Fatal Shot Chapter 617 - Deep into Ocean of Flowers

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Chapter 617: Deep into Ocean of Flowers

“Sniper!” After hearing Frontline Command’s groan and the high damage number popping up above his head, Feng Luo’s thought immediately went to the North City Sniper who shot and killed the Scout Beetle earlier with one single shot.

Right now, they were only around 300 meters away from the enemy, but due to the complex forest environment of the area they were in, it was practically impossible to visually identify one’s exact position.

The enemy probably pinpointed their location through their voices before firing at them. Without a doubt, this Sniper was an expert player.

Apart from the Sniper, at that time, fiery clouds began to gather in the sky above the group and a few machine-gun bullets also began hitting the tree branches and trunks around them.

“We’ve achieved our objective. Stop progressing forward and run toward that direction.” Feng Luo quickly pointed to a direction and led the way.

Although one of his Scout Beetles was killed earlier, Feng Luo sent out another Scout Beetle far away to scout ahead and as a result, he was very familiar with the situation at the base and had prepared a path of retreat for the operation.

After all, they only needed to lure the Rebel Army over. They didn’t have to put themselves in danger risking the chance of getting caught in North City’s ambush just for realism’s sake.

However, it was still regrettable. If it weren’t for the fact that the situation did not allow it, Feng Luo would have liked to duel against that Sniper.

Feng Luo and his teammates suddenly changed direction. Luckily, the Rebel Army players were in a bit of a mess at that moment.

Although Frontline Command directed his commands to the people from North City, the Rebel Army camp players who were slightly closer to them still heard them.

“What the heck?”

“When the h.e.l.l did we kill the players from Storm City?”

“What the h.e.l.l does that mean? Aren’t they North City’s people? Are they trying to pull something here?”

A few Rebel Army camp players became dumbfounded.

However, while they were puzzled, the players from North City were not.

Among the manipulators, only the Wind Manipulators were able to reach them at this distance. However, while the Machine Gunners were well within their shooting range, there was no need to mention the Snipers who had a much larger attack range.

“Ta, ta, ta…”

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Many bullets were shot towards the Rebel Army camp players as if bullets were free. With their location exposed by the flare, they were pretty much just live targets.

“F*ck me!”

“Hurry up and dodge! Go back! Retreat! Stop charging!”

Most of the Rebel Army camp players who were lured by the Legendary-Grade item had regained their senses after waking from the daze caused by the rain of bullets. They shouted and cursed while dodging and running behind some trees for cover.

Only a few of the Rebel Army camp players were still determined and did not give up. They turned around and continued to pursue Feng Luo’s group.

The situation was not that great. The Rebel Army camp players who had been pursuing the group of top-cla.s.s players had suddenly become like lame ducks.

Did that mean that the plan Feng Luo and his group created of wanting to have the Rebel Army clash with the players from North City had failed?

Of course, it was not going to fail, as the players were able to regain their senses; however, the monsters and NPCs were not able to do so.

The group of Giant One-Horned Flame Lizards that Feng Luo and the others angered earlier was behind the Rebel Army camp players since their movement speed was not that high. However, as the Rebel Army camp players stopped moving, these lizards did not stop moving. Rather, they simply stomped on and over the players trying to run away and continued to chase Storm City’s squad.

Due to long-distance running, each of them was panting and their nostrils continued to spew out large amounts of flammable fog that burst into flame from sparks.

“Crackle, crackle…”

Over ten meters in size, one of the monsters ran into and easily crushed a tree trunk while flames surrounded its body. Even the non-Scout players from North City could not help but pay attention to them.

After a while, the players from North City suddenly remembered what Frontline Command said earlier.

Some of the Scout players discovered that all of the monsters were over Level-60 Commander-Grade monsters.

The attacks of the players from North City attracted the attention of most of the monsters that were initially chasing Feng Luo’s group, who, by now, had already exited the forest and were heading into what appeared to be “an ocean of flowers.”

Gigantic flower discs with red and white spots continued to sway with dark green vines that looked like poisonous snakes. It was an ocean of spotted python flowers that were larger than the ones back at the second base.

“They got in here. Are we chasing them?” The Rebel Army camp players who made the pursuit until that point began to hesitate because the ocean of flowers impaired their vision even more than the forest.

More importantly, the vines that looked like snakes seemed odd. They looked as if they were alive.


The players stopped moving. However, a Giant One-Horned Flame Lizard that was not lured away by the players from North City charged into the “ocean of flowers” without any hesitation.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

The moment the Giant One-Horned Flame Lizard entered the ocean of flowers, the large number of vines on the ground began to move as if they had come alive.

Multiple dark green vines, in just a few short seconds, easily wrapped around the Level-60 Commander-Grade monster like pythons. No matter how hard it struggled, it could not get itself free.

“F*cking s.h.i.+t!” A few Rebel Army players who were not willing to be there in the first place instantly turned around to escape after witnessing the scene before them.

Within the ocean of flowers, a group of people were half-crouched and moving through the area.

Everywhere they pa.s.sed, the vines that were like poisonous snakes simply moved away from their bodies as if they were afraid of them.

The “ocean of flowers” was not a place anyone could force their way through.

If it weren’t for the potion that could restrain these types of ancient creatures, which they obtained at the second base, any player who entered the “ocean” would have met the same end as the Giant One-Horned Flame Lizard. It was, without a doubt, the best path of retreat.

However, among the elite squad of over 20 people, by the time they succeeded in retreating, only 16 of them were left.

While the Rebel Army players had weaker gears and items, they had an absolute number advantage. Not to mention there was also the presence of the NPC pirates.

As such, throughout the enemy luring operation which covered quite a long distance, it was impossible for them not to suffer losses.

By the time they reached the center of the “ocean of flowers,” Big Pineapple put his alloy s.h.i.+eld on the ground and said, “It is finally complete. That was really tiring. Let’s just wait here for the main force to arrive.”

Zhao Yun sat on Big Pineapple’s s.h.i.+eld, almost falling flat on the ground and said while panting heavily, “Phew! You’re tired? I’m the epitome of tiredness right now… Pant… I say, why the h.e.l.l did y’all bring me along?”

As a manipulator, even when equipped with a Legendary-Grade pair of boots that contained movement speed enhancing bonuses, he couldn’t maintain a high movement speed all the time, because his profession’s stamina recovery simply could not keep up.

Throughout the journey, he was so tired he felt as though he could die. If it weren’t for the fact that a few Light Armor Warriors took turns to pull him along, he might have followed the unfortunate few and died along the way.

However, Feng Luo understood the reason why Jing Kong brought Zhao Yun along with them.

If it weren’t for Zhao Yun’s energy creation and skills that blocked attacks and provided them with cover, their group would have suffered a lot more losses. They might have even been caught up before they reached their point of retreat.

After all, the group of players probably never did anything close to leaving their backs exposed to their enemies before.

Fatal Shot Chapter 617 - Deep into Ocean of Flowers

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