Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 455 - Yunjia's Funeral Pt. 1

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Chapter 455 Yunjia’s Funeral Pt. 1

The news of Song Yunjia’s death spread all over Yuncheng.

On the first night of Song Yunjia’s death, Shao Tianze woke up from a nightmare at midnight.

The cold sweat all over him and the panic in his eyes even startled Gu Changle, who turned on the light to comfort him.

Gu Changle quickly wiped the sweat on his forehead with her pajamas, asking, “You dreamt of that b.i.t.c.h?”

Undoubtedly, the b.i.t.c.h she mentioned was Song Yunjia.

Shao Tianze nodded, replying, “I dreamt of the look in her eyes while she was striking her head against the wall.”

Shao Tianze felt that he couldn’t describe the look in Song Yunjia’s eyes while she was striking her head against the wall in detail.

Nevertheless, his blood still froze at the thought of it.

Gu Changle had already been over the moon because of Song Yunjia’s death. Even though she couldn’t show it at the moment, she had already had hope for the future.

Because no one could fight against her to look forward to Shao Tianze’s love from now on.

If there had been one, Shao Xue would have been the only rival in love.

But she believed that she could eradicate Shao Xue without any difficulty as she had been able to get rid of Song Yunjia.

She gently wiped off the sweat on Shao Tianze’s forehead, and then she got out of bed to pour him a gla.s.s of water.

“Have some water.”

Shao Tianze took the gla.s.s from Gu Changle’s hand. After only taking one mouthful of it, he returned the gla.s.s to Gu Changle, asking her, “Do you think Yunjia’s ghost will haunt me?”

Gu Changle chuckled, “Tianze, don’t be silly. There’s nothing left when someone dies. Ghosts are made up.”

She didn’t believe that people would turn into devils and returned to seek revenge after death.

If they could have really become devils after death and returned to seek revenge, wouldn’t the sinners in the world have all been killed by those devils?

“How could there be ghosts in the world? If there are really some, we should have been haunted by Gu Changge’s ghost already.”

Gu Changle’s words slightly stupefied Shao Tianze. Then he suddenly said, “Perhaps Gu Changge has already come.”

“There, there. Don’t you know Song Yunjia? Even though she died, she still frightens people. What’s the need to listen to her nonsense? Go to sleep when you’ve calmed down.”

Gu Changle was thinking about how to enter the Shao enterprise and contacting the seniors step by step.

So she wanted to go to sleep now.

However, after she lay down, Shao Tianze still sat on the bed.

She turned to take a look at Shao Tianze and found that he was rubbing his temples with his fingers and frowning under the lamplight.

Shao Tianze was directly related to Song Yunjia’s death.

She knew it. After all, when Shao Tianze came back covered in blood, she was so scared that she almost fainted.

But he remained silent no matter what Gu Changle asked him.

After he had calmed down, he suddenly said to her, “Yunjia is dead.”

Just these few words made Gu Changle stupefied.

She asked subconsciously, “You did it?”

Neither did he shake his head or nod, let alone say anything.

Since he acted like this, Gu Changle naturally a.s.sumed that Song Yunjia was killed by him.

She feared that the servants would see the blood. Therefore, she quickly took him to the bathroom and let him take a bath. Then she quickly packed the blood-stained clothes and threw them away.

She wanted so much to know how Song Yunjia was killed. She wanted to know whether she was stabbed or pushed down from the top of a tall building.

However, no matter how hard she tried, Shao Tianze still remained silent. He didn’t want to tell the process to her in detail at all.

In fact, it didn’t bother her.

What she cared about was just a result. Now that the goal was reached, the process meant nothing to her.

She began to think about things happening in the day and left Shao Tianze alone.

After a short moment of silence, Shao Tianze lay back onto the bed.

Gu Changle felt it, but she didn’t make any move.

Her mind was wholly taken up by the Shao enterprise. Thus she naturally didn’t pay attention to Shao Tianze.

Yet after Shao Tianze lay down, he rested his hand on Gu Changle’s waist.

Feeling that Shao Tianze’s fingers rested on her waist, Gu Changle felt somewhat happy.

Then she felt that Shao Tianze’s arm retreated, and he pulled her whole into his arms.

Shao Tianze’s chin rested in the fossa of her neck. He gently asked her, “Changle.”

Hearing that, Gu Changle slightly turned her head and asked him as she could not just remain silent, “Yes?”

“Will you attend Yunjia’s funeral?”

Hearing the question, Gu Changle curled up her lips and gave him a smile, “No matter what, I’ve known Yunjia for over ten years. I will surely attend her funeral.”

Now she feared nothing as Song Yunjia had already died and no one in the world would fight against her for Shao Tianze.

Her fingers rested on Shao Tianze’s, which were on her waist, and she comforted him gently, “Tianze, no one can threaten us by anything in the future. We don’t need to be afraid of anyone anymore.”


Shao Tianze replied softly.

Then he slowly closed his eyes.

Gu Changle was in a good mood. After saying this, she turned around and held Shao Tianze in her arms. Then she rubbed her face in his arms gently.

As soon as Shao Tianze closed his eyes, he recalled Song Yunjia’s look before she died.

She looked pale. In her eyes lay nothing but him.

Her question echoed in his ears over and over again.

She said, “You hired those men who hurt me, right?”

“Why did you do this?”

“I have been thinking about you for all these years. Why did you want to hurt me?”

“I just want to be with you. I love you more than Gu Changle. Why did you hurt me?”

“Shao Tianze, do you have a conscience? Do you!?”

She begged and questioned shamelessly and scolded bitterly.

However, no matter what her att.i.tude was, she turned into a corpse in the end.

A corpse that could never talk.

He closed his eyes and tried hard to get rid of the scenes that constantly appeared in front of his eyes.

However, Song Yunjia, in his dream, was as stubborn as a devil that refused to leave. She asked him time and time again.


“Why? Why did you hurt me, Tianze?”

“Tianze, I love you so much. Why did you hurt me?”

“You killed me. You are the one who killed me!”

He shook his head in his dream, explaining, “No… No… Not me, Yunjia. Not me…”

He repeatedly said that he wasn’t the one who killed her unconsciously.

However, the voice that haunted him in his dream refused to disappear.

Shao Tianze didn’t wake up until someone shook his shoulder and shouted at him, “Tianze? Tianze, wake up!”

It was Gu Changle’s voice.

Realizing that it was Gu Changle’s voice, Shao Tianze gradually came to himself. Then he slowly opened his eyes when she shook him strongly.

Seeing that Shao Tianze opened his eyes, Gu Changle felt relieved.

She wiped the sweat on Shao Tianze’s head, smoothed the hair on his forehead away, and comforted him gently, “There, there. Song Yunjia will soon be laid to rest. Don’t be afraid anymore.”

Shao Tianze heard Gu Changle’s words as soon as he opened his eyes, so he promptly frowned and looked askance at her, asking, “What do you mean by that?”

“The Song Family announced early this morning that they would take Song Yunjia’s body back for cremation and then bury her.”

Shao Tianze sat up from the bed. Though he felt strange in his heart, he didn’t tell the whole story to Gu Changle. He just asked, “Why did they make such a quick decision?”

“I also feel strange. But it proves that you’ve done a good job in covering up all the evidence. The police have concluded that Song Yunjia committed suicide instead of being murdered by anyone. Song Yunxuan bought it, and she naturally wants to take the corpse back and bury it properly.”

Shao Tianze puckered up his brows, and his eyes got dark.

Before Song Yunjia died, he and Song Yunjia had a little dispute. It didn’t attract any attention.

But he did grab Song Yunjia’s nape and collar.

If Song Yunxuan had been careful enough, she would have found it when examining Song Yunjia’s body.

Song Yunxuan had skills of her own. If she had really found it out, she would have found out more doubtful points, asked forensic experts to dissect Song Yunjia’s body, and continued investigating.

But now Song Yunjia decided to hold a funeral for Song Yunjia so quickly. Was it really because she hadn’t found out anything?

He frowned and dropping his head, pondering.

Meanwhile, Gu Changle got out of the bed and drew back the curtain, letting the suns.h.i.+ne pour down through the window.

When the suns.h.i.+ne shone on Shao Tianze, he felt it was a little dazzling.

He raised his hand to block his eyes, saying, “Close the curtain.”

Gu Changle wore a mild smile, “Why? Suns.h.i.+ne is good for you. Besides, all the ghosts will disappear in the sun. If the b.i.t.c.h really comes to seek revenge, I’ll let her die for good.”

Hearing that Gu Changle said the words so excitedly, Shao Tianze’s eyes fell on Gu Changle’s face.

Feeling that he was looking at her, Gu Changle walked over to him, sat gently on the bed, and looked at Shao Tianze, asking him, “Do you need me to protect you?”

“I am male, and you are female. I should protect you.”

Hearing this, Gu Changle lowered her eyes and smiled gently. Then she rested her fingers on the back of his hand, saying, “But I also want to protect your love for me.”

“Don’t worry. You are the only one I love, no matter what happens.”

“I will get older and older, and I won’t be as beautiful as I am now. When I’m impaired, there will be young and beautiful girls around you.”

“No matter who chases me, you will always be the only one I love.”

Gu Changle pressed her lips, feeling worried, “Then promise me.”

“I promise.”

“And prove it to me.”

“I will.” He would satisfy her every single need unconditionally.

But Gu Changle continued, “I want to watch over you, or I will be worried.”

“Watch over me?” he asked in reply.

Gu Changle nodded seriously, “I want to enter the Shao enterprise to be your a.s.sistant to watch over you and keep those coquettish s.l.u.ts away from you.”

Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 455 - Yunjia's Funeral Pt. 1

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