Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 678 - A Great Decline

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Chapter 678 A Great Decline

Hearing Jin Tian out, Shao Tianze called the directors of the other two departments to come to his office.

Naturally, three of them got scolded.

They suffered in aggrievement. Whenever they tried to explain, they swallowed whatever they were about to say in front of Shao Tianze’s green face.

After they went out, they began to complain in a low voice.

“It’s said that Shao’s wages and benefits were really good. Look how it has changed now!”

The director of the R&D Department said.

The director of the Promotion Department sneered, “You’re talking about Gu’s a year ago.”

He shut the director of the R&D Department and Jin Tian up in an instant.

“Days are gone. Shao’s is greatly reduced. It did not compare with Gu’s in the past at all.”

He wasn’t being straightforward. But it was clear that he was criticizing Shao Tianze for running the company not as well as Gu Changge.

Jin Tian was recruited by Shao Tianze. Although he also felt pitiful that he was not employed in Gu’s by Gu Changge, he knew he couldn’t say it out loud.

When the other two directors sighed and fell silent, Jin Tian tried to console them, “We need to look forward. We work for the Shao enterprise now. Work harder and pull our weight. Shao’s is still one of the top companies in this industry.”

It sounded positive.

But the other two directors sneered at it.

The director of the R&D Department said, “Not everyone is as capable as Gu Changge. The Shao’s is experiencing a rapid decline. The Song Family and the Lu Family are squeezing its profit margin. It’s always easy to say than do.”

The director of the Promotion Department said, “The available promotion fund alone is much less than the time when Gu Changge was in charge. With less fund, how can we achieve the same effect as before?”

The other two directors shook their heads and sighed while talking.

Jin Tian was about to say more, but they did not want to hear. They headed towards their own departments.

Jin Tian could only return to his department with a report, frowned.

Shao Tianze’s office was quiet. A photo of Shao Tianze and Gu Changge was placed on his desk.

It was part of the play. Shao Tianze was cool with the picture before, but he felt it irony at this moment.

Gu Changge was always a legend in Gu’s. Even if it had become Shao’s, it was still Gu’s that belonged to Gu Changge in many people’s hearts.

He had been compared with her all the time.

If he had not done good enough or the Shao’s declined, he would be judged that he was not as good as Gu Changge.

His wife was stronger than him when she was alive.

So was she after she died.

Shao Tianze had never liked that.

He gently rubbed his temples. Then he took his mobile and made a call to Gu Changle.

Seeing it was Shao Tianze calling, Gu Changle picked it up immediately, “Tianze, when will you be here?”

The day of operation was about to come.

Gu Changle was excited.

Shao Tianze could feel it through the phone.

He asked her, “How are you feeling today?”

“Very well. Tan Yi said that I could have the operation any time.”

A new heart would support her body and keep her alive. No matter how Shao Tianze saw it, it was really a delight.

Thanks to that, Gu Changle was in a calm mood.

She asked Shao Tianze, “Are you busy at work?”

If he was not busy, she hoped that Shao Tianze could be with her.

She really wanted him to be her around right now.

Thinking that he had just reprimanded the directors of three departments, Shao Tianze answered gloomily, “There’s still much to do. I can’t go see you for a while. I’ll come when I’m done.”

Gu Changle nodded, “Tianze, you’re not alone. I’m here for you. Don’t push yourself too hard.”

The Shao enterprise was not what it used to be. The Song Family and the Lu Family were gunning for it. Gu Changle was clear about what Shao Tianze was upset about.

However, she knew little about the Shao enterprise. Due to her physical condition, even if she wanted to pay attention to it, she couldn’t.

All she could do was focusing on the recovery of her health.

Shao Tianze said, “Changle, don’t worry about me. As long as you can recover, I can handle everything.”

Hearing this, Gu Changle relived a lot.

Shao Tianze was busy, so he didn’t say much.

He continued, “I need to go. Talk to you later at the hospital.”

Gu Changle nodded and said bye to him. Then she hung up the phone.

After hanging up, Gu Changle narrowed her eyes and placed her mobile phone aside.

She had always wanted to take a good look at the Shao enterprise and to become an influential woman in the business world just like Gu Changge.

Gu Changge was cultivated by Gu Cheng as a respected and independent woman. So could she.

In the past, she couldn’t enter the core department of the Shao’s because she was sick. Now she was going to have an operation. When it was finished, she would work at Shao’s.

At that time, she would help Shao Tianze at work. The Shao enterprise would get better and better.

Thinking about this, Gu Changle felt a lot better.

After visiting Song Yunying, Song Yunxuan visited Xue Tao as Song Yunying suggested.

However, she didn’t come to his ward on the same day. She visited him a few days later.

The winter was coming. It was getting colder and colder outside.

To maintain a public image of an affectionate couple, Lu Feng came with Song Yunxuan at the appointed time to visit Xue Tao.

He insisted to visit his future brother-in-law.

Seeing Song Yunxuan was a headache for Xue Tao, let alone Lu Feng came along, too.

However, Xue Tao knew what Song Yunxuan was capable to do. He dared not to say anything disrespectful. When they came in, Xue Tao greeted them in the bed.

Song Yunxuan sat on the chair beside the bed and asked Xue Tao, “Are you feeling better recently?”

Xue Tao hated her so much, but he dared not to express it. He could only nod without much emotion.

Seeing him nodding, Song Yunxuan said with a smile, “Good. I am afraid that you have been lying in the hospital too long and become addicted to it. That’s why you’re not willing to go home.”

Hearing this, Xue Tao frowned, looking confused.

Song Yunxuan said with a smile, “My sister is your wife. No matter what happened before, you will spend the rest of your life with her. I heard from her that she often came here, but you seemed not to welcome her.”

Xue Tao’s face turned to be green. He cursed in his heart that Song Yunying had a big mouth.

Every time Song Yunying spoke in front of Song Yunxuan, Xue Tao would have trouble.

Because Song Yunxuan always successfully caught him in trouble.

Xue Tao cursed Song Yunying in mind, but he couldn’t say it out. He could only say, “She needs time to take care of our baby. That’s why I don’t like her coming here.”

Song Yunxuan was satisfied with his response.

Even Lu Feng, who came to see the fun, chuckled.

“Xue Tao, the nanny would help my sister. She comes here because she cares for you. You need to understand that.”

Xue Tao understood what Song Yunxuan meant.

He said, “When Yunying comes over next time, I’ll be nice to her.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “That’s good.”

After all, if words got out that Xue Tao didn’t play nice with his wife, it might cause trouble.

The media was chasing the shadow. Rumors came out that their marriage broke on the ground that a couple did not walk on the street hand in hand. Not to mention the fact that Xue Tao had never liked Song Yunying.

Song Yunxuan didn’t care if Xue Tao liked Song Yunying or not.

What she wanted was Xue Tao being nice to Song Yunying in public.

Therefore, all the media would show to everyone that Xue Tao was being nice to her.

And the Xue Family was very close to the Song Family. There was no conflict between them.

What Song Yunxuan needed was such an illusion.

Song Yunxuan achieved the purpose of her visit.

Since she had warned Xue Tao, she did not intend to stay any longer.

She said with a smile, “Take care in the hospital. Let me know if you have any problems. I have lots of things to do. Time to go.”

Xue Tao couldn’t wait to see that.

Hearing that, he replied immediately, “Sure.”

Song Yunxuan knew that Xue Tao was happy to see her leave. She smiled without a word and walked out of the ward with Lu Feng.

After they got out of the ward, Lu Feng asked, “Why is your brother-in-law so frightened of you?”

Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 678 - A Great Decline

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