Supreme Emperor Of Swords Chapter 436

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Chapter 436 Mysterious Frost Holy Guard

Ding Hao did not hesitate and immediately agreed. “Sure. No problem.”

This time, Peak Master Luo was the one who got startled. After all, the places on Sage Battlefield were extremely rare. If Ding Hao was going to put a price on them, he might get a Precious Weapon with one of the places. Before asking, Peak Master Luo even decided that as long as Ding Hao showed the slightest hesitation, she would immediately offer the compensation she had prepared, however, who knew that…

Ding Hao had actually agreed without hesitation.

Was he not aware of the precious quality of the places?

Yes, he was.

The only explanation was that her previous investment had met with his luxurious payback. Ding Hao was really a man who paid his debt even if he had only been offered a little. Peak Master Luo felt glad that she did not misjudge Ding Hao.

Peak Master Luo tentatively smiled, “Junior Brother Ding, won't you ask whom I'm lending for?”

Ding Hao answered seriously, “Since Peak Master Luo asked, they must have been extremely important people. I believe that with Peak Master Luo's vision and courage, you must have chosen the potentials one in the sect. They must have been qualified to get the places. In fact, I was just worried about the allocation. Peak Master Luo, you've helped me solve a big problem.”

Peak Master Luo smilingly shook her head. “Look how nicely you put those words. You're really a cunning boy. Well, to be honest, I want one of the two places for myself, because I want to give the opportunity to my only daughter. I hope she can seize the opportunity this time.” After that, a mixed emotion of affection and guilt flashed across Peak Master Luo's face, showing the close relations.h.i.+p between her and her daughter.

Ding Hao understood. “Well, I see.” Parents are all the same around the world. It was merely human nature. However, Ding Hao had never heard of Peak Master Luo's only daughter. With Peak Master Luo's status in Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect, her daughter should not have been a n.o.body.

Ding Hao felt curious and asked, “Master, may I ask who your daughter is?”

Peak Master Luo faltered and smiled wryly, “Well… my daughter has led a hard life since little… Later, when I have the chance, I'll introduce her to you. Ding Hao, you two might become good friends, really really good friends.” When she was saying that, an extremely complicated emotion flashed past Peak Master Luo's face.

Seeing her speak like this, Ding Hao knew there must be a story behind it and it would be impolite for him to pursue the matter. Thus, he changed to another topic and said, “Well, since you're already here, I have a question and I hope you can solve it for me.”

Peak Master Luo put on a teasing smile. “Let me guess. Is it about my young disciple Li Yiruo?”

Ding Hao blushed and said embarra.s.singly, “Yes, it is. I wonder how much Yiruo has improved in her cultivation. I've been thinking if I should let her into Sage Battlefield as well these days. After all, for any warrior, it's a once-in-lifetime opportunity. But it's dangerous on the battlefield and you might run into an enemy in every 10 steps you take. Even I can't promise I'll come back alive from the battlefield. What if…”

“If you're thinking like this for her, then her affection for you won't go to waste. Honestly, I want the second place just for Yiruo. Though that girl won't say it herself, I know what she wants. She won't come to you because she knows how precious the places are and doesn't want to put you in a difficult spot. But deep down, she wants so badly to enter Sage Battlefield.” While saying that, Peak Master Luo became solemn and said the following things word by word, “Ding Hao, I think you should give her the opportunity. Only women know how women think. I've finally realized that she's really into you. I guess you don't know that these days, she's been cultivating so madly that she might hurt herself because you've put so much pressure on her. She knows that she has to catch up with you to stay beside you. And, Sage Battlefield this time means the only opportunity for her to do that in her lifetime.”

Ding Hao nodded in silence.

He knew very clearly that Li Yiruo was the type of girl who would fight until the end of her life once in love. If she would make the decision, she would choose to enter Sage Battlefield without hesitation even if she knew she would definitely die there because, in her heart, love came first on top of everything.

Peak Master Luo stared into Ding Hao's eyes and said earnestly, “Ding Hao, as a senior who has gone through things, I think you should give Yiruo an opportunity. I know you have feelings for Yiruo. Don't make the mistakes as I did back then… I'm Yiruo's teacher and having her into Sage Battlefield won't be like meddling others' affairs. I hope you won't blame me.”

Ding Hao hurriedly added, “You've flattered me. You're a senior and have vision far greater than a young man like me. Since you consider it right to do so, then I'll comply with your decision.”

In this way, Ding Hao had got one less burden on his heart.

The two places given to Peak Master Luo were actually counted as one. Then, other than the place the head Li Jianyi had requested, Zhang Xiaofan's place, and Fang Tianyi's places, Ding Hao had one place left in his hands. He wanted to visit his old friends and only wanted to decide according to their cultivation. If someone's cultivation was elevated higher than the Great Martial Mentor realm, then that one would secure the last place…

Peak Master Luo watched Ding Hao as appreciation and admiration filled her eyes.

For the last decades, she had seen so many youth geniuses that she lost count of them. Some of them were talented disciples who succeeded in their lives at a young age. At first, they might be humble and nice, but with their increasing cultivation and status in the sect, they gradually became arrogant. Maybe they did not have bad personalities inside, but in the end, they would eventually have too much pride in them that they failed to see the reality…

Only Ding Hao, only Ding Hao was an exception.

Especially, Ding Hao came from such a poor place like the slum area. Before entering Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect, he must have endured numerous hards.h.i.+ps. When such a person succeeded, he was most likely to forget his past. Nevertheless, Ding Hao had always been a gentle youth wearing a smile and a warm att.i.tude. Even now, when his nickname, Saber and Sword Addict, had spread over the entire Snow Province, and his single sentence could shake the entire Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect, he still did not change at all…

No wonder even a girl like Li Yiruo would fall hard for Ding Hao.

No wonder it was said that even the peerless genius among the sect's bloodline disciples, Xie Jieyu, also had a thing for Ding Hao.

Moreover, no wonder even she herself could feel obvious affection for Ding Hao in her heart…

Peak Master Luo sighed and rose to leave.

Ding Hao escorted her until she walked out of the protective cover “Water Curtain Heaven” and then returned.

Leaving Sword-hidden Peak, Peak Master Luo stood in the void. She looked back down at Ding Hao's back and could not tell what she was feeling now. Three most understanding female disciples of Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect all fell for Ding Hao. She hoped the capable young people would not make the same mistakes as the last generation did.

“Ding Hao, since you can create so many miracles in kung fu cultivation, then you should also create one in your love. I'll wait for it. Don't let me down!”

Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, three days had already pa.s.sed.

Other than cultivating madly, Ding Hao secretly circled around in Swordsmans.h.i.+p-seeking Sect. After the confirmation tour, he gave the last place to Li Canyang, the previous Western Academy of red s.h.i.+rts head. After blocking all the trivia, Li Canyang actually soared into a three-apertured Great Martial Mentor realm. Xiao Chengxuan was slighter weaker; he managed to reach the peak of an eight-apertured Martial Mentor…

Murong Shengnan, Zhuo Ziyan, and others went out on a trial and also did not possess enough strength. They could only regretfully miss out on the opportunity.

As for the beautiful youth Lin Xin and the fat boy Xiao Chengxuan, they were extremely lucky to have received two of the four places from the sect. As for the remaining two places, Li Muyun and Liang Feixue from the Honorable Alliance of Seven obtained them, which greatly surprised Ding Hao. He thought the sect would pick more inner disciples who had entered the sect a few years ago, who could have thought that…

“I'm afraid the sect greatly values the four people's potentials. They didn't even pick bloodline disciples such as Yuan Tiangang… In this way, there are nine people, including me, Xie Jieyu, Feng Ning, Ximen Qianxue and others on Snow Province's Hidden Genius List. Combined with the six places I gave away, there are 19 people in total. It's not really a small number!

“Don't know if I can count on Evil Moon the Fat Cat to find Xiaofan.”

On the next day, led by 10 elders including the head Li Jianyi, 19 geniuses returned by Mirror Lake, the holy land of Human Tribes' kung fu. They gathered with geniuses recommended by other major sects and forces, ready to set off to Green Province through the s.p.a.ce gate…

“This is the s.p.a.ce gate?”

Gathering under the statue of G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region, the Snow Province geniuses looked up at the tall and mighty sculpture and all felt strange. They had been to the statue square. However, it was their first time hearing that there was a s.p.a.ce gate that could take them to other big provinces in the Northern Region.

Ding Hao also observed, releasing his Divine Awareness. However, he could not detect a thing on the sculpture.

The first ray of suns.h.i.+ne in the east shone on the G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region statue, coloring the sculpture yellow, as if it were a living G.o.d. The statue seemed to look down on earth like a king, wors.h.i.+pped by Human Tribe people around the square. It was unbelievably and slowly giving off mind-blowing energy and coercion that only belonged to a G.o.d!

There were 76 the youngest geniuses with the greatest potentials from Snow Province gathering under the holy statue.

Around them were various heads and powerhouses to see off disciples whom they placed great hope and antic.i.p.ation on. Among the heads and powerhouses, there were Li Jianyi, Fang Xiaoan, and other domineering grandmasters. However, at that moment, they were all overshadowed by the 76 geniuses. They were Snow Province's today, but those young men signified the future of Snow Province Human Tribes.

A glint flashed.

White-haired Elder Chen appeared in the front.

Behind him, 10 warriors clad in magical golden armors followed. They were armed all over their bodies, with only a T-shaped breach left on the golden helmet, like a black cross that swallowed their faces. People could vaguely see two beams of cold light flas.h.i.+ng behind the helmet, like those of a primeval behemoth. People couldn't help feeling scared.

Mysterious Frost Holy Guards!

Everyone felt shaken.

The 10 people's Internal Qi was like ominous beasts from an untainted land; even the air around them was about to twist. By simply standing there, they released killing intents that could decrease the temperature in 100 square meters as if the chilly wind had blown. People couldn't help feeling scared and their teeth chattered.

They were Mysterious Frost Holy Guards in the legend!

It was said the strongest warriors acknowledged by G.o.d of War of Mysterious Frost in the Northern Region were qualified to be the Mysterious Frost Holy Guards were at least at the peak of the great grandmaster realm. They were elites of man. Every one of them had bypa.s.sed the ranks to solely kill Demon Kings. For disciples in any sect in Northern Region, being a Mysterious Frost Holy Guard was the supreme glory.

In any sect, once there was a disciple qualified to be a Mysterious Frost Holy Guard, the sect's rank would soar in Northern Region and the sect would become an affiliate of the Holy Palace of Mysterious Frost. The care and support it received would instantly increase by numerous times. Even other sects with much greater strength did not dare to bully it.

Elder Chen's gaze swept everyone like a sharp saber. He said with his poker face. “Good. Since everyone's here. Let's open the s.p.a.ce gate and set off. But, before we do, there's one more important thing I need to inform you of…”

In the crowd, Fang Xiaoan had stayed silent; now, an expectant smile finally escaped from his face.

Supreme Emperor Of Swords Chapter 436

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