Starship Commander Trapped In A Fantasy World 163 Incident At The Magic Academy 5

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"You! Get up!"


How many times had that happened so far? Mai had no idea. When she woke up the last thing she remembered was going to the exam with her friends, after that everything was hazy. Next thing she knew, Mai was inside a darkened cla.s.sroom filled with confused students and teachers like herself. Of the few things she had learned from other students (some of them covered in blood) the academy had been taken over by some hostile force, and that everyone that the captors dragged away never returned.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"NOOO!! Not m!-"

Without warning the teacher was cut short by an ear shattering sound as most students near her started screaming in horror. 

(No! Nononononono!-)

WIthout a way to cope, Mai blocked her ears as she crammed herself together and let out a soundless scream as her mind went into a downward spiral. 


Until she felt a hand on her head as a calm voice that seemed to have cut through her panic, looking up in the dark cla.s.sroom Mai recognized two bright chestnut brown eyes that looked calmly at her in the dark.


Seeming like a saint in h.e.l.l Mare spread out her hand and embraced Mai, as she kept a calm expression. Slightly more calm Mai noticed Mare was also helping another cla.s.smate stay calm as she recognized a panicked Anna also in her embrace.

"It'll be fine, stay calm. Keep down."

Having calmed down her friend Mare took inventory of her current situation.

(6 guards rotating steadily equipped with rifles they don't really know how to use… What's more problematic is that Venessa is missing and they keep taking people for something.)

Having her thoughts cut short Mare's ears twitched as she picked up sounds from outside, sounding like popcorn popping.

(Not gunfire, but something else…)

Slightly perplexed by the strange sound Mare still kept her attention on the surroundings as she grasped the small parcel Lux had given her in the morning.

(You better still be alive, all of you.)

While continuing to calm down Mai and Anna Mare kept vigilant as the night slowly crept over the silent academy.


"You! Get up!"

"... Okay."

(I knew it.)

In the middle of the night it was time for another 'voluntary' from among the hostages, but this time the person was willing. That came as a great surprise to Mai, how saw her friend willingly walk towards what was most likely certain death.


But her protest was cut short by Mare that turned to her with a cold look in her eyes.

"Don't f.u.c.king touch me, dirty human."


In response to Mai calling her name, Mare seemed to flare with anger as she struck her friend in the face with a closed fist.

"Don't f.u.c.king utter my name. Just stay here and f.u.c.king cry yourself to sleep."

Displaying full out cold bloodl.u.s.t, Mare parted the scared students and teachers as she walked over to the elvers. 

"Let's go, I have found my peace."

"Sure, this way."

With a slight hint of surprise on his face the elver lowered his rifle slightly as he lead the way out of the cramped cla.s.sroom where another guard joined Mare and walked behind her, weapon raised. 

(Just a bit further….)

Walking down the darkened hallway Mare's eyes seemed to glow in the dark as her mind entered overdrive. Every detail about her environment she took into account, every sound her opponents were making, their patterns of breathing, how they held their weapons they were clearly not that familiar with, everything was taken into account as Lux's teachings echoed in her mind. After walking a few meters from the cla.s.sroom Mare quietly kicked her shoes off her feet as she kept walking in her socks between the two elvers, the rear one noticed that first and was confused for a split second.


Not producing a single sound, Mare turned around and sprinted at the rear elver as she drew what she had been concealing under her skirt. The result was instant. The elver didn't even utter a single sound as he drowned in his own blood after Mare ruthlessly slit his throat with a dull black knife. As the dying elver looked at Mare with panic as he fruitlessly tried to stop the blood from streaming out his neck Mare took away his rifle and laid it down carefully on the floor as she guided him to his knees. A few seconds later the elver walking in front noticed something was wrong and turned around to see his comrade on his knees dying, while Mare was nowhere to be seen. 


Right as he was about to scream for alarm the experienced elven warrior felt something behind him, and turned around to have his rifle kicked away as the beastkin child he had been escording rushed at him with a knife. Guarding with his hands in a panic the elver had his left hand priced by the blade as he was knocked to the floor, as he tried to scream for help a small fist found its way to his throat, stopping the words from forming. Having stunned and disarmed her opponent Mare mounted the tras.h.i.+ng elver as she laid her weight on top of the knife that was still impaled through the elvers hand and forced it towards his neck as she blocked his right hand from moving with her knee. As the knife got closer and closer to his neck the elver started panicking again and tried to raise his voice again, but once more Mare punched him in the neck without mercy as she continued forcing her knife towards the jugular while she looked him in the eye with a blank expression. 

"Find your peace."

Almost whispering to the elver Mare's voice held not trace or anger or hatred, it truly seemed like she thought nothing of killing another person behind her cold and blank eyes. Struggling and thras.h.i.+ng around the elver gradually started to realize that he was going to die as tears formed in the corner of his eyes and started trying to beg for mercy, but every attempt at talking was blocked by Mare that kept him from speaking. 

"Go in peace."

With an unexpected maneuver Mare punched the elvers elbow, forcing it to bend and making her knife find a new temporary home in the elvers throat. Looking at the elvers face while she was sprayed with his blood Mare maintained her complete lack of expression and cold eyes, only retrieving her knife when she was sure that her second victim of the night was completely dead.

Starship Commander Trapped In A Fantasy World 163 Incident At The Magic Academy 5

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