World's Apocalypse Online Chapter 896 - Using Strategy

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Chapter 896: Using Strategy

The overwhelming number of punches felt like a raging storm that wanted to swallow up the lone sword.

But the sword could always time it perfectly when the waves must recede to appear at the most crucial spot to repel the barrage of punches.

One breath,

Two breaths,

Three breaths,

Both sides had performed so many exchanges that the air was filled with the sound of sword and punches clas.h.i.+ng against one another, like a banging gong.

“I got you!” the woman laughed.

For some inexplicable reason, she managed to evade through the storm of sword images and threw a punch straight at Gu Qing Shan’s chest.

If this punch connected, it could actually blow a normal person’s chest open.

And Gu Qing Shan’s sword had already been thrust forward, unable to retract in time——-


Another blink of the eye.

Gu Qing Shan had pushed his opponent back again.

The tall slender woman spun her body in the air and nimbly landed.

“I didn’t know an Abyssal monster would be such an expert fist fighter” Gu Qing Shan sighed.

In truth, that wasn’t all of it, although her body appeared humanoid right now, the st.u.r.diness wasn’t something a normal person could cut through with their swords.

She could catch a sword with her bare hands.

Through their exchanges, Gu Qing Shan had been able to connect his strikes at various points but still couldn’t find her weakness.

——–it was truly a perfect body made for battle, not a single weak spot could be found.

“Dual wielding isn’t something normal people can play around properly, most of them are nothing vulgar claptrap to please the crowd—— and if you are one of them, your sword is going to become mine to use, and you will die under your own swords” the tall slender woman looked at Gu Qing Shan and calmly declared.

Her gaze fell to Gu Qing Shan’s hand.

Just now, Gu Qing Shan had drawn another sword from the stream in order to stop her strike just now.

Gu Qing Shan lowered his stance with both swords in his hand and replied: “I don’t have a habit of playing around with my own life”

The mud and pebbles in the stream right below his feet exploded—–

Gu Qing Shan had flashed forward, crossed the entire stream to arrive in front of the tall slender woman.

His dual swords turned into two separate blurred images that completely surrounded her.

The woman’s expression didn’t change a single bit as she formed her hands into claws and attempted to grab them bare-handed.

But the two blurred images flexibly coiled around her wrist, twisted, and pushed her.

The woman lost her balance and couldn’t help but retreat a few steps.

Like two poisonous vipers, the swords continued coiling forward but were struck back by her barrage of punches.

Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but retreat as well.

The tall slender woman observed him and slowly commented: “Dual wielders have too much on their minds”

One of her fists pulled back to defend her body, while the other opened into a palm that reached forward, making a stance right by the stream.

Seeing her gestures, Gu Qing Shan couldn’t help but feel strange.

During a fight to the death, she dared to change from punches to palm strikes. A person who could flexibly use both punches and palm strikes isn’t someone to be trifled with.

Her martial arts expertise isn’t fake.

But why does she know human martial arts…?

Gu Qing Shan lowered his swords and spoke: “I can use a lot more than just two swords, unfortunately, I can’t use spirit energy here”

“Nonsense” the tall slender woman chuckled, “if my powers hadn’t been sealed, you think I would need to go through so much trouble to kill you?”

A gaze looked over and caught Gu Qing Shan’s attention.

There was a look of worry in the Old Guide’s eyes.

While Shannu had been standing here just watching them indifferently for the past while, she was feeling a bit worried.

——-as they had discussed earlier, she would transform into the Old Guide while gongzi dispelled the technique and returned to be a normal person.

The two of them would then deceive (gongzi said this was called using strategy) the Abyssal Fate Weaver.

We were supposed to use that Occult ability to force the Abyssal Fate Weaver to reveal her information, then both attacked her at once.

But now, gongzi is stalling without giving the signal for some reason.

Gu Qing Shan understood Shannu’s worries and faintly signaled her not to rush.

There’s something odd about the Abyssal Fate Weaver.

Gu Qing Shan had faintly realized some sort of secret, so he was putting off this original plan.

For now——

A small fist broke tore through the air as it struck him with intense force.

Gu Qing Shan’s dual swords were prepared to receive it.

All of a sudden, he saw a palm.


The punch was a feign, the palm was the killing strike!

Since it was already too late to pull his swords back, Gu Qing Shan’s body suddenly s.h.i.+fted to avoid the strike, then followed the momentum to rush into her with his shoulder.


The tall slender woman was pushed away.

She lightly stabilized herself in the water with a pondering look on her face.

“You’re obviously a sword cultivator, yet you could utilize close-ranged martial arts without missing a beat, that can’t be right”

“What can’t be right?”

“The path of the sword is highly exclusive and rejects all other paths, you…”

The tall slender woman carefully thought about it and slowly realized.

“I remember now, back in the Grand Divine Palace, you once had a certain thought”

“You felt fortunate that you were able to utilize different kinds of power”

“Because if not, you wouldn’t be able to use your ident.i.ty as a Card, or convince the [Demon King Order] to give up on its functions and fully commit to evolving for you”

“In other words——-”

“Your soul is actually in a released state”

The tall slender woman looked straight at Gu Qing Shan again with a highly complicated expression on her face.

Gu Qing Shan’s heart sank.

This monster is truly terrifying.

She’s capable of reading a person’s mind and emotions, turning into any ident.i.ty she wanted, and she herself was also terrifyingly strong.

Furthermore, she had the ability to revive after being dead.

He was feeling a bit hesitant.

For a monster to be an expert martial artist that can utilize punches and palm strikes at the same time, she must have a lot of secrets.


Various thoughts crossed Gu Qing Shan’s mind.

Countless possibilities popped up in his mind, helping him make various conjectures.

But at the same time, a different kind of worry silently appeared in his mind.

——–if she somehow finds Laura, all of my planning would be for nothing.

At that time, not only would I not be able to obtain the three coins, Laura would also be in danger.

And the Combatants who were heavily wounded by the Soul Shrieker and were being sealed inside the Divine Power Ice Crystals, even Lady Darksea who was somehow related to me wouldn’t be saved either.

But she’s definitely carrying some sort of terrifying secret!

Gu Qing Shan’s thoughts quickly changed.

Rather than her secret, the most important thing to do now is to consider how to deal with her.

Without a powerful trump Card like the [Earthen Dual Body], the only place I’d be able to kill her and prolong her resurrection would be this Gemini star.

Once we leave the Gemini star and her powers are fully unsealed, I would be no match for her at all.

——-not even the Bygone Era humans were able to do anything to her!

If I let her return from here back to the 900 million World Layers…

How many days would Su Xue Er and Anna have left to live?

The look in Gu Qing Shan’s eyes changed.

The tall slender woman instantly sensed the change in his aura.

She spoke in intrigue: “Ah? Just now you were still trying to probe me, but you’ve fully unleashed your aura now, so you want to use all of your powers——– finally looking to risk everything in a battle against me?”

Gu Qing Shan replied: “You have a lot of secrets, but I’ve suddenly realized, my life is more important than any secrets”

He brandished his swords and held them tightly.

The tall slender woman tilted her body backways, one fist in front, one palm behind and slightly bent her knees, muttering: “You’ve got the right idea, but your life is still in my hands”

Standing inside the stream, their eyes locked as murderous intent killed the area.

Just as they were about to make their moves, a voice abruptly interrupted.

“Young man, do you want to know where the warp is or not?”

Gu Qing Shan and the woman both turned to look at the area by the stream.

The Old Guide looked at Gu Qing Shan and smiled: “I already said I could tell you how to go to that world”

Gu Qing Shan’s mind quickly turned.

“Ah, thank you very much, I really do want to know about that place, but there’s someone in the way right now” he said.


How did I forget the great a.s.sistant that is Shannu?

In this world, her powers aren’t restricted at all.

Not to mention, this would make it much easier to probe the secret I want…

World's Apocalypse Online Chapter 896 - Using Strategy

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