Almighty Game Designer Chapter 19

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In Chen Mo's plan, he is mainly considering pc games and mobile games, and won't consider browser games.

The browser games have become pretty popular and promising in his previous life, but the biggest problem is that the browser game is only popular in a specific environment, among a specific group of players, its success is short-lived and it is difficult to replicate.

In Chen Mo's previous life, the browser games have been popular only for three to five years, and it quickly declined and was replaced by mobile games. In the very short period of time, mobile games have changed from a poor-quality to high-quality, and the speed is accelerating.

Browser games are cost-effective indeed, but if there is no player group then it's nothing.

What kind of players are the player in this world?

There are a lot of large-scale VR games, the quality of virtual games is higher than that of Chen Mo's previous life's 3A masterpiece. For this group of people, do you give them a browser game?

Do you want to "Click and get a free precious dragon-killer sword"?

Then you would probably lost lots of money.

In fact, for Chen Mo, the mobile game is the evolution of browser games, which completely suppressed the browser games in all aspects.

On the convenience of browser games, when you go to work, you have to worry about closing the webpage. On the mobile game you can play it at any time, if the leader comes, you can just put the phone on the table.

In terms of pictures, browser game is limited with how it was made. It is necessary to constantly load resources, and often the picture loading is incomplete, which greatly affects gaming experience.

In terms of gameplay, mobile games basically followed these cla.s.sic gameplays of browser games. And there are many new ways of playing with the continuous process of development.

Therefore, the browser game is basically a type of game that has been completely replaced by mobile game. If Chen Mo were to develop a browser game then his brain must have been kicked by a donkey.

Chen Mo thought for a long time, his first game in the truest sense is still a cla.s.sic casual game of the past: 《Plants vs Zombies》

This is not the most profitable option, but it is the safest and longest option.

What does Chen Mo need most now?

Money? He needs it very much, but it isn't what he need the most.

He now mostly needs fame.

Chen Mo's first game choice, 《Plants vs Zombies》 is mainly considered in three aspects.

First, the game's resources are not large, the installation package is only about 100MB, and the amount of resources can be controlled within 300MB. (The game's installation package is generally compressed, it does not represent the actual amount of resources.)

Moreover, the value setting of this game and level design is relatively clear, and with Chen Mo's current numerical ability and level ability, it is possible to control it.

In art and music, the main difficulty lies in the composition, but it is more like Chen Mo is copying it, so it isn't too difficult.

Therefore, this is a relatively controllable game for Chen Mo.

Second, Chen Mo needs fame and public praise. It is really good to make a money charging game, but it's hard to make it popular, and there is a big chance he will get criticized.

The first game, Chen Mo wants to do is a national-level game that will let as many players as possible to see Thunder Games logo, and let them know the game designer, Chen Mo.

It's a long-term goal to make all players know him, but he has to plan it from the first game.

Third, 《Plants vs Zombies》 seems simple, in fact, it is a very comprehensive game, especially its excellent game strategies, it is a long-lasting playable game.

He estimated that it takes about 3 months to develop the game. Every game of Chen Mo should be played for at least one month, from this point of view, 《Plants vs Zombies》 won over a large number of single casual games.

Moreover, the game can be released simultaneously on PCs and mobile phones, and dual-end data interchange isn't a problem.

In the end, Chen Mo finalized the first game of Thunder Interactive Entertainment, 《Plants vs Zombies》!

Chen Mo stood up and walked in the experience shop.

Taking a short break for ten minutes, then start the formal research and development.

Chen Mo did not use the memory playback potion immediately, the potion is only effective for four hours, he had to work hard recalling the big frame of the whole game, the potion will be used to recall the parts that he couldn't remember.

The first is to write the design doc.u.ment, and then fill in the basic rules of the game into the Fantasy Editor, the editor will then generate the basic framework of the game.

Chen Mo wrote the design doc.u.ment very quickly in his previous life, basically 1~2 times the speed of other designers, more than 10,000 words of system design draft, idea conception, drawing prototype, smoothing logic, and finally writing, basically it will be completed within 5~7 working days.

Moreover, this also includes consideration and modification time.

Of course, depending on the structure of the game, the number of design doc.u.ments will be different. Generally speaking, even middle-level mobile game must have at least 20~30 design doc.u.ments, which are large or small, involving different operating system.

As for the various schedules and resource requirements tables, there will be more, and a large part will not be seen in the game.

When writing design doc.u.ments, you will spend most of the time thinking, considering between different design options. However, the settings of 《Plants vs Zombies》 is already very complete, and Chen Mo does not want to make any changes, so he wrote it very quickly.

Layout interface, combat system, level settings, plant types, zombie types, special gameplay… Soon, there is a big framework on the design doc.u.ments.

Then, Chen Mo began to find free resources in the editor, and then use his own limited resources to download.

The art resources, in order to make this game reproduce the original work to the greatest extent, Chen Mo must personally hand draw and check it himself.

These free resources are just alternative resources, and are subst.i.tutes for development without affecting the development progress. When the game is almost finished, Chen Mo will replace all of these art resources.

There are actually a lot of art materials for the green fields, plants, zombies and similar elements, but only a small part of them can be barely used, and the style of drawing is even more strange, but anyway, it is an alternative resource, he just need to make use of it.

It took Chen Mo three days just writing the big framework of the design doc.u.ments and looking for art materials.

During this time, the establishment of the company was approved, and the "Thunder Interactive Entertainment" was formally established. Chen Mo's t.i.tle on Weibo and the editor also added one more, the founder of Thunder Interactive Entertainment.

Of course, the current t.i.tle is just like a bubble, because there is nothing in the company and it is only an empty sh.e.l.l.

According to Chen Mo's plan, Thunder Interactive Entertainment may have multiple branches, such as Thunder Games, Thunder Literature, Thunder Anime, Thunder Movies, etc…

Of course, this is just some strategic planning, he would do it when he has the chance, but if he doesn't then he wouldn't do it. Chen Mo's own idea is to dig deep into the field of gaming, as for other things such as literature, animations, etc. these are indeed a great help in games, but this isn't Chen Mo's main direction.

The company name and logo have been confirmed, Chen Mo called the compet.i.tion staff and asked them to help create the signboard of the experience shop.

The efficiency over there is also very fast, the signboard will be available in two days, there will be a special person to install it in the main entrance of the experience shop.

There are several art characters on the signboard: "Thunder Game Experience Shop", next to the logo of Thunder Interactive Entertainment. Chen Mo looked at it and the effect is quite satisfactory.

After finis.h.i.+ng these things, Chen Mo continued to lock himself up in the studio, sorting out the framework of the design doc.u.ments, and replacing the art resources.

It took another day to finally complete the big framework for the design doc.u.ments, and he also manage to find 67% of the art resources.

Almighty Game Designer Chapter 19

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