Physician's Odyssey Chapter 254

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Everyone would change through their experiences in life, and if it wasn't for witnessing that Little Yuan might fall into a demonic grasp personally, Lu s.h.i.+miao wouldn't have such a strong comprehension. Naturally, it was mainly due to Su Tao's influence that she accepted the invitation to Qihuang Charity Funds. She felt that he needed her help.

Great courage was required for her to resign from her job in Jianghuai Hospital, which Su Tao gave her that courage.

She was a strong woman, especially after she experienced a failed marriage. She wanted to find her new starting point. Although the setback with Qiao Bo did nothing to her on the surface, there was still gossip that made it to her ears due to her marriage with him.

This was how humans were. They would respect and revere you when you're glorious, and malicious talks would follow if you no longer possess the halo.

Much of the gossip was unbearable, such as how Lu s.h.i.+miao had an affair with Qiao Dehao, or how she was attached with the t.i.tle of a gold-digger and immediately divorced Qiao Bo the moment Qiao Dehao collapsed. Putting it in a nutsh.e.l.l, much of the gossip wasn't favorable to her.

Thus, she felt a rock in her heart that made her feel suffocating. The reason why she persevered was due to the unyielding character that she refined from the orphanage. Thus, the tenacity of her heart was unimaginable.

So when Su Tao told her about his idea, she felt better, as if she had found her lifesaver.

In fact, she was no longer suitable to stay in Jianghuai Hospital, and perhaps a new world awaited her outside.

There were various reasons why Su Tao picked Lu s.h.i.+miao. It wasn't purely due to the kindness in her heart, but her medical background as well. So someone like her might be more suitable than those professional management teams. It was also mainly because Su Tao could put his trust in her, and Qihuang Charity Funds held a vital section of his grand blueprint.

Although medical skills were a factor, if the TCM Alliance wanted to rise, they also needed to get actual achievements.

When they arrived in Hanzhou City, Su Tao came to Lu s.h.i.+miao's rented apartment and performed a simple treatment for Little Yuan. However, it was more complicated than he had imagined. From a professional angle, Little Yuan was suffering from Childhood Aphasia due to the herbs that she took, despite the heatiness in her body, damaging her vocal cords. Aside from that, there was another possibility of psychological aphasia due to her being a little too quiet. Putting it all in a nutsh.e.l.l, there was a shadow in her heart, which was the reason why she wasn't willing to talk.

The damages on her vocal cords could be treated with acupuncture, but he had to find an opportunity to slowly open up Little Yuan's heart to make her speak again.

Because she was too exhausted today, she immediately fell asleep upon lying on the bed. Pulling Lu s.h.i.+miao to the room next door, Su Tao explained Little Yuan's condition to her, which she sighed, "Little Yuan was already three when I saw her, and she was extremely antisocial back then. She would often hide in a corner; she's a fragile little girl."

Su Tao a.n.a.lysed, "It might be related to her being abandoned. Give her more warmth, and she will recover from her condition as long as her psychological issue is resolved." Su Tao tried his best to simplify things so that Lu s.h.i.+miao wouldn't be too worried.

A smile spread on Lu s.h.i.+miao's lips as she sighed, "You're the divine physician. I'll listen to everything you say!"

Gently pinching Lu s.h.i.+miao's cheeks, Su Tao smiled. "Big Sister Miao is so obedient!"

When he finished, he chuckled and headed to the supermarket to purchase ingredients. Looking at him putting on an ap.r.o.n, Lu s.h.i.+miao sighed in her heart. Although she had married Qiao Bo for years, she had no impression of the latter cooking for her personally.

On the second day of Chinese New Year, Di s.h.i.+yuan came with his wife to Qiongjin City to pay their visits. After they rang the bell, a young housekeeper opened the door for them.

Seeing that the two of them were holding onto gifts, the housekeeper smiled. "Uncle is on the second floor attending to a guest."

"Where's Yin Le?" Zhang Fang wasn't as reserved as Di s.h.i.+yuan, she was more casual.

"Missy is in her room, but I have no idea what she's doing." The housekeeper spoke with a worried expression.

Zhang Fang sighed and handed the gifts to Di s.h.i.+yuan. "I'll go take a look at her."

Yin Le wasn't in a good state, especially with her stiffened relations.h.i.+p with her father. Although Zhang Fang was the cousin of Yin Le, they actually had an age gap of twenty years. So in Zhang Fang's heart, she considered Yin Le to be someone of the younger generation, and Yin Le would only listen to Zhang Fang's advice in the family.

Di s.h.i.+yuan bitterly smiled at her words before the housekeeper took the gifts from him. Although the housekeeper wasn't old, she had been in this family for years. Thus, she knew her employer's habits. Not only were Di s.h.i.+yuan and Zhang Fang frequent guests, but they're also relatives, so their gifts could be accepted. If it was someone else, and especially a stranger, she wouldn't even allow them through the door.

After briefly sitting in the living room, Di s.h.i.+yuan immediately stood up as he heard footsteps that resounded from the direction of the stairs. Yin Kailang was shaking hands with a middle-aged man, who was donned in traditional clothes, and said in a powerful tone, "We'll settle it in this way, and carry it out immediately after the holidays. Although it's the holidays now, you have to make an extra effort to look into it."

"Please be a.s.sured, Mr. Yin. I will certainly not be sloppy." The middle-aged man smiled and took several steps back from Yin Kailang, then left.

Yin Kailang had already noticed Di s.h.i.+yuan, so he waved his hand. "Come and have some tea in the study room!"

Di s.h.i.+yuan felt complicated when he looked at Yin Kailang. Truth be told, he wasn't too willing to meet the latter, since he had to behave cautiously before the authoritative figure of Huainan Province. If he made a slip of the tongue, he might even be worried that the latter would be p.i.s.sed.

However, he knew that many people couldn't interact with Yin Kailang, even if they wanted, especially when the latter's words could help in his career.

When he sat on the couch, Yin Kailang smiled and said in a peculiar tone, "This holiday is truly not peaceful!"

His words instantly covered Di s.h.i.+yuan's back in sweat, while the latter smiled. "I'm sorry to have made Uncle troubled with Su Tao's matters."

Due to the relations.h.i.+p of his wife to Yin Kailang, Di s.h.i.+yuan could address him in this manner to pull their relations.h.i.+p closer and alleviate the tension in the atmosphere.

"You're wrong!" Yin Kailang lit up a cigarette. Although his health wasn't good, and he had serious lung issues, he couldn't get rid of his smoking habit. "Su Tao helped me greatly this time!"

Di s.h.i.+yuan was taken by surprise with Yin Kailang's words before he smiled and asked in puzzlement, "Is the state of Baihe City that bad?"

Nodding his head, Yin Kailang sighed, "Following the threads from Bei Xuqing, we discovered many shocking matters. It turns out that Baihe City is covered in a foul air, and it's rotten to the bones. Bei Xuqing imprisoned around a dozen kids to satisfy his own desires!"

Taking in a deep breath, Di s.h.i.+yuan gritted his teeth and flew into a rage, "How can there be someone so rotten?!"

Shaking his head, Yin Kailang continued, "You might not have recognised that person earlier. He was from the investment department of the organisation's province branch. I have already informed him to increase the budget to charity and pay attention to those weak and unfortunate."

Di s.h.i.+yuan sighed in his heart. Those kids were gathered from the various orphanages. The heavens were already unfair to them, but he never imagined that a villain would make their lives even worse.

"How will Bei Xuqing be dealt with?" Di s.h.i.+yuan couldn't help asking.

"He will undergo the law's judgment." Yin Kailang replied as he continued, "I have done an investigation on him. He was a leader of a rebel faction when he was young and went overseas for a few years to dodge the storm. After returning to the country, he repackaged himself and bragged that he had brought secret food recipes from overseas to invest. Through this, he became a renowned entrepreneur under the support of politics."

After a brief stun, Di s.h.i.+yuan smiled. "What an opportunistic person!"

Feeling that he was speaking quite a bit today, Yin Kailang smiled. "That Su Tao is pretty good, and I want to chat with him, if there's an opportunity."

Di s.h.i.+yuan immediately reacted from Yin Kailang's words and smiled. "Let me arrange it, and let him take a look at your lung disease as well!"

Shaking his head, Yin Kailang smiled. "I know my own body. Many specialists in the country have taken a look at my body, but they were all helpless."

With a faint smile, Di s.h.i.+yuan replied, "I have trust in Su Tao's medical skills. He might be young, but those specialists might not be comparable to him."

After a brief pondering, Yin Kailang asked with a complicated expression, "What's Su Tao and Little Le's relations.h.i.+p?"

His words left Di s.h.i.+yuan briefly stunned. He never expected that Yin Kailang would ask this question. Thus, he awkwardly replied, "I initially just wanted to matchmake the two of them, but there doesn't seem to be any response between the two of them. So I have no idea how far they have progressed."

"Since it has already started, then continue!" Yin Kailang tactfully said.

Di s.h.i.+yuan was shocked in his heart. He understood the meaning behind Yin Kailang's words. The latter wanted him to continue to matchmake Yin Le and Su Tao? From those words, he could tell that Yin Kailang's impression of Su Tao was pretty good.

But it wasn't surprising. If it wasn't for Su Tao treating the heir of SG Chaebol, Park Joong-sun, the Baoyou County's incident wouldn't be so smoothly resolved. As for Baihe City, Su Tao had also given Yin Kailang an excuse the reorganise Baihe City's investment situation.

Naturally, he had no idea that Yin Kailang had been paying attention to Yin Le, which he noticed that his strong-tempered daughter would be more tamed whenever she was with Su Tao.

During his free time, Yin Kailang would imagine how his son-in-law would look like. He had been considering those talented men with backgrounds who returned from prominent schools abroad. But ever since Su Tao appeared, he felt that this young man was a pretty good choice.

But then again, it would all have to depend on Yin Le's feelings.

Although Yin Kailang was a powerful figure, he wasn't a good father. He had always been busy with work to the point that he never engaged in any heart-to-heart talk with his daughter.

Physician's Odyssey Chapter 254

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