Supreme Emperor of Swords Chapter 767 - So It's Him

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Chapter 767 So It’s Him

This battle had given them too much of a shock.

In particular, the power displayed by the Heavenly Samsara Disc seemed to be above those of the G.o.d-suppressing Seal and the Sand of Time. Ding Hao seemed to have completely mastered that artifact. Even experts like Chu Kuangtu, the Shadow of Destruction, had been defeated. If Ding Hao had only shown his terrifying potential before, he was now considered a true master whose power could not be underestimated.

Moreover, Ding Hao had saved thousands of experts of the two clans in this battle. They were now honor-bound to help him. In an era when experts always kept their promises, they would const.i.tute a terrifying force. Even the super sects of the Divine Central Continent would not dare underestimate them.

In the twinkling of an eye, more and more people had left.

Even the Demon Clan experts had left behind their tokens. Many Human Clan experts who were grateful to Ding Hao had also left their tokens. If any help was required, Ding Hao or his descendants would only need to visit them with their tokens.

After surviving this calamity, every expert of the two clans wanted to leave this nightmarish place as quickly as possible.

In the end, only Ding Hao and the bronze-skinned middle-aged Martial Sage were left.

Ding Hao looked at the powerful Martial Sage of the Human Clan and suddenly smiled. “By the way, where are the white tigress and her two cubs?”

The bronze-skinned Martial Sage was stunned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Stop pretending, old fellow.” Ding Hao smiled contemptuously and said, “I know who you are even if you turn into ashes. Uncle Tianshu, reveal yourself!”

“I don’t understand you. Did you mistake me for someone else…” The bronze-skinned Martial Sage shook his head.

“Are you addicted to disguise?” Ding Hao sneered and stretched out his hand to grab the middle-aged Martial Sage’s black beard.

“Hey, stop it!… If you do that again, I’ll scream. Alright, lad… d*mmit, I give up. Can’t I admit now, huh?” The middle-aged Martial Sage was furious at first, and then helpless. In the end, he could only admit to his true ident.i.ty.

The muscles on his face wiggled weirdly. His appearance began to change, and his bronze skin began to fade away. The three strands of long black beard slowly sank back into his chin like water inhaled by a whale.

It was a brilliant disguise, almost as good as the Monkey King’s 72 transformations.

Ding Hao had seen Tianshu, the coa.r.s.e-looking old man, transform himself into Xiaoyaozi. But this time, Tianshu was even more heavily disguised. He almost fooled Ding Hao too!

In the blink of an eye, that tall middle-aged man had turned into a thin, coa.r.s.e-looking old man, wearing a hilariously oversized robe.

“Well, you certainly look more pleasing to the eye now.” Ding Hao nodded with satisfaction.

“You rotten brat, how did you see through my disguise?” Uncle Tianshu was puzzled. His disguise was perfect, yet he had been discovered. He did not know how Ding Hao saw through it.

“Hehe, I can sense that vulgarity in your bones.” Ding Hao looked complacent.

In fact, Ding Hao had not recognized him at first.

The aura of the middle-aged Martial Sage was so different from Tianshu’s. But when he fought Chu Kuangtu, the Shadow of Destruction, he managed to resist that man’s Netherworld Transfer with black light from his sleeve. Ding Hao found that black light a little familiar. Then he suddenly realized that it was the black pot of that coa.r.s.e-looking old man, Tianshu. Although he had tried to cover it up by altering its appearance a little, Ding Hao’s keen Mind Essential still managed to recognize it.

“D*mmit, you win! You can even see through my perfect disguise.” Uncle Tianshu had put on a more fitting set of clothes. He took out his black pot and pulled out the white tigress and her two cubs.


Ding Hao was surprised.

The white tigress had changed a lot. Her imposing aura was now even more horrible. It had reached the Demon Emperor Realm, which was many times stronger than it once was. Even her two cubs, still not fully mature, were surging with powerful auras.

Even more incredibly, Ding Hao could feel their pedigree becoming even purer, which implied a greater potential. If they could further purify their bloodlines, they might even evolve into divine white tigers.

It was quite an incredible change.

“Hehe, you can see it too? These three fellas have had a great adventure and managed to evolve their bloodlines. Haha, their potential is limitless.” Uncle Tianshu was complacent. Then he remembered something and put on a fierce face, “Rotten brat, don’t you dare fight with me over them. They’re all mine! We have developed feelings for each other.”

Ding Hao did not know what to say.

“Develop feelings for each other? Do you mean you have zoophilia? Old man, you’re such a pervert!” Ding Hao pretended to puke.

“Hey…” Uncle Tianshu was so angry that he almost had a blackout. “We’re in a chaste master-pet relations.h.i.+p, alright? When I first met you, you were a simple and cheerful boy. When did you turn so hypocritically? You’re really corrupt now. My heart aches for you!”

Ding Hao chuckled.

He wanted to try abducting these three white tigers who might evolve into divine beasts. However, seeing Uncle Tianshu’s reaction, it was unlikely that he would succeed. When he remembered that unreliable fat cat, the premature black puppy, and that narcissistic Primeval Fairy b.u.t.terfly, he realized that he could not take any more pets, and so gave up the idea.

He released Evil Moon, the black puppy, and Xiaodie from his storage s.p.a.ce.

“Meow? Vulgar old man? You aren’t dead yet?” Evil Moon’s eyes lit up when it saw Uncle Tianshu. It jumped on his shoulder, put its arms around them, and asked tentatively, “Did you have any adventures? Own up and be generous to your friends. If you found any mysterious crystals, Divine Artifacts, or Holy Weapons, please share them with us!”

“Get lost. I got nothing.” Uncle Tianshu pretended not to know this fat cat.

“F*ck, don’t be such a Scrooge, or we can’t have fun anymore!” Evil Moon was furious. “Have you forgotten we were partners in crime?”

Uncle Tianshu said with a wry smile, “I really didn’t find anything good, and was almost hacked into pieces by the ghoul army. But these three fellas were lucky.” Uncle Tianshu pointed at the three white tigers and said, “If I had known that earlier, I wouldn’t have brought them along with me…”

“Meow? Really? Oh, their bloodlines have evolved! Meow, haha, they now look so tasty. I have never eaten divine beasts of such pure pedigree. Should I roast them or boil them…?” Evil Moon saw the three white tigers and instantly sensed their changes. Its mouth drooled like a waterfall.

The three white tigers instantly sensed the danger. The big white tigress roared in a low voice, the white hairs on her body standing like steel needles. The two white cubs trembled and hid in their mother’s bosom…

“Woof, woof!”

The black puppy jumped out, bit Evil Moon’s tail, and dragged the fat cat away.

“Hey, Blackie, don’t bite my tail. Stop biting me, or I’ll get angry! Don’t bite… meow, I admit defeat. Can’t you show me some respect? You’re my pet… Huh? Alright, I won’t eat them! Will that do?” Evil Moon finally compromised, wincing.

The black puppy seemed to be its natural nemesis. It opened its mouth and bit Evil Moon’s tail. Despite Evil Moon’s great power, it could do nothing. And no matter how Evil Moon tried to dodge, the black puppy would always quickly bite its tail.

Evil Moon was dragged many dozen meters away before the black puppy released its tail. The black puppy then scampered to the white tigress and her cubs, barking at them intimately.

The black puppy was innocent and friendly and had a good relations.h.i.+p with the white tigress and her cubs.

“I’m breaking up with you for good!” Evil Moon was furious.

The black puppy came to Evil Moon again and licked Evil Moon’s face with its pink tongue. Evil Moon looked helpless and took a few steps back. “Well, I give up. We can still be friends, but please stop licking me…”

“Woof, woof!”

The black puppy nodded with satisfaction.

The little fellow turned to look at Uncle Tianshu again.

Uncle Tianshu was shocked and said hurriedly, “Why are you staring at me? I promise not to eat dog meat hot pot again, alright?”

Uncle Tianshu was really scared of the black puppy. He was afraid that it would bite his heel again. It would be both humiliating and painful!

Seeing this scene, Ding Hao burst out laughing.

Uncle Tianshu started again. He opened his eyes wide and looked at the little b.u.t.terfly on Ding Hao’s forehead. He drooled without realizing it himself and asked in a trembling voice, “Is… is that Primeval Fairy b.u.t.terfly? How could there be a Primeval Fairy b.u.t.terfly still alive? Where did you find it?”

“There are many in the fairy woods outside the Final Divine Palace. Hehe, Xiaodie is the Queen of the Fairy b.u.t.terflies. She has already accepted me as her master!” Ding Hao flaunted her deliberately.

“I… I really feel like swearing.” Uncle Tianshu slapped his thigh and pointed to the sky, ranting, “G.o.d, are you blind? I’m so upright, brilliant, and handsome, yet I can’t even make it into the Final Divine Temple! This guy was just roaming around and managed to find a Divine Artifact. You even let this Fairy b.u.t.terfly acknowledge him as her master. I’m going to file a protest…”

“Old fellow, you’re shameless. You’re far inferior to my human pet.” The scheming Demon King Evil Moon was mercilessly attacking Tianshu.

“Xiaodie, think it over seriously and let me be your master. Look, I’m powerful, kind, steady, and pure-hearted…” Uncle Tianshu ignored Evil Moon and tried seducing and pestering Xiaodie. “Honestly, Xiaodie, your future will be much brighter with me as your master, instead of this poor lad…”

Xiaodie flew a circle in the air and did not even look at Uncle Tianshu.

Uncle Tianshu, who had been ignored again, was upset. He fumed. “D*mn you, I’ll take up another hobby from now on: collecting b.u.t.terfly specimens!”

Supreme Emperor of Swords Chapter 767 - So It's Him

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