Physician's Odyssey Chapter 395 - Cursing The Tycoon Of Huainan Province

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"Stop teasing him and sit down. Let's talk business!" Seeing how Su Tao wore a wry smile from being touched by Qin Meimei, Yan Jing finally spoke up to relieve Su Tao of his difficulty.

"I haven't done anything, and you're feeling heartache already?" Qin Meimei gently pushed Su Tao's st.u.r.dy chest and cast a flirting glance at him. "Hey lad, your figure is pretty good!"

Su Tao was already immune to Qin Meimei's actions, so he helplessly shook his head. After sitting down, Yan Jing pointed at the gla.s.s, which he picked up and took a gentle sip from it.

"Haha!" Qin Meimei burst into laughter. "He fell for it!"

Looking at Qin Meimei in perplexion, Su Tao asked, "Is there a problem with this wine?"

Shaking her finger, Qin Meimei said, "There's no problem in the wine, but the gla.s.s!"

When Su Tao looked at the gla.s.s, he smiled wryly. There was actually a lipstick mark on it. It's no wonder why it felt a little weird when he drank it, so it was the taste of the lipstick. Wearing a weak smile, Su Tao said, "It's just some lipstick. Jia Baoyu of The Dream of Red Mansions love this stuff, and the taste is pretty good, too!"

With a smile, Qin Meimei explained, "I just bet with Yan Jing, which she said that you would surely notice the lipstick with your meticulous nature. However, I bet that you won't be able to notice it, which I won! Hence, Yan Jing has to be punished!"

Gulping down the amber wine in her gla.s.s, Yan Jing smiled. "A bet is a bet! So, what do you want me to do?"

"Great! You have to kiss Su Tao, and it must be a french kiss for at least 5 minutes!" Qin Meimei smiled.

As a wry smile crept on his face, Su Tao said, "How are you gambles related to me?"

Glaring at Su Tao, Qin Meimei snapped, "Stop speaking against your heart. G.o.d-knows how many men in the world wished to have a beauty kiss you. Now that you have this opportunity, you're still trying to put on airs? You're simply courting to be bashed!"

After a brief pondering, Yan Jing said, "A bet cannot be determined with just a victory. We'll bet again, and if you still managed to win, then I'll do as you requested!"

Considering the proposal, Qin Meimei smiled and asked, "Say, how are we going to gamble?"

"Let Su Tao calculate your menses period and see if he can accurately guess it!" Yan Jing smiled.

Looking at Su Tao with a smile, Qin Meimei clapped her hands together. "Alright! I don't even know when my last period was, and I don't believe that Su Tao can guess it! You have to consider this well because the time will be extended to ten minutes if you lose this time!"

Su Tao was sweating on his forehead. The two ladies had utterly ignored his existence and were talking about the private matters of women without any restraints. Although he's a physician and had a good grasp on the physiology of men and women, he's still a man. Being teased in this manner, how should he calm himself down if the heat rises?

After deeply looking at Su Tao, Yan Jing threatened, "You can't go easy, or I won't let you off!"

Examining Qin Meimei, Su Tao proceeded to take her pulse and briefly pondered before saying, "Big Sister Meimei's menstruation period is a little chaotic, and it's mainly due to your diet and rest. Because she drinks often and eats less, she has a little malnutrition. It has been 43 days since her last period, which will endlessly increase if she continues this lifestyle. If not treated in time, it might even develop into premature ovarian aging!"

The smile plastered on Qin Meimei's face slowly turned into shock before a wry smile crept on her face. "You're truly a Divine Physician to make such accurate guesses!"

Su Tao warned, "I'm telling you the consequences so that you can seek medical attention. For the time being, it's nothing serious, and you just have to rest to recover."

With a relaxed smile, Qin Meimei said, "Alright, you win this round!" After that, she winked in the direction of Yan Jing with a flicker of slyness in her eyes. "A bet is a bet, so you can kiss Su Tao first, and I'll do it later. Consider that lad to benefit today!"

Yan Jing was briefly stunned before she asked, "We had a tie, so let's just cancel each other's bet out!"

Shaking her head, Qin Meimei insisted, "No way! It won't be interesting that way!"

When she finished, she abruptly stood up and walked in the direction of Su Tao. After hooking her hands over his neck, she leaned herself in and kissed him.

Su Tao never expected that Qin Meimei would be so direct, which he was caught off guard. He felt a cooling sensation on his cheek as Qin Meimei loosened the hook on his neck and pridefully looked at the lipstick mark before glancing at Yan Jing and provoked, "Your turn!"

"Childis.h.!.+" When Yan Jing saw Qin Meimei kissing Su Tao, she felt a little weird in her heart, before she considered that Qin Meimei has drank too much, and her action was a bit unrestrained. However, Yan Jing definitely couldn't behave that way, or her impression in Su Tao's heart would drop.

Seeing how Yan Jing went against the bet, Qin Meimei walked over and embraced her waist before insisting, "No way! You have to kiss Su Tao!"

Giving a signal to Su Tao, the latter nodded his head as he walked over and gently pulled her away. Qin Meimei's eyes were hazy and smelled of alcohol. This woman is completely drunk!

Hence, he could only support Qin Meimei and bring her to the guest room located on the third floor under Yan Jing's arrangement.

Although Qin Meimei wasn't heavy, her hands were wandering around when he was supporting her. Fearing that she might be injured, Su Tao tried his best to control his strength and adjusted his posture. It was so much so that after the whole ordeal, he was covered in sweat.

In his heart, he felt that it's good for women to have more meat. Although a skinny woman like Qin Meimei looked good in fas.h.i.+on, she was too light when lifted. If he was careless and her bone b.u.mped into something, it would be a little painful for her.

Looking at Su Tao, Yan Jing smiled, "How is it? Getting kissed by someone."

Su Tao was briefly stunned. Yan Jing was still dwelling on that matter from earlier. Hence, he weakly said, "Well, I considered it to be being kissed by a pig!"

"Is there a pig so skinny?" After sourly glancing at Su Tao, Yan Jing said, "Qin Meimei wasn't like this in the past. She only started losing weight after the episode with Li Yede, which has caused her character to undergo a huge change. Right, do you have a method to treat… that?"

a.n.a.lysing the whole situation, Su Tao smiled. "So that's the scheme behind your bets!"

Yan Jing's brows gently trembled as she said, "Qin Meimei mentioned it to me when she was sober, which she wanted to ask you about it. However, I never expected that she would go insane after being drunk and lose control of herself. Hence, I wanted to ask on her behalf!"

"It won't be easy!" Su Tao smiled wryly as he shook his head.

Looking at Su Tao in perplexion, Yan Jing asked, "Isn't it common for women to experience irregular menstruation periods? A Divine Physician like you doesn't have a solution?"

Su Tao responded by pointing in Yan Jing's towering bosom, which the latter blushed.

Knowing that she had misunderstood his intention, Su Tao immediately explained, "Big Sister Meimei's sickness originates from her heart, and there's no medication for it. Although I can prescribe medicine for her to deal with it, for now, there will still be trouble in the future if she continues to maintain this lifestyle."

Hearing his words, Yan Jing fully agreed with him and bitterly smiled. "It's all because of that Li Yede!"

After a brief pondering, Su Tao suggested, "Try and arrange a meeting with Li Yede to allow Big Sister Meimei to talk things out with him. She can only be treated by undoing the knot in her heart."

Shaking her head, Yan Jing furrowed her brows. "Li Yede is a tyc.o.o.n in Huainan Province, and it's not easy to get him to talk things out with Meimei."

"Do you have Li Yede's phone number?" Su Tao asked after understanding the meaning behind Yan Jing's words.

"What do you want to do?" Yan Jing asked. She was briefly stunned by his sudden question.

"Let me borrow your phone a little!" Su Tao stretched his hand out, which Yan Jing bitterly smiled as she unlocked her phone. Su Tao noticed that her wallpaper was Hua Yan's photo. All mothers were similar, which Yan Jing also placed Hua Yan as her precious.

As he tapped on the phone, he retrieved Li Yede's phone number and called it. After a few rings, Li Yede's robust voice resounded from the other side.

"I wonder what's the matter for a beauty to call me in the middle of the night?" It was Li Yede's personal phone, which not many people had the connections to get. Fortunately, Yan Jing was one of them.

"h.e.l.lo, I'm not Yan Jing; I'm Su Tao, a friend of Big Sister Meimei!" Su Tao introduced.

"Mhm?" Li Yede knitted his brows upon hearing Qin Meimei's name and his tone turned cold, "What is it?"

"I would like to arrange a meeting with you and discuss her condition!" Su Tao replied as Li Yede's cold response was within his expectations.

"I have nothing to talk to her about!" Li Yede replied unhappily. "We've already broken up, and I've given her sufficient compensation!"

"Compensation?" Su Tao started cursing out, "Not only did she help you create your empire, she even gave her youth to you. The arrangement I intended was an opportunity for you to atone yourself, but forget it. You're simply a sc.u.mbag!"

When he finished, he immediately hung up the call.

Yan Jing widened his eyes in astonishment as she looked at Su Tao. After a few seconds, she burst out into laughter. "You're truly a talent to scold the tyc.o.o.n of Huainan Province himself!"

"So what is he's a tyc.o.o.n? Money doesn't change that fact that he's a sc.u.mbag!" After briefly tapping on the phone, he waved it before Yan Jing. "I've recorded it, and you can let Big Sister Meimei listen to it tomorrow when she sobers up. Although the effect won't be as great as a frontal confrontation, it can also help her condition. In addition to my prescription, she should be fine if she takes the medication on time!"

At this moment, Yan Jing realised that Su Tao scolded Li Yede to help Qin Meimei, and she saw a new light in him.

Because it was raining outside, faint tapping sounds echoed from the roof of the balcony. Yan Jing smiled. "I've not drunk much before Qin Meimei got herself drunk. Why don't you drink a little with me?"

Even if it was late at night, the fine rain was like a golden coc.o.o.n under the reflection of hazy light and permeated with a uniquely romantic ambiance.

"Just a bit, I know that your alcohol tolerance is good." Su Tao smiled.

Getting the housekeeper to prepare a few side dishes, Yan Jing chatted as she ate. Su Tao could tell that Yan Jing was content with her life now. She constantly had to think about the development of her career, and at this moment, it was a rare chance for her to relax.

"I've already put up a team for the application you mentioned to me the other time." Yan Jing gently b.u.mped her gla.s.s with Su Tao and continued, "When are you free to talk with them to share your idea? This way, it will help them better in the designing process."

Su Tao never expected that Yan Jing would be so efficient. He smiled. "Let's not delay the matter and arrange a meeting later this week!" Seeing her gaze on his gla.s.s as a signal for him to finish it, he bitterly smiled and gulped it all down.

After a few more cups, Yan Jing took the initiative to ask, "I have had something on my mind recently. Are you willing to listen?"

Physician's Odyssey Chapter 395 - Cursing The Tycoon Of Huainan Province

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