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Sitting in front of her computer, Kim Jung-yeon was rejoicing because, two days ago, the fan club has grown to over a million fans in just one day. Aside from South Koreans, there was a majority from China. When she clicked onto Hw.a.n.g Ji-yeon's fan club, she noticed that the latter's fan club had also exploded. There were many discussions in Mandarin, since many Chinese fans bypa.s.sed the Great Firewall and came to back Su Tao.

"Divine Physician Su, go for it! You must take down Ji-yeon and bring glory to the country!" ⁠— Netizen: The Rabbit Eating Carrot.

"Ji-yeon Unni, please spare him! Please spare me the fresh meat!" — Netizen: Freedom.

"Ji-yeon Unni, I have always been adoring you! I never expect that you would have such good eyesight to fall for a Chinese. Why don't you take a look at my profile picture? I a.s.sure you that I'm more das.h.i.+ng than Su Tao!" — Netizen: w.a.n.g Sicong's Little Bro

That comment piqued Kim Jung-yeon's interest, so she clicked on that netizen's profile. But upon opening, she couldn't help retching. That fellow was too much of a narcissist! He had small eyes, and a big and curved nose, making him look extremely wretched. So how could this person compare himself to her idol, Su Tao Oppa?

However, she knew that those were gimmick accounts trying to make use of the hype to attract more attention to their profile. When she closed the tab, she logged onto the fan base and started posting Su Tao's information to increase the attachment of the fans.

She was clearly experienced in this method, since she had long prepared a large amount of information. There was even a video of Su Tao during the Physician King Tournament included. Although it was only a video, it soon exploded when Su Tao's G.o.dly skills in treating a vegetative patient left everyone shocked.

"So there's such a heaven-defying divine physician in the world that can even treat a vegetative patient! He's simply the mortal enemy of Yama!"

"So TCM isn't a sham! Here's a like for TCM!"

"Begging for Divine Physician Su's treatment! My father has been bedridden for years due to an unknown illness. I wonder if you can help? My contact is 158x.x.xX."

In just the blink of an eye, there were over a thousand comments left on the post. Kim Jung-yeon couldn't reply to every single one of them, but she smiled. The reason why she was willing to help Su Tao establish his fan club was due to the video she casually saw online that piqued her interest.

After a brief pondering, she posted her own reply, "Thank you for all your support! We established Su Tao's fan club so that we can pay attention to him and provide a utopia for his fans. To become his loyal fan, you can leave your contact information. We will pick a batch and provide you an opportunity to meet with the divine physician himself."

Shortly after she posted it, the post soon garnered comments and exploded. She was somewhat caught by surprise and immediately gave a call to her friends to get them online to go through those comments.

After two hours of havoc, the frequency of comments started to calm down. Kim Jung-yeon underestimated the fans, since there wasn't anyone who's unafraid of sickness. By leaving their comments, they could chase after the celebrity and also give themselves a path of retreat. If there was a day they or their family members were suffering from illnesses, they might be able to seek Su Tao's treatment as his loyal fan.

That was humanity, impulsive yet rational.

"Jung-yeon! It's too terrifying!" Ji-eun sent over a message. "According to this speed, this fan club will soon become a club with ten million fans!"

"Yeah! We have to set up an official fan club website and direct the traffic over." Kim Jung-yeon had it all planned, but it was initially planned a year from now, so the sudden variation caught her by surprise.

"Ji-yeon, you're truly blessed with good foresight." Ji-eun's message continued, "I have decided to become your a.s.sistant and a loyal member of Su Tao's international fan club!"

"Haha, then you're a moderator." But after a brief consideration, Kim Jung-yeon did not send the second part of her message.

With a colossal number of fans, that meant that the income would be coming in endlessly. Not to mention the primary source of income provided by the platform, they could even consider selling products related to Su Tao on the website or social media. Firstly, she had to obtain the rights to sell the Three Flavour Cosmetics International's products online before targeting them at the fans to reap profits.

Suddenly, her door was knocked, so she casually hollered in response, "Come in!"

When Kim Jung-ho entered and saw his sister staring at the computer with focus. He smiled. "What are you doing?"

"I'm managing Su Tao's fan club!" Kim Jung-yeon winked her eyes with pride before she playfully asked, "Oppa, do you know how many fans we have right now?"

"50,000-60,000 at most!" Kim Jung-ho smiled in disdain. Compared to that figure, his fanbase was at least a few hundred thousand! But Su Tao had just established his fan club, and there should be a limit despite the current hype. After all, Su Tao had no fame in the past and compared to Su Tao; his popularity was acc.u.mulated over time.

"We just broke through the mark of 1,100,000!" Kim Jung-yeon replied.

"1…" Kim Jung-ho was at a loss for words. However, he maintained his composure on the surface and glanced at the computer. Shortly after, he snorted and sneered in disdain. "That's only for the time being. When the hype dies down, I'm afraid that there won't be much of them remaining."

"Oppa, you're jealous of him!" Kim Jung-yeon exposed.

"Jealous? Do you have a screw loose? Why would I be jealous of him? This can only be considered an upstart." Kim Jung-ho snickered. He wanted to make Su Tao famous and even plotted the entire scandal. However, the development of the situation has exceeded his imagination.

Kim Jung-yeon had no idea that her brother was feeling conflicted and even a.n.a.lysed for him. "Oppa, there a gap between both of you. Firstly, he represents China, and the number of fans from China alone exceeds yours. Not to mention that this time, Hw.a.n.g Ji-yeon, who had stable popularity, was dragged into the matter. Oppa, you're famous in South Korea, but you're nothing in China. Right now, Su Tao has fans from both countries, and no matter how much you try to deny it, the reality lies before you that his fame has exceeded yours."

"Really? That's the effect I wanted, anyway!" Being reprimanded by his sister, Kim Jung-ho's arrogance was triggered. "It's meaningless for me to defeat a nameless person. On the other hand, I hope that Su Tao's fame can be higher. This way, I will be able to prove my ability in the International Medical Summit."

As Kim Jung-yeon's eyes flickered, she sighed and reminded, "Oppa, strength is subjective. If you're strong enough, there's no need for you to prove anything."

Kim Jung-ho was triggered by his sister's words, so he snorted and left the room.

After he left the room, Kim Jung-yeon's attention was s.h.i.+fted back to her computer. Between her brother and Su Tao, she had already decided to support the latter!

Although it was somewhat ruthless, Kim Jung-yeon felt that her decision wasn't a mistake.

"What a turncoat…" Kim Jung-ho left his sister's room with a wry smile. He suddenly felt that he had made a foolish mistake. He initially wanted to drag Su Tao into a scandal. Although Su Tao would gain fame in this manner, most of it would be negative.

But he never expected that Su Tao would become a bigshot overnight with fame that even surpa.s.sed him.

Suddenly, his phone rang, it was a call from Reporter Jo. However, Kim Jung-ho rejected the call, since he knew that that fellow would surely grumble at him. That reporter had obtained quite a bit of news from him in the past, and he wanted to come after him after one misfire?

Sorting out his emotions, Kim Jung-ho told himself that he had to be focused on facing the upcoming International Medical Summit.

The yearly International Medical Summit was a platform where young and talented doctors would display their abilities. Aside from having an a.s.sembly of famous doctors from various countries, there would also be a compet.i.tion. Kim Jung-ho felt that Su Tao was his biggest obstacle, but he also wouldn't lower his guard while facing other compet.i.tors.

"Sire, this is the latest news from South Korea. The crisis has been resolved, and Su Tao has handled this matter well. He ingeniously utilised this scandal to promote his corporation." Ah Jun reported and handed a doc.u.ment over to Sire Shui.

Sire Shui was interested in Su Tao's matters and requested the latest information on Su Tao almost daily. Because Su Tao was currently overseas, Ah Jun had to even use the hidden forces there to obtain information.

"That brat is a natural troublemaker, sweeping waves wherever he goes." Sire Shui's knitted brows loosen up as he continued, "Make a call to those in South Korea to ensure Su Tao's safety."

Although Sire Shui spoke casually, it actually represented his att.i.tude — it was a high-leveled order.

Ah Jun's expression was always solemn, and after a brief pondering, he probed, "Why don't I give Missy a call? I'm afraid that it might cause problems if an order came from you."

Sire Shui was a heavyweight in the nation, and it might cause great bellows if he used his status to give an order to the Foreign Affairs Bureau to mobilise their resources.

"Junzhuo has already grown up, and she's capable of making arrangements." Sire Shui nodded his head in satisfaction before asking again, "How is Old Cao's situation?"

"Same as before. He has been practicing martial arts daily and would cough occasionally. But he still refuses any treatment, just like before." Ah Jun reported honestly.

Letting out a sigh, Sire Shui was somewhat p.i.s.sed. "That stubborn fellow has to suffer a little for his character to change." After a brief pause, he continued, "Send that 1000-year-old ginseng over to Minnan Province."

Surprised by the order, Ah Jun rebuked, "Sire, that was left for you in times of emergency!"

Waving his hand, Sire Shui smiled. "I don't need the ginseng for the time being with the pellet Su Tao gave me."

Hearing those words, a rare smile rose on Ah Jun's lips. Sire Shui's trust for Su Tao had exceeded his imagination.

Physician's Odyssey Chapter 307 - Spare Me The Fresh Meat

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