Supreme Emperor Of Swords Chapter 399

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Chapter 399 Battle (2)

That time, there was a light wall where there were inscriptions of tactical formations. That cyan and silver strength of Qi knocked on the wall and after a violent tremor, there was not the slightest leak of energy.

The battle had finally ceased and quietened down.

Dust and pebbles rolled down gradually.

When the dust had settled, everything in the collapsed tavern could finally be seen in a new light. Scores of pebbles and dirt had acc.u.mulated by the side of where the tavern was. Relying on Ding Hao's Chinese inscriptions on the wall, the walls seemed to have reorganized and rebuilt themselves. Where the tavern once was, the ground had levelled and there seemed to be no sign left of the rubble. All the young masters, including Ding Hao, were still silently sitting at their own respective tables, as if nothing had happened. There was no change at all two meters within their reach and clearly, the Qi strength in the previous battle had been obliterated by all the young masters.

The One Legged Ox Demon King carried a serene expression on his face. His body was unhurt and only the chair that he was sitting on had vanished. Clearly, it had been destroyed in the battle.

Heart-cleansing Sword's white robes had been torn apart and her expression reddened. His body swung lightly and the long sword in his hand seemed to flutter and tremble. There was a tear in the right hand where drops of fresh blood had started to fall, squeezing themselves out of the wound. He looked slightly embarra.s.sed.

Clearly, in that short battle, Heart-cleansing Sword had been on the losing end.

Such an outcome was within Ding Hao's predictions.

One Legged Ox Demon King was the demon king of the realm—he was equivalent to an expert of the Human tribe's Martial King Realm. Moreover, someone like One Legged Ox was a divine beast from the times of antiquity, and he had unlimited magic skills. Clearly, even though his body was of blood that was heterogenous, not pure at all—where not even a tenth of the primeval ancestors was present—in the realm of the Demon Tribe, it was blood of very rare n.o.ble ancestry, far stronger than that of the experts in the realm of the Demon King. Even though Heart-cleansing Sword was youthful, he had after all, not reached the martial king realm. His ability to have held out for such a long time was already remarkable to men.

“Inscription?” The One Legged Demon King's gaze swept the cold surrounding walls and he revealed an expression of surprise. “I never would have thought that not only was Master Ding so skilled in both saber and sword, he is also an Inscriptionist! What a talent—he must have reached the top four levels of the Inscriptionists at their peak—how truly remarkable, I'd say.”

The tone of the Big Demon's voice was very sincere, and it did not seem like he was just paying lip service.

It was apparent that One Legged Ox Demon King truly admired Ding Hao.

And what was slightly disconcerting was that, this Ox Demon who was so self-centered and arrogant, who had actually disdained the younger generation of experts from the Snow Province's Human Tribe, he had begun seeing Ding Hao in a new light. In fact, he had even carried a hint of respect towards him.

Beside him, Spirit Eyes Demon King shook his head again as if he had remembered something. Without saying a single word, his inky black eyes seemed to have become like the depths of a black hole that could consume all light it came across, and they were inscrutable to anyone. That Big Demon was named Spirit Eyes Demon King, but it resembled a blind old man—if he didn't even have eyes, how could his name bear the words “Spirit Eyes”? That was truly puzzling.

“Demon Ox, today is the day you'll die.” Heart Cleansing Sword Feng Xingyue said, with his piercing gaze.

“Haha, little doll, you're still have a long way to go. I, the grand ox master, will not kill today for you're not my opponent. Hurry up, go back and train for several decades more with your Master's wife, hahaha.” One Legged Ox had the look of an innocent child but his voice was coa.r.s.e; he carried an air of superiority about him, which caused some confusion among those present.

However, Heart-cleansing sword, Feng Xingyue stopped himself from saying anything further.

He shut his mouth, and kept silent from then on. His whole body glimmered with light and he was driving all the injuries from his body and stabilizing his qi, which was in great turmoil.

“Heh heh heh heh? You're not killing anyone? Hahaha, you're just a beast—how dare you come to the Holy Land of the Human Tribe's martial arts. I heard that your body is still concealing the bloodline of the One Legged Ox, one of the twelve divine beasts of antiquity. Haha, call it my luck that I've managed to meet you and kill you, to refine your blood essence. For all you know, perhaps I could even gain one drop of the One Legged Ox's blood essence!” Sage Yun Xing jumped down from his chair and his eyes glimmered with a greedy light.

His words carried the ultimate power of deception.

Especially for the Old Legged Ox's blood essence, it almost made the expression of all the young experts change.

One Legged Ox was a divine beast from the times of antiquity, one that had almost been driven to extinction. Its appearance resembled that of an ox, and only had one leg. It was a type of primeval behemoth and its ability to control water did not pale in comparison to that of the dragon tribes in myths. Its skin was tough and it was said that a bowstring made from the muscles and bones of the One Legged Ox was so powerful that it could even pierce the skin of suns. Drums that were made from the skin of the One Legged Ox could even shake the heavens and drive out the sea. Within the 72 divine beasts, the One Legged Ox was placed higher than the Baleful Devil White Ape, taking the 36th spot.

Such a divine beast was definitely a treasure.

This creature was originally just a small demon that had been inadvertently birthed. That was because its inside carried the blood of a distant primeval One Legged Ox, and so it was named One Legged Ox Demon King. Its cultivation speed was very quick and it could turn from a little non-descript demon to a Demon King of the Snow Province. Truly, the importance of blood lineages was exceedingly critical.

Its pride was in its blood linkages. However, therein lay the roots of its sorrow, too.

That was because the blood lineages of the One Legged Ox had once caused him to be chased down by scores of martial arts experts from the Human tribe and the Demon tribe. Before reaching the demon king realm, there were many instances when he had almost been captured for torture. Apparently, his background story was tragic and pitiful. Later, it was only after Deity Phoenix had shown up and defeated him that he had entered the Deity Phoenix Hall, becoming one of the great Demon Kings under its flag, ceasing its fate of getting hunted down continually to be killed.

Therefore, the One Legged Ox Demon King hated it the most when he heard someone talking about the bloodline inside of him.

That was taboo to him.

Hearing Sage Yun Xing speak, One Legged Ox's expression quickly changed. His pair of child-like eyes instantly turned a terrible green and emanated a terrible aura. He spoke very coolly, “Little dwarf, I am lacking a human skull chamber pot. Your head is so big, it suits this purpose nicely.”

Before he finished his words…

There was a great crash.

A demonized half-meter great green bovine leg fell down from the sky without warning and was quick as lightning.

“Ha ha ha, let everyone come. After killing this ox devil, whoever wants to obtain the essence blood of this One Legged Ox will depend on their capabilities.” Sage Yun Xing laughed heartily. Before he was stampeded into bits, his body vanished like smoke in the air.

The gigantic Demon Aura of the One Legged Ox stamped the ground and was like thunder. Everyone thought that the ground had reverberated like water and welled up.

“These great devils, everyone can kill them—kill!” The Ninth Heaven Thunder Dragon shouted thus, and with an outstretched hand, his whole body was covered all over in light; the minute he raised his hand, a surge of lightning was shot in the direction of the One Legged Ox Demon King—it was piercing to the eyes.

Supreme Emperor Of Swords Chapter 399

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