Physician's Odyssey Chapter 188

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Jin Guoxiang bitterly smiled. "Su Tao might be young, but his skills are comparable to those national specialists. Sire's illness is unique, but I can tell that Su Tao has found something, judging from his tone. There must be a reason why he isn't willing to treat."

Hearing Jin Guoxiang's words, Shui Junzhou asked in puzzlement, "Is he angry? That's why he wasn't willing to treat grandfather."

Shaking his head, Jin Guoxiang explained, "It must be hard to treat, and the method used might be a little unique. But you guys and the old man are so against him, so he must feel that he couldn't obtain your trust to conduct the treatment, and this must be the reason why he isn't willing to perform the treatment."

Shui Junzhou suddenly hesitated before she sighed, "Please help me ask if he has any method to treat my grandfather. If he has any, I will convince my grandfather to let him treat him."

Jin Guoxiang nodded his head. Seeing that Shui Laifeng came out, he didn't want to talk with the latter, so he waved his hand as a greeting before leaving.

Su Tao had already boarded the military jeep. When Jin Guoxiang entered, Su Tao apologised, "Sorry that I wasn't able to help you today."

Jin Guoxiang sighed before he smiled. "I've let you feel wronged. Oh right, is Sire Shui's illness really so serious that even you're helpless?"

Nodding his head, Su Tao sighed, "I've only seen this illness on medical records, but I've never experienced one myself. The patients will start by losing his ability to speak, then the patient's throat will also swell to the point that they won't be able to eat." Su Tao didn't continue further, but if someone couldn't eat, then he wouldn't be far from death.

"So how can it be treated?" Jin Guoxiang asked.

Shaking his head, Su Tao bitterly smiled. "There isn't a solution in the medical records."

Jin Guoxiang was instantly left speechless, and seeing that Su Tao had looked outside the window, he knew that the latter wasn't willing to continue on this matter and helplessly sighed. It looked like he could only rely on those specialists invited by the Recuperation Section and see if they can treat the old man.

When Shui Junzhuo returned to the ward, she realised that her grandfather had fallen asleep and she felt inwardly relieved. Shui Laifeng also entered and greeted Shui Junzhuo. Instantly, she realised that Shui Laifeng must have something to talk to her about, so she immediately went out. Seeing the unsightly complexion on Shui Junzhuo's face, Shui Laifeng comforted, "Don't worry, I've just asked the doctor. The old man is just suffering from phlegm congestion, that's why he couldn't speak. A few specialists will be coming in a few days, so they can surely treat the old man." Shui Laifeng naturally hid the actual information, since she didn't want her niece to be too worried.

Nodding her head, Shui Junzhuo responded in a soft voice, "Let's hope that's the case."

Shui Laifeng suddenly recalled a matter and smiled. "Right, that doctor with the surname Guan, you've met him, right? I've mentioned him to your mother the other time because I wanted to introduce him to you. His father is a University Professor, and his mother is a businesswoman. His family background is pretty good; even his education and appearance are outstanding."

Shui Junzhuo shook her head and helplessly sighed, "Aunt, grandfather is ill now, and I don't have the mood to think about these matters."

Shui Laifeng knew that this niece of hers was good at everything. In terms of appearance, and how she sincerely treated others with sincerity; however, she has never considered the matter about her happiness. She bitterly smiled. "Alright then, when the old man has recovered, you guys should try to date. Oh, how many leaves have you applied for?"

Shui Junzhuo honestly responded, "Two days of personal leave, and I'll stay with grandfather during this period."

In her heart, Shui Laifeng took note that she must inform Guan Yang to grasp this opportunity well. She smiled. "The old man's temper is too fiery. But he has always doted on you the most, so his mood will be better with you around, and I also don't have to worry about this matter."

"Grandfather is actually cold on the outside and pa.s.sionate on the inside." Shui Junzhuo smiled.

Shui Laifeng bitterly smiled and sighed, "How do I not know about that. But looking at him now that he can't scold even if he wanted to makes my heart ache."

As the saying goes, having an elderly at home was akin to having a treasure. It's natural for them to nag every now and then, but even that authority has been taken away from him now, so one could tell how bitter he must be feeling.

While the car drove on the road, Su Tao and Jin Guoxiang would occasionally engage in chats. Su Tao could tell that the latter was worried about the old man, and he had been trying to make an indirect approach that left Su Tao helpless. TCM emphasised the methods and styles when treating patients, like how doctors that go knocking on the patient's door generally wouldn't obtain their patient's trust. So if you forcefully treat them, not only would you not be able to treat them, you might even get yourself into trouble. Just like how Sire Shui actually had a barrier against doctors in his heart, which Su Tao could tell from the moment he stepped into the room.

The old man's illness was unusual, and despite not showing any abnormalities, it would be life-threatening the moment it flared up. The reason why Su Tao gave Jin Guoxiang the cold shoulder on this matter wasn't because he wanted to put on airs, but abiding the standard conduct of doctors.

Jin Guoxiang sighed before smiling, "Sire Shui was a ferocious general on the battlefield back in the day. As the soul of the army, he would always charge at the front and stand together with the soldiers. He was known as the Ironblood General by his enemies. Although he was later promoted to Commander, he would still try to get involved with the soldiers, often eating and drinking with them. This is also the reason why he has the nickname of the Nation's Spear."

After a brief pondering, Su Tao asked, "Did anything unique happen before he fell ill?"

Shaking his head, Jin Guoxiang sighed, "I've also asked about this matter, but nothing unusual happened recently."

"This illness has been hidden for a year." Su Tao continued to pursue.

Jin Guoxiang knitted his brows before he held his chin and pondered for a long time, then he said, "There is indeed a matter that occurred a year ago. Sire He, who was equally famous as Sire Shui, pa.s.sed away all of a sudden due to a heart attack. But they weren't close, and they've always competed with each other ever since they a.s.sumed their posts. In the end, one of them was dispatched to Sichuan, while the other to Huainan. Although the two of them were a thousand miles apart, they've still competed with each other. But after knowing the news of Sire He's pa.s.sing, Sire Shui locked himself in his room for seven days. But it has already happened so long ago, can it be related?"

Facing his question, Su Tao did not give a direct reply, "Sometimes, the changes between the body and mind are interlinked. The great wave of emotions can affect the heart of a person."

Seeing that Su Tao wasn't willing to continue talking about this matter, Jin Guoxiang also did not pursue it. However, he knew that Su Tao must have figured out the old man's condition, and he's probably angered by the matter back in the facility, which was the reason why he wasn't willing to help. People with talent tend to be arrogant. Although Su Tao looked gentle, he's actually tough in his bones. This was also the reason why Jin Guoxiang has placed such importance on Su Tao. But at the same time, he also couldn't force Su Tao. "Without you, I'm afraid the old man will have to suffer now."

Jin Guoxiang's loyalty touched Su Tao, so he opened up his medical box and took out a bottle. He poured one pellet out and instructed, "If it goes as I have expected, the old man's illness will worsen within a week. Let him take this pellet at that time, and his condition will be stable for two days."

After putting the pellet back into the bottle, Su Tao handed it over to Jin Guoxiang. The latter's Adam's apple moved, but he did not speak a word. It's impossible for him to get Su Tao to treat the old man right now, since none of them accepted Su Tao, whether it was the facility, Shui Laifeng, or Sire Shui. As for this pellet, Su Tao's intention was clear. It can stabilise the old man's situation for two days, so all he had to do was invite Su Tao over at that time to treat the old man.

Giving honeydew when one is thirsty; on the contrary, adding alcohol when one is drunk had no effect. When he lends a helping hand at the crucial moment, the result would be the best, so when saving someone, it should be done in desperate times. Although Sire Shui's condition still looked good right now, it's not desperate yet. So the help wouldn't be considered significant, even if you put in the effort. After some pondering, Jin Guoxiang sighed and bitterly smiled. "Physician Su, I never expected that not only are your medical skills superb, but you're also good at seeing through the hearts of others."

Su Tao immediately expressed a modest smile. "Major General Jin, you're putting it too seriously. At the end of the day, I'm just a Physician, it's just that I've treated too many people, and I know their mental phases."

Jin Guoxiang sighed, "You're already so steady at your age. Back then, when I was your age, I was still an ignorant youth."

Su Tao quickly responded, "You've already gone to the frontlines at my age, a warrior that protects the nation. I'm just a little doctor in society."

After being flattered by Su Tao's words, Jin Guoxiang instantly felt better and had temporarily tossed Sire Shui's matters towards the back of his mind. Since Su Tao had mentioned that the illness would worsen in about a week, then he just had to pay attention to that before inviting Su Tao over.

When the vehicle drove onto the pa.s.sage, Jin Guoxiang noticed that it's already late, so he smiled. "It's not early, why don't you stay for the night and experience the feeling of eating with the soldiers?"

Su Tao suddenly recalled a matter and said, "Oh right, there's something I would like to ask you to do."

Jin Guoxiang was just troubled that there's nothing he could do to help Su Tao. Whether it was his daughter's illness or his injury, he had owed Su Tao favors in both matters. For someone that originated from the military like Jin Guoxiang, he had always taken these matters seriously, especially when it concerned lives. Thus, he smiled. "Speak, what is it? As long as it's something within my ability, I will surely get it done for you."

From Yan Jing, Su Tao found out that the military was protecting Cai Yan and She Wei. Although he had no idea of their exact location, it shouldn't be hard for someone like Jin Guoxiang to find them. It has been some time since he last saw Cai Yan, and he missed her in his heart. Thus, he gently said, "I would like to ask about two people, Cai Yan, and She Wei. They've encountered some trouble, and are currently being protected. Although I've no idea of their exact location, they must be in an extremely safe place."

Jin Guoxiang straightforwardly agreed, "I'll get someone to check it immediately. As long as it's within my range of influence, I'll help you find the two of them, even if I have to dig three inches into the ground."

Physician's Odyssey Chapter 188

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