Supreme Emperor Of Swords Chapter 497

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Chapter 497 Whereabouts of the Last Two Pieces of the Map

Everyone focused on the green route in the air.

In the middle there was a green route that was as winding as a dragon or a snake; there were some mountains and rivers on both sides. They were lifelike just like a three-dimensional map. According to the proportion of the map, the actual distance of that route should be more than a thousand kilometers…

“Here… eh? I think I've seen that mountain!”

A companion behind “Young Master Tianyun” whispered.

That way, the general direction and location of the route could be made out.

However, because it was only one part of the route, everyone was still unsure about where the entrance was. The news previously spread stated with certainty that the mysterious site could only be found after following a complete route. Otherwise, even if they knew part of the route, they would not be able to find the final destination.

That was also one of the reasons why that Demon Royal dared to be first in releasing the map in his hand.

“Everyone, I have already shown my map. You should also show something, right?” The Demon Royal said with a flame glinting all over his body. He glanced at everyone.

“Well, we humans can't be looked down upon by the Demon Clan!”

Song Que laughed loudly and flipped his palm. A stone tablet flew out and was suspended in the void. After injecting Qi into it, a green trail immediately appeared on the stone tablet. It was very similar to the route displayed by the Demon Royal, making people feel as if they were getting somewhere.

However, those two routes were obviously not interconnected, each occupying a different area in the void.

Almost at the same time, the other supreme experts of the Human and Demon Clans also showed the stone tablets in their hands and projected a map through the void. Some of the routes were finally connected to each other, and the entire mysterious ancient path was gradually being completed.

In the end, three parts of the map were missing.

“We still lack the first part of the ancient road. Hurry up and take it out. If someone without map tries to fish in troubled waters and cheats us… Hehe, you won't be able to leave alive today!” The Demon Royal, Bu Tianjue, sneered and said.

The other forces that had displayed the map also showed their intense killing intent.

Some people focused on the rest of the forces that had yet to show their map pieces. One of them was a great demon force from the “Sun-devouring Demon Palace.” The leader of the clan was an expert at the half-step Demon Royal realm. His strength should be the lowest among all the demon experts. He called himself Sun-devouring Demon Royal. He was arrogant. It was he who had previously ridiculed Ding Hao.

The other one who had not yet shown the stone tablet map was the eldest of the Three Emperors of Ning Province” along with Ding Hao, and others.

“Can't leave alive? What a threatening tone. Hey, who can stop me if I want to leave?” said the “Sun-devouring Demon Royal” said and laughed. Then he turned to leave with his own forces.

“How dare you! That means you don't have a map in your hand at all. Have you been teasing us all the time?” The fat man, Song Que, instantly changed his face with his killing intent showing on his face.

“Hey, so what if I don't have a map? With the name ‘Sun-devouring Demon Royal' I'm qualified to appear on the altar of the alliance today…” He said arrogantly. Instead, he turned around and stopped, laughing wildly to the sky. “Haha, I've already seen these maps. Let Ding Hao, the guy from the Human Clan, take out his map!”

Song Que smiled coldly and turned his head to look at the other Demon Royal, Bu Tianjue, and the other six Demon Royals of those major forces. He said, “Everyone, what do you think?”

The Demon Royal Bu Tianjue had no expression on his face. He said, “Anyone who tricks us, kill!”

The other Demon Royals also sneered and did not make a sound.

That day's meeting was the result of the discussion of all parties. The Sun-devouring Demon Royal was really bold. He even dared to mess around to see the map and did not take the previous agreements of all the forces seriously. Even though they were members of the Demon Clan, they were also very angry.

“Since that's the case, I'll kill this dog who doesn't know what's good for it!”

Song Que nodded.

A powerful and invincible aura suddenly burst forth from his fat body, targeting the Sun-devouring Demon Royal. The latter felt his entire body become stiff and the Demon Aura in his body was instantly suppressed, hindering his Aura circulation. On his originally human-like body, patterns of white flowers grew slowly. That was the sign of decline of his strength after suppression.

This was the first time that Ding Hao had seen Song Que attack at full strength.

This fat man looked harmless and had a pair of big ears, which made him look funny. He was really mysterious, because the aura he usually showed was only at the peak of Great Grandmaster Realm. However, there seemed to be a very mysterious power in his body. Once it was activated, it would grow hundreds of times faster. At this time, his momentum was probably at the six-apertured Martial Emperor realm.

“You dare to attack me? Do you know how powerful I am?” Sun-devouring Demon Royal roared harshly.

The Sun-devouring Demon Royal of the Sun-devouring Demon Palace was a holy barking dog that gained the Dao. Legend had it that he had the power of devouring the sun and eating the moon. In the entire Northern Region, he was one of the most famous supreme demon experts. He was very protective of his juniors who were spoiled by him. This Sun-devouring Demon Royal had the purest bloodline among all the juniors and was also the favorite of the Sun-devouring Demon Father. He gained his strength by using various secret techniques. He was quite arrogant in his daily life, so he never thought that someone would dare to offend him.

“You have no idea of death!”

Song Que sneered. He raised his hand and a huge martial seal appeared in front of him. He was about to make a move…

“Wait a minute!” The Demon Royal Bu Tianjue seemed to have thought of something. He suddenly said, “Some people from the Human Clan haven't shown the stone tablet map yet. I think we'd better deal with it together after we figure out whether he has a map or not!”

The Demon Royal Bu Tianjue glanced at the eldest of the Three Emperors of Ning Province, then his eyes fell on Ding Hao.

Everyone understood what he meant.

“Yes, let the Saber and Sword Addict hand out the stone tablet map first.”

“Anyone without a map will die!”

The other Demon Royals from the Demon Clan also sneered sinisterly.

“Do you suspect that brother Ding doesn't have a map in his hand?” Song Que laughed and said, “What kind of person brother Ding is? How could he make up a number? What right does a cheap dog like this have to compare itself with my brother?”

Recently, Ding Hao had shown a great might.

That was because, among the dozens of forces that were qualified to stand on the altar, only four of them were humans. Humans were relatively at a disadvantage. He had to be condescending to maintain the Human Clan's momentum.

“It's useless to say so. Take out the map first, otherwise, you can't kill the Sun-devouring Demon Royal,” said Bu Tianjue resolutely. Although the Sun-devouring Demon Royal had violated the rules of the alliance and courted death, being a member of the Demon Clan, he didn't want for him to die at the hands of the Human Clan.

“That's right!”


The other Demon Royals echoed.

Song Que burst out laughing. Before his laughter died away, the bright martial seal in front of him suddenly exploded. Four or five streams of light shot out from the martial seal and flashed with the speed of lightning past the body of the Sun-devouring Demon Royal. The latter didn't even have time to scream before he exploded into a ma.s.s of blood with a loud bang and died. Even his divine soul had no time to escape…

“You?” the Demon Royal Bu Tianjue” was furious and said, “Song Que, what do you mean by this?”

Song Que burst out laughing and said, “The rule is that those who pretend to have the map will die. Since the dog was a fraud, it's natural for me to kill him. Then I'll deal with my brother Ding. If he doesn't have a map, I'll kill him myself.”

All of the Demon Royals were angry. The atmosphere had suddenly become extremely tense.

A terrifying demonic light like a burning sun rose from the Bu Tianjue's body. Everyone around felt suffocated and had difficulty to calm down. Obviously, the Demon Royal was venting his anger on Ding Hao. He said with killing intent, “Show the map quickly, or you will die!”

Under the pressure of the Demon Royal's aura, the eldest of the Three Emperors was on the verge of losing his balance and his face was pale.

Ding Hao smiled slightly and raised his hand to shoot out a silver light.

The cold air suddenly became strong and a stone tablet appeared. Its pattern was obvious, casting out three-dimensional images, which were exactly part of the ancient road. The map was vivid, giving people a feeling of being on the spot, and it automatically connected with the road that had been projected by another stone tablet.

Bu Tianjue gave a snort and had to let it go.

Since Ding Hao really had a piece of the map in his hand, there was no excuse for him to kill.

The death of the Sun-devouring Demon Royal could only be blamed on his own self-inflicted action. If he had not been too arrogant and spoiled rotten by the Heaven-devouring Demon Father, he wouldn't have made such a mistake. However, when the news spread out that Song Que killed the Sun-devouring Demon Royal, there would be a battle between the Blue Cloud Sect and the Sun-devouring Divine Palace sooner or later.

“Look, this is the location of the Highest Heaven city… This map is the starting point of the ancient road…” A Demon Royal found something and exclaimed. The route displayed by the stone tablet in Ding Hao's hand was the beginning of the ancient road to the mysterious ruins.

The others were also overjoyed.

The previous trick done by the Sun-devouring Demon Royal meant that in addition to the dead “Black Evil Lord” Ling s.h.i.+xiong, two out of eleven stone tablets had yet to appear. If the missing map was the first section of the ancient road, it meant that no one would be able to set foot on the ancient road ever. Fortunately, Ding Hao's map was the first part, which made the situation much better.

They still lacked the last two pieces of the map.

“Ling s.h.i.+xiong is dead. Who grabbed his map?” someone asked.

Everyone's eyes fell on Ding Hao.

After all, it was Ding Hao who killed Ling s.h.i.+ Xiong that day and he was the biggest suspect. The stone tablet map most likely fell into Ding Hao's hands.


“I don't know.” Ding Hao firmly denied. “Everyone witnessed the battle with their own eyes. I had no chance to take out the map from his body.”

The crowd thought about it; it seemed that this was the case.

If that was the case, who had the map that was previously in Ling s.h.i.+ Xiong's hands? In fact, some people also thought of this question. Ling s.h.i.+ Xiong's body had been searched by all the forces, but they didn't get the stone tablet. Was the “Black Evil Lord” also making up the numbers?

“I have a piece of map here…”

A crisp and melodious female voice was suddenly heard from below the altar.

Supreme Emperor Of Swords Chapter 497

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