Fatal Shot Chapter 186 - Evolution Activation

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Chapter 186: Evolution ActivationTranslator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Hmm? This situation…”

The situation was completely beyond Feng Luo’s expectation. It looked like the Boss was facing a major problem with its body. Could it be that it couldn’t control its energy and skills?


Immediately following that, a cacophony of machine gun shots suddenly appeared. It also made Feng Luo immediately s.h.i.+ft the Eye of the Thunder’s scope toward it.


Around 200 meters away from the Fire Ant Queen, the top of a sand dune was suddenly cleared and flattened by an area of effect Earth Energy Skill. Sand and dust flew into the air as a group of fully equipped players appeared and began firing.

A total of 10 six-barreled machine guns were neatly lined up on the fortified location created by an Earth Manipulator’s skill, creating a row of bullet streams around 200 meters away from the Fire Ant Queen.

Meteor Rain, Tornado, Heavenly Meteorite Drop, Blizzard… Multiple energy ultimate skills were blasted by Manipulators at the Fire Ant Queen Boss! Although it was a group of around 20, their strength was in no way inferior to the group of over 100 players just now!

Of course, more importantly, was the reaction of the Fire Ant Queen Boss. The frightening boss monster that used a “Fiery Sandstorm” skill to instantly KO all the players within a range of 200 meters immediately after it appeared, then used over a dozen Fireb.a.l.l.s to send the rest of the surviving players to Samsara. It looked like it had lost its strength. The fire energy surrounding its body were unruly and unconcentrated. It could only draw back its dark wings to create a “s.h.i.+eld” to protect its body.






However, the defense of the wings was incomparable to earlier. Even if the wings succeeded in blocking the attacks of the players, continuous DOT damage of hundreds and over 1,000 kept appearing over the Fire Ant Queen Boss’s head.

A Level-45 Boss monster that had looked absolutely magnificent and mighty just a few moments ago was suddenly oppressed by just over 20 players.

The mission… Understood… Looks like this was the plan of some schemer all along!

After learning the reason behind it all, Feng Luo still looked calm. No wonder the location of the Desert Fire Ant nest had been announced for free. Clearly, the person wanted to utilize these “greedy” players. One might have even said that Feng Luo was one of the “greedy” players who had been tricked.

However, Feng Luo was not really angry. It was normal for players to use all kinds of means in the game; as long as they did not step too far over the line, Feng Luo would never get angry just because he’d been tricked or plotted against.

But just because he was not mad did not mean that he did not have his own ideas in regard to the Fire Ant Queen Boss.

Any normal player would have an idea or two when a Boss monster that was about to be killed was put right in front of them. Moreover, if a person were to be tricked or plotted against, that person would feel somewhat annoyed or displeased, at the very least. Especially when 24K had actually died once because of it. That was why, although Feng Luo looked very calm, he crouched behind the sand dune. After observing the group through the Eye of the Thunder scope, he noticed that a Scout player from the group whom he’d seen earlier hadn’t revealed himself. Clearly, he was hiding in a corner or was searching the periphery of the battlefield to prevent any surviving players from kill-stealing their Boss monster while they were under attack.

However, since Feng Luo was ever-confident in his marksmans.h.i.+p, he had been 700 meters away from the battlefield from the beginning. And, while trying to avoid the previous Fireball, he had retreated, so his current position was actually over 800 meters away from the Boss. At night, even if an enemy Scout were to search quite thoroughly, it would be impossible to observe such a long distance very clearly. Moreover, the Sniper’s Level-30 skill, Ambush, also had a strong disruption effect on detection skills. Still, just to be safe, Feng Luo crouched a little.

The fight continued on the far-off battlefield. The Fire Ant Queen Boss was pa.s.sively defending against a total of 10 six-barrelled machine guns, as well as the full-strength attacks of a bunch of Manipulators. It quickly dropped to below 15 percent of its HP and was in a “weakened” state. Clearly, although it had evolved from a Quasi-Boss to a Boss when it had been left with 1 percent HP, its HP had not completely recovered. And right now, it was drugged and facing more sudden attacks, so temporarily losing control of its energy made it fail to even cast a s.h.i.+eld. And for a Boss with a frightening and highly long-ranged attack, its HP and defense were, naturally, not as scary.

As such, the defeat of this Boss was only a matter of time!

“But the final one to claim the Boss is still undecided!”

Feng Luo squinted his eyes and put the Eye of the Thunder into his backpack. After that, he took a rectangular rifle case out of the backpack. He used his biometrics and pa.s.sword to open the case before quickly a.s.sembling the gun parts inside it. After 10 seconds, a 1.5-meter black sniper rifle emanating a murderous aura was in front of Feng Luo.

“Python of Death. The Barret!”

The effective attack range of the Barrett was 1,500 meters, which was the longest range for sniper rifles under Level 50. Although the distance of 800 meters was more than half that range, with his Maximum Shooting skill, the damage reduction on his shots was negligible.

As for the super-high attack, which reached 850—with the 12.7mm s.h.i.+eld-breaking energy bullet that he had specifically bought through an auction, as well as his Lethal talent—his chances of firing a shot that was strong enough for him to claim the final hit on the Boss were greatly increased!

When it came to single-shot damage, even Fire Manipulators—who were widely recognized as high damage dealers—were no match for Snipers!

After changing his sniper rifle, Feng Luo did not immediately attack. Instead, he took the energy motorcycle, “Land Bullet,” out from his vehicle s.p.a.ce. With the distance and his intentional focus, the white flash from summoning the vehicle was blocked by a sand dune and did not attract the attention of the Scout.

Now, all the preparations were complete. Next came the thing he was most familiar with in Hunting Missions: the long-distance fatal shot. Then he would jump on his Land Bullet and ride away into the distance while the opponents watched.


After half a minute, both the wings of the Fire Ant Queen Boss were completely battered. They could no longer protect it. As for the fire energy on its body, it was already quite dim, and its HP was now less than 5 percent. It entered the “heavy injury” status.

Feng Luo placed his finger on the Barrett’s trigger while his eyes, body, and sniper rifle followed the Fire Ant Queen Boss’s heavily injured head 800 meters away—very, very closely!


On the battlefield, the Fire Ant Queen Boss squealed as its huge body fell heavily on the ground.

Its HP was at less than 1 percent. Currently, it could no longer move, and a sense of human-like regret could actually be seen in its dark crimson eyes. One could easily tell it was time to collect the kill, but the group of Machine Gunners and Manipulators stopped their attacks all at once.

Only a Light Armor Warrior equipped with a full set of rare black equipment used the skill Charge to move beside the monster’s body. He then raised his long sword high in the air—the Light Armor Warrior’s Level-30 skill, Thunder Leap Slash. He leaped toward the Fire Ant Queen!


The black energy longsword drew a rapid trail in the air as it slashed fiercely at the Desert Fire Ant Boss.


A light-blue s.h.i.+eld-breaking energy bullet suddenly flew past the longsword of the Light Armor Warrior who was in the air and hit the Fire Ant Boss before the alloy longsword could reach it, drilling through a previously created hole in the head of the Desert Fire Ant Queen, whose eyes still showed that it did not admit defeat.


Weak-point damage!

A finis.h.i.+ng blow!

Killed Mutated Desert Fire Ant Queen (Level 45, Boss). Contribution: 3.5%. Obtained Experience: 1094. Obtained Merits: 10.

A total of 10 Merit points? It made Feng Luo wonder. Even weirder was the fact that after the Boss was killed, nothing was scattered on the ground.

But this was no longer important. He’d gotten the last hit. He had achieved his objective. It was time to retreat.


The group of players was exasperated. The black-armored Light Armor Warrior even had veins bulging in his face. He was furious and shouted for the others to search for the perpetrator.

Feng Luo had already put the Barrett back into his backpack. He rode Land Bullet across the glowing red desert sand and rode off, leaving a trail of yellow sand floating in the air.

However, what Feng Luo did not notice was that a dark gas that was impossible to detect with the naked eye in a night environment like this suddenly flew out of the Fire Ant Queen’s corpse. It flew toward the SCV Type One at an incredible speed, moving beneath the sand.

After a dozen seconds, the dark gas caught up to him and crawled into his body like a snake.

And the moment the dark gas entered his body, inside the game capsule in reality, the “mysterious rock” on the necklace hanging on Feng Luo’s neck had a light green glow. After that, it returned to normal.

Then Feng Luo heard the familiar system notification sound.

Due to unknown reasons, your Talent Evolution is activated. You’ve received…

Fatal Shot Chapter 186 - Evolution Activation

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