Fatal Shot Chapter 412 - Rich Rewards Expected

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Chapter 412: Rich Rewards Expected

Earlier in the Special Agent profession change examination mission, there was the Agent Pa.s.scode Chest that included a lot of good items. That chest was only specifically used for the mission. After the examination, the chest was taken back by the government.

As Special Agent Points weren’t easy to get, apart from Feng Luo, not many others had been able to exchange for a lot of Special Agent tools. Instead, they spent their points on special materials and equipment.

“Holy c.r.a.p, it’s all good stuff! Temporary Communication Enhancement Chip, Beginner Disguise Potion, Alloy Traction Wire… There’s actually B-grade Four-element Energy Resistance Potion, two percentage-type HP and stamina recovery potion, two B-grade maximum Vitality potion, and even two Nano cellular Recovery Injection Liquid that can heal injury status… A total of ten Advanced Level rare potions!” Shouted the surprised Big Pineapple after opening his pa.s.scode chest quickly when the NPC was still handing two pa.s.scode chests to Feng Luo and Phoenix.

“So many… Ten B-grade boost potions?”

Feng Luo and Phoenix, of course, did not open their pa.s.scode chest in front of everyone. But as they heard Big Pineapple’s shout, they were also quite surprised.

Those items required at least 2,000 Special Agent Points to exchange.

It might not be enough since Feng Luo had seen them before in the Special Agent Warehouse.

The Nano Cellular Recovery Liquid Big Pineapple mentioned that could heal players’ injury status to a certain extent, actually needed 500 points as well as a D-Rank Authorization.

“But since the system gave us these items. Does this mean that we might face NPCs who have awakened the Force?” Feng Luo’s mind wondered.

For players’ bodies, only skills with Force Attack Special Effects could inflict injury status. So, this may be a hint from the system.

“I need to remind everyone that the items in the pa.s.scode chest aren’t completely free. The items on the first level are essentials that the bureau specifically prepared for you. However, the special items on the second level have to be returned if they aren’t used after the mission has ended. If you used it, you need to pay the relevant amount of points and authorization.” Explained the NPC pilot.

“F*ck, no way, they’re gonna deduct our points!” Big Pineapple’s face sunk as he became a bit depressed. He was really going through an emotional joyride today.

“Then, what if we fail the mission and do not have enough points to pay up?” Phoenix asked as her eyes moved.

“If the points for this mission aren’t enough, then your Special Agent Points will continue to be deducted from your consequent missions. However, the owed points will be subject to a 5% daily late payment interest.” The NPC pilot explained.

“F*ck, that’s too much. To actually compile interest, and what’s more, it’s so expensive!” Big Pineapple exclaimed in anger. When he saw the ten extremely potent and rare potions on the second level of the pa.s.scode chest, he couldn’t help pick one up and shake it in front of him.

These items were so rare one couldn’t even buy them in auctions.

“This mission is probably going to be quite difficult.” Feng Luo shook his head and put the pa.s.scode chest into his inventory.

It seemed like the mission this time was indeed going to be quite difficult. As such, the system directly gave the players some of the rewards in advance. If they failed the mission and did not have enough points, they would have to cough up a lot of points at the end.

“Instructor Sakura also asked me to convey a piece of news to you. Your military ranks are currently being examined. After this mission, you will be able to receive official military ranks and badges.” The NPC pilot said, lightening up the agents’ moods.

“Military Rank? Special Agents have military ranks?”

Upon hearing the pilot’s words, Feng Luo and the other two’s eyes lit up. Even Digital Cat, who had been immersed in her own world the whole time as well as Onis.h.i.+, who had been standing in solitude in a corner, raised their heads.

“Federation Special Agents are considered a department of the government. At the same time, they are also part of the military. Official agents will have a corresponding military rank. The reason you weren’t given a military rank last time was mainly due to the fact that you have not yet partic.i.p.ated in an official mission. That is why, after this mission, you will finally be eligible to receive a military rank.” The NPC pilot explained with a gentle smile.

“Can I ask what will our rank be?” Onis.h.i.+ asked with his hoa.r.s.e voice.

“Instructor Sakura is applying for Sergeant rank. However, if you fail this mission, it might influence the final decision of the higher-ups. So, I suggest every one of you to do your best.” Answered the NPC pilot with a slightly stricter expression.

“Sergeant!” Feng Luo thought of something else when he heard that.

No wonder Haruko arranged a Sergeant t.i.tle for both Big Pineapple and himself. It was because it was actually possible that they would be granted the Sergeant military rank after the mission. However, the reward seemed to indicate yet again that the mission wouldn’t be easy.

“Sergeant! It’s actually a Sergeant! Holy f*ck, I’m sure no one else in War has made it to the military rank of Sergeant yet Moreover, I heard that the Sergeant military rank badge is considered a Rare Grade Level 50 item that has incredibly powerful stats. Heck yes, I’m a person who can have a Rare Grade Badge now!” Exclaimed Big Pineapple. His depressed expression had turned back into joy.

For most players who did not join a guild, it was quite difficult to get a badge. Even for players who joined a guild, the stats of the badge they received would be quite ordinary. The player badge of your average guild would only be the equivalent of a Normal Grade gear of the same level.

As such, a Level 50 Rare Grade Badge was, without a doubt, a huge attraction for everyone present, not to mention the benefits of receiving a military rank.

That was why, apart from Big Pineapple, even Phoenix and Onis.h.i.+’s eyes were glowing.

Now, Feng Luo knew that all of them would no longer focus on Tyrants and the Permanent Enhancement Potions anymore with the motivation from obtaining the military rank as well as the pressure of having their points deducted. Clearly, the mission is well-emphasized.

“Since Agent Azure Dragon is most familiar with Silvermoon City, Instructor Sakura asked me to inform all of you that the mission will be commanded by him. Also, I will keep the car parked here and wait for you to rescue the target. After you secure the target and get back here, we’ll retreat together.” The NPC pilot signaled Feng Luo.

Big Pineapple, Phoenix, and Digital Cat had no objections. Even Onis.h.i.+ simply stared at Feng Luo for a bit and did not make any objections.

After two minutes, the five of them stood beside an abandoned road that led toward the foot of the mountain outside the base.

The location was still quite far away from Silvermoon City, making walking there impossible.

“Young sis Cat, get in my car.” Phoenix winked and smiled gently.

She extended her finger with red nails to press on her terminal. A white light flashed in the middle of the road before a fiery red-colored energy sportscar appeared.

“ST-107, a maximum speed of 450km per hour. It also has the third generation energy aeroengine.” Digital Cat was immersed in her calculation, but after hearing Phoenix, she raised her head and looked at the energy sportscar that appeared in front of her before speaking.

“Do you also like this type of car?” Phoenix asked, smiling.

“No, I’m not interested in cars. It’s just that this car’s energy driver installation can theoretically be installed on a medium-sized mecha. However, it requires some form of modification. Take out the turbojet part and add the control driver. Yes, if I use a power bridge of a driver made from materials mixed with the Rare Grade fire crystal, I should be able to increase the tolerance level by 32%… But this might increase the volatility of the energy output by…” Halfway through her mumbling, Digital Cat seemed to have remembered something. She lowered her head and continued with her calculation.

“Ugh!” Phoenix was stunned. She was probably feeling the depressing feeling that Big Pineapple had.

“You two, wanna hitch my ride?” Big Pineapple also summoned his vehicle. A 2.3-meter tall, 5.5-meter long, black heavy energy SUV plated with a layer of thick metallic armor appeared.

“Heavy Knight-13!” Onis.h.i.+’s eyes were filled with admiration.

This type of armored energy SUV weighed more than four tons. It needed to consume B-grade energy crystals to move. Even if the model wasn’t the top cla.s.s Knight-15, it still cost around two million credits.

“Hehe, get on!” Big Pineapple laughed in satisfaction. He bought this vehicle using the money he obtained after selling the Rare Grade equipment in the auction last time.

“Car lovers, a natural trait for most men!”

Digital Cat got into Phoenix’s red sportscar while Feng Luo, who left Land Bullet outside Silvermoon City, and Onis.h.i.+ got on Big Pineapple’s Heavy Knight.

Two vehicles, one in front of the other, headed toward Silvermoon City.

Many mutant beasts and birds on both sides of the forest were startled as they pa.s.sed. Some higher level and more aggressive monsters also changed into an attacking posture.

After they saw the large armored body of the armored Heavy Knight that occasionally spit out fire and was comparable to a Commander Grade monster, only a few scattered flying monsters pursued the vehicles in the air.

“I hope these adventurer agents can complete the mission smoothly.” The NPC pilot stood outside the entrance of the camp door. After he saw both the vehicles disappeared from his vision, he turned around and returned to the aerofoil s.p.a.cecraft to continue waiting.


At that moment, a mutant bird with dark red eyes and incredibly sharp beak suddenly rushed down and pecked at his arm.

The wound was like a bullet wound. A bone-deep wound could be seen while blood gushed out from it. The bird tore a chunk of flesh, as large as the tip of a finger, off the back of his hand.

After the mutant bird’s sharp attack, it flew back into the air with the torn-off flesh. It circled in the air before continuing to charge at the NPC pilot.


Although the NPC was not an official agent and was a back-end staff of the Federation Department, he had still received professional combat training. Though the pain in his hand made his sweat cold, when the red-eyed mutant bird returned once again after circling once in the sky and tried to attack him again, his face was calm. He grabbed a black Desert Eagle pistol out and fired.


The mutant bird’s brain was struck by the bullet directly. Along with blown off feathers, the headless body dropped on the ground with a plop. Blood quickly spread and stained the ground.

“How unlucky!” Covering his bleeding right hand, the NPC pilot quickly walked inside the aerofoil s.p.a.cecraft. The s.p.a.cecraft had a first aid kit, and a small wound like that wouldn’t affect his piloting skill.

As he rushed to treat his wound, he did not notice that the blood of the mutant bird that poured onto the ground beside the s.p.a.cecraft was actually black. The dusty air was also filled with an undetectable smell of rot.

The lockdown of the army could only keep the zombies within the locked-down zone, and it could not contain the birds that could fly.

Compared to other Beginner Level Evolution Virus mutation, the T-virus may not be the most potent in terms of increasing the ability of a creature; however, in terms of infection rate and spreadability, it was by far one of the best.

Fatal Shot Chapter 412 - Rich Rewards Expected

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