Physician's Odyssey Chapter 310 - Wedding Turning Into A Funeral

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In the past, South Korea investigated all the triads in the country, and there were over a hundred of them within the country. Once upon a time, the Kwon Family actually started as a triad, but they managed to repackage themselves after several generations of effort. However, they still did not change their ways.

The Kwon Family kept a group of fighters, and they're mainly stationed in their entertainment outlets located around South Korea. Naturally, aside from traditional businesses, such as loan sharking, underground gambling dens, and receiving protection fees from stalls, they also operated a restaurant. It was the famous Kwon's Pork Rib Restaurant chains, since it was easier for them to conceal the origin of their money.

In South Korea, members of triads were free to leave whenever they wanted. There were practically no conflicts between triads on the same domain, and trafficking narcotics was forbidden. So this conflict was extraordinary and had exceeded what the Park Family expected.

In the opinion of the Park Family, they did not think that the Kwon Family would resort to this despite expecting the other party to cause some troubles for them.

Seeing a group pouncing in his direction, Kim Jung-ho was startled. Although he practiced Taekwondo and was a black belt at it, it was similar to most martial arts in China. They had been mostly turned into performance arts, and there wasn't much practical use for it in actual combat. So that didn't mean that a Taekwondo champion was stronger than anyone else outside the ring.

However, Kim Jung-ho was agile, and he managed to avoid the attacks. Taking the opportunity, he lashed out a kick. All of a sudden, a gale blew towards him and he subconsciously defended with his arm. When the bat struck his arm, he immediately howled out in pain before hauling it back. At this moment, another person raised a bat and swung it towards him.

Sitting to the side, Su Tao quietly watched as Kim Jung-ho suffered in pain. His mood was pretty good, since he felt that it was good to have this fellow suffer a little.

Although Kwon Woo-bin commanded the fighters to beat Kim Jung-ho to death, none of them really dared to do it. When they saw Kim Jung-ho lying on the ground, unmoving, they immediately retracted their bats and retreated.

As the master of the house, Park Yong-ha, questioned, "Kwon Woo-bin, don't think that you can do whatever you please."

Hearing those words, Kwon Woo-bin laughed, "Indeed, I can. According to my knowledge, you're recently active in China. Don't you know that many people are unhappy with you?"

About China's situation, not even triads in South Korea dared to take the role of a political hired thug.

At this moment, the Park Family of the SG Chaebol had a complicated position in the current politics of South Korea. The weak position of their current female president's position was linked to Park Yong-ha.

Despite his trust in Master Qian, Kwon Woo-bin wouldn't take such extreme measures for the former. It was mainly because someone was instigating this matter from the shadows.

Park Yong-ha suddenly realised the problem. To expand SG Chaebol's business in China, he helped the Chinese government in some matters. However, he never expected that the other party would react so swiftly by sending Kwon Woo-bin over to suppress him.

There weren't many people around that could see through the current political situation. Although the court has started to accuse their current president of misconduct, Kwon Woo-bin's appearance was a message to everyone that she still hasn't lost her power.

Although Su Tao couldn't understand Korean, he could roughly a.n.a.lyse this situation. At the same time, he also had a deeper understanding of Master Qian. That fellow's ability to set up plots was at the highest level. He had ingeniously made use of the momentum without any flaws in it.

Initially, Su Tao could stay away from trouble. However, this matter concerned the political situation between China and South Korea. To the South Koreans, Park Yong-ha's ident.i.ty was similar to that of a traitor. But for the Chinese, he was a friend. He was a pro-China South Korean, and not to mention that he was invited to China by Park Joong-sun. To a certain degree, the latter was considered Su Tao's backing, so he would lose his harbor if the Park Family suffered a blow.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao decided to get involved in this matter.

Pointing his finger at Kwon Woo-bin, Park Yong-ha threatened, "Kwon Woo-bin, if the public knows that you're keeping everyone here, then you and the mastermind will only fall faster!"

With a snicker, Kwon Woo-bin rebuked, "Even if I fall, you won't be alive to see that!"

If he wanted to support Lee Jun-na's father to gain control of SG Chaebol, then he would have to make Park Yong-ha lose his prestige. This was only the beginning, and this incident would be able to serve as a warning to everyone by subduing Park Yong-ha.

Whispering his instructions to a person beside him, the person nodded his head with a smile and took a bat over before charging in the direction of Park Yong-ha. Although Park Yong-ha had a personal bodyguard, his eyes were flickering with fear with sweaty hands. The other party's momentum was so powerful that it was oppressive. With a look, he could tell that the other party has gone to the battlefield, and has killed countless people.

That person was Jeong Ho-bin, a trump card of Kwon Woo-bin's that would often bring millions of won to him from underground matches. If it wasn't for dealing with the Park Family, he would not have wanted Jeong Ho-bin to make a move. He had done thorough research on Park Yong-ha, and the latter's bodyguard was once a mercenary, Heo Song-bin. A powerful character that saved Park Yong-ha from danger on many occasions.

Taking big strides towards Heo Song-bin, Jeong Ho-bin swung the bat over. The speed was swift, and Heo Song-bin only saw a flash before his eyes before the bat struck him and fell he to the ground, unmoving.

Jeong Ho-bin received an order from Kwon Woo-bin not to kill. Otherwise, Heo Song-bin would have died by now.

The whole place turned silent as they looked at Jeong Ho-bin in fear. That fellow was crude with stubbles all over his lips. He had deep wrinkles on his forehead, making him look like a fiend G.o.d from h.e.l.l.

With a grin, Jeong Ho-bin asked, "Why don't you make a trip with us?"

There were still three bodyguards beside Park Yong-ha, and they were all a.s.sistants of Heo Song-bin. Since they received money, they naturally had to help resolve this situation. Thus, they did not hesitate to take a step forth.

Three similar sounds echoed and the three bodyguards were instantly pounded to the ground!

Stretching his arm forth, Jeong Ho-bin made a grab towards Park Yong-ha. At this moment, s.h.i.+n Chae-won was anxious about her husband and pounced forth. However, Jeong Ho-bin did not even take a look at her and waved his hand, hurling s.h.i.+n Chae-won towards the door. The latter issued a groan before her head tilted.

Jeong Ho-bin was encased in killing intent. He wasn't lenient, regardless of gender.

A wedding should be a joyful occasion, but it had turned into a funeral with the appearance of Kwon Woo-bin.

Although Su Tao couldn't understand Korean, and he had no idea what they were talking about, he could tell that s.h.i.+n Chae-won had suffered substantial injuries. He knew he had to make a move.

When Jeong Ho-bin stretched his hand forth to grab Park Yong-ha's neck, he suddenly felt the back of his hand going numb and that sensation was swiftly spreading to his entire arm. Before he could respond to it, he saw a palm bolting towards his face. When he took a step back, that silhouette took a step forth and locked Jeong Ho-bin's knee. As someone versed in various forms of martial arts, Jeong Ho-bin was experienced, and he knew that he had encountered an expert in Chinese martial arts.

Chinese martial arts reputation has even spread beyond China. Their moves were endless upon execution. It was like playing a game of chess. When they executed the first move, they had already thought of the second move and accurately predicted their opponent's movements.

As someone well-experienced, Jeong Ho-bin managed to get a clear glimpse of Su Tao's appearance in a breath. It was a young man blessed with outstanding looks. Despite having a tall figure, he wasn't robust. He wore an unfamiliar costume that looked to be a Chinese-styled robe. Not only did it not look crude, it even made his figure look more slender.

Knowing that Jeong Ho-bin was an expert, Su Tao resorted to sneak attacks with his needles. Otherwise, even if he did catch his opponent by surprise, he would still be in a disadvantageous position. Having his acupoint struck, Jeong Ho-bin lost the entire sensation of his arm and could only fight with his remaining arm.

Su Tao's jabs rained down like a storm that followed his heart's wishes. His steps were swift like the wind as he executed Yan Wujin's techniques to the limit.

However, Jeong Ho-bin's endurance exceeded his expectations and he was protecting his fatal spots well. As a result, Su Tao's fists could only land on insignificant positions like scratches and couldn't inflict any damage.

As their battle progressed, Jeong Ho-bin's face turned unsightly. There wasn't any flaw in Su Tao's attacks. Although the strength behind those jabs wasn't powerful, it gradually lowered his defense.

Finally, Su Tao managed to get a lash into Jeong Ho-bin's lower abdomen. As the latter spat blood, he looked at Su Tao in disbelief and raged, "You poisoned me?!"

Su Tao had added a liquid extract to his needle that numbs the nerves and expedites blood circulation. The moment it entered Jeong Ho-bin's body, it soon took a toll. Su Tao wasn't blindly attacking with his fists, he was targeting crucial acupoints. It was akin to giving a ma.s.sage that triggered blood circulation.

Although that needle only contained a small amount of it, it was soon spread throughout Jeong Ho-bin's body through the trigger, causing his fighting capability to fall to less than 10% of his peak.

The moment a physician learned martial arts, not even a deity could keep him off!

Despite having no idea what that fellow was talking about, Su Tao guessed that the other party realised his trick with his needle. Hence, he became even more ruthless in his attacks and threw two jabs at Jeong Ho-bin's chin. Because the latter's reaction time has slowed down, he couldn't avoid the jab, even if he wanted to, and allowed it to strike him.

However, Su Tao still wasn't rea.s.sured, so he added two kicks.

Kwon Woo-bin was instantly stunned. He never expected that his expert would so easily have his b.u.t.t handled by such a feeble-looking young man.

"What are you guys waiting for? Go!" Kwon Woo-bin had an uneasy feeling. The other party was an unexpected factor.

In Su Tao's eyes, he didn't have to use any tactics when dealing with the rest. He only relied on his fists, hooks, and a spinning kick…

In a matter of time, the group of black-clothed men was lying on the ground!

Feeling his mouth going dry, Kwon Woo-bin pulled Lee Jun-na and headed for the exit. After a brief pondering, Su Tao chased after them and lashed kick at Kwon Woo-bin's back, while giving a frontal kick to Lee Jun-na's ample booty…

Physician's Odyssey Chapter 310 - Wedding Turning Into A Funeral

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