirmation

Luo Qing Chen wanted to throw off his arm, but found that he was using quite a bit of strength and there was a faint anger hidden within.

Ya, system, what is he angry about?

[The more one can’t obtain something, the more one wants something.  This is a common problem for humans.]

d.a.m.n, stupid humans!

[TL Note: But you’re a human too!]

Luo Qing Chen gritted her teeth and used all her strength to fling out, as she shouted, “Tang Yu, is there something wrong with you!”

Because she was feverish, her angry face had a faint red blush to it.  With her lips slightly perked out, she had a cute appearance like she was being bullied.

Tang Yu didn’t know why, but he suddenly liked this person in front of him very, very much.

In the beginning, he had received Qian Fei Fei’s mission to wait for Luo Qing Chen at the entrance of the movie theater while she herself stopped Su Liang Chen.

As the representative of the physics cla.s.s, when she was pa.s.sing out the books for their self study period, she saw the text on Su Liang Chen’s phone that was signed by Luo Qing Chen.

The text message was very short and she instantly memorized it with her excellent brain!

No, definitely not!  How could she let the two of them have a date.

She immediately called Tang Yu and had Tang Yu help her ruin their date.

She used the t.i.tle of the physics cla.s.s representative to use the physics teacher’s name to call Su Liang Chen to the laboratory on the fourth floor, having him wait for the physics teacher there.

She knew he was an outstanding student, even if the physics teacher didn’t come, he would wait.

But she never thought that when it was close to eight, he would choose not to keep waiting.  He directly called the physics teacher, “Teacher, I’m busy today. If you’re not in a hurry to do experiment A, can I come find you in the laboratory tomorrow instead?”

“Weren’t we doing experiment A the day after tomorrow?”  The teacher’s old voice came from the other side.

Su Liang Chen was stunned.  He narrowed his eyes and said, “Un, I remembered wrong.  I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

After he said this, he hung up and walked to the door.

But he never thought that the laboratory’s door was locked from the outside……

Qian Fei Fei outside the door gritted her teeth as she thought: If I can’t obtain something, I won’t let anyone else take it.  Tang Yu, I believe you’ll be able to woo Luo Qing Chen.

In such big rain, you just need to properly be a flower protector!

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping Chapter 41

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