Physician's Odyssey Chapter 399 - The Bitch And Bastard

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The location of the meeting was chosen at the highest construct of Qiongjin City, the Apex Cloud Building.

Under Qin Meimei's help, Li Yede became a partner of the Apex Cloud Building seven to eight years ago, which after some acquisition of shares, Li Yede had successfully become a major shareholder of the building. Relying on this landmark in Qiongjin City, Li Yede's business empire violently expanded until he became the tyc.o.o.n of Huainan Province.

The moment someone has money, position, and wealth would follow along. Right now, Li Yede has all sorts of statuses and was a genuinely successful person.

Due to his excellent maintenance, he actually looked to be in his forties despite being in his fifties and looked even more mature than the actor, Wu Xiubo. He belonged to the category of "lady killer" with explosive lethality.

When he was in his twenties, he was already married to his wife and had two sons and a daughter. Since her husband was rich, it was natural for there to be women around him. Hence, his wife did not care about how he messed around outside and kept an eye closed with Qin Meimei. Even she had her own sugar boy outside.

Their marriage was only a piece of paper, and the two of them wouldn't bother with each other's life.

In fact, it's common in modern society. For Li Yede's wife, there were two bottom lines for her. Firstly, the mistress must not try to seize her position as the official wife; secondly, the mistress must not bear any children to fight for inheritance in the future.

However, Qin Meimei had undoubtedly stepped on the first landmine as she wanted Li Yede to divorce and form a new family with her, which was simply laughable.

In a private room located in the western restaurant at Apex Cloud Building, Li Yede and Ai Hui sat together.

Taking a sip of coffee, Ai Hui locked her brows together. "Why is this Kopi Luwak so bad? Is there any skimp on work?"

As Li Yede was used to Biluochun tea, he glanced at Ai Hui faintly and replied, "The taste isn't good? Then there must be a problem with the barista!"

Waving her hand at the waiter standing to the side, Ai Hui said, "Call the barista in!"

The waiter actually felt greatly pressured serving these two people. So when he heard Ai Hui's words, his forehead was instantly covered in sweat since he knew that the Queen of Apex Cloud Corporation was unhappy. Hence, he immediately went out and a lady walked in shortly after and asked, "Is there anything?"

Glancing at the barista, Ai Hui looked at her nametag and asked with a smile, "Your name is Ding Xiu? How long have you been working as the barista?"

"Mrs. Ai, I've been working for two years." Ding Xiu immediately introduced herself.

However, Ai Hui still maintained a gentle tone, "Why haven't I seen you in the past?"

Ding Xiu immediately felt uneasy as she replied, "Because I was an a.s.sistant barista in the past. My master suddenly resigned last week, so I took over his duties."

Letting out a sigh, Ai Hui said, "The Apex Cloud's coffee is the best in Qiongjin City, and your master has been doing a great job because of his experience abroad. May I ask if you have any similar experiences?"

Pursing her lips together, Ding Xiu shook her head. "I don't have any. However, I have had unique taste buds since birth, and the coffee I make is extraordinary. It is something that the employees and customers here have acknowledged."

Seeing that Ding Xiu actually dared to retort against her, Ai Hui unhappily locked her brows together. "Really? Why do I feel that the standard of this coffee is terrible? Take this Kopi Luwak; for example, there's a sour taste to it, and it's unbearable."

Ding Xiu was briefly stunned before she asked, "Then, do you need me to make another cup for you?"

Impatiently shaking her hand, Ai Hui said, "No need! Go to the finance later to get your wage settled. For your standard, you're not even qualified as an a.s.sistant barista."

Biting on her lips, Ding Xiu was helpless. The Chairman's wife fired her, which meant that there's no chance for her to stay.

After Ding Xiu left, Li Yede opened his mouth, "Is it worth the trouble?"

"What's wrong? You're feeling heartache?" Ai Hui cast a glance of disdain over. "I've already checked on Ding Xiu. Her family is good, and her father owns a small-scaled factory with an annual income of at least ¥1,000,000. So she must have a scheme for being willing to stay here as a barista."

In terms of scheming, who can win against you? Li Yede indifferently asked, "What scheme can she have?"

Ai Hui snickered, "Don't take me for a fool. You've started to frequent this place since six months ago. If I've expected it right, you've already gone to bed with her, right?"

Snorting out unhappily, Li Yede snapped, "You investigated me?" But Ai Hui did not dig deep enough. He wanted to get Ding Xiu in bed with him, but he still has yet to succeed.

Letting out a sigh, Ai Hui replied, "Do I need to investigate you? There's naturally someone who reports your whereabouts to me. It's mainly because you're too unrestrained. This Ding Xiu shares a resemblance to the young Qin Meimei. You wouldn't still have feelings for that woman, right?"

Rubbing his nose, Li Yede unhappily said, "We're already husband and wife for so many years, and we understand each other too well. I only feel that this little girl is innocent and energetic, so I want to chat with her. As you know, I don't even have someone by my side that can share my troubles."

Taking out an envelope from her purse, Ai Hui pushed it over to Li Yede. "Look at it yourself!"

Li Yede's expression changed as he bleakly sighed, "I never expected that you'd done such a detailed investigation on Ding Xiu!"

As Ai Hui smiled pridefully, she replied, "She was found to be pregnant last month, and if you get in a relations.h.i.+p with her now, then I have to congratulate you for becoming the fool."

Taking a sip of Longjing Tea, Li Yede was recently trying to take down Ding Xiu. However, he never expected things to turn out this way. Thinking about it again, there's really a possibility. Perhaps Ding Xiu was brewing up her own scheme to extort a sum of money from him.

Although he didn't lack money, he wasn't a fool, and he didn't like being exploited.

There wasn't anything wrong with the Kopi Luwak's taste, but Ding Xiu has committed other mistakes.

Firstly, she shouldn't have attracted Li Yede's desire; secondly, she shouldn't have gotten pregnant with another man while Li Yede was paying attention to her; thirdly, she's too similar to Qin Meimei in the past.

As for Ding Xiu, she did not have any intention of climbing up to Li Yede. After all, the difference in their status was enormous.

The only reason she was fired was because she had attracted Ai Hui's unhappiness.

When Ding Xiu came to the finance department, the finance did not pay her the entire month, and they only paid her half with an explanation, "There's nothing I can do, Manager Ding. This is Mrs. Ai's request!"

Ding Xiu trembled as she emotionally said, "You guys are bullying!"

Letting out a sigh, the finance clerk explained, "Mrs. Ai says that we're deducting your salary as a deposit for fearing that you might leak our secret recipe. You can come and collect it anytime if you work as another profession aside from a barista."

Ding Xiu had reached her limit as she took the salary and stomped into the room before she threw the money at Ai Hui and Li Yede.

Ai Hui was startled by this scene as she yelled, "Guards! Take this mad woman down!"

When the bodyguard outside saw Ding Xiu going in, they did not notice her hostility for Li Yede and Ai Hui. But when they heard the yell, they immediately charged in and restrained Ding Xiu.

Seeing that Ding Xiu was restrained, Ai Hui returned as she mocked, "What's wrong? Suffered grievance?"

Ding Xiu roared indignantly, "You guys are too despicable!"

Shrugging her shoulders, Ai Hui replied, "Continue with your insults! Oh, right, your father's factory can wait to be closed. As for your boyfriend, he can also be prepared to be fired as a manager in that investment company! You want to mess with me? You've overestimated your own capability!"

Under Ai Hui's provocation, Ding Xiu was furious as she tried to struggle from the bodyguard's restraint. Suddenly, she felt pain from her stomach as sweat permeated from her forehead while groaning out in pain.

Noticing this factor, Li Yede's expression finally started to change as he persuaded, "Ai Hui, don't provoke her. She's a pregnant woman!"

However, Ai Hui smiled in disdain. "Isn't she just two months pregnant? If anything happens, then we can just give her a sum of money as compensation."

Helplessly shaking his head, Li Yede could only continue to drink his tea. He decided to close an eye on this matter since helping Ding Xiu would just attract more of Ai Hui's disgust. But at the same time, Li Yede was also disappointed after knowing that Ding Xiu was pregnant. After all, he liked innocent women.

"Arghh!" Ding Xiu yelled out in pain from her abdomen as a hot flow leaked out from her thigh.

Seeing the blood, the bodyguard was startled, "Blood!"

Ai Hui never expected that Ding Xiu would really show signs of miscarriage. She impatiently waved her hand before instructing the two bodyguards. "Get an ambulance… If anything happens, then just give her a sum of money."

The bodyguards were trained. They dragged Ding Xiu out to implement their employer's orders.

The waiter also found a mop and came in and cleaned up the blood.

Locking her brows together, Ai Hui unpleasantly said, "What luck. Let's change the room!"

"This place is indeed no longer suitable!" Li Yede agreed.

This husband-and-wife pair pretended that nothing had happened with Ding Xiu's matters, as if her miscarriage was nothing.

However, this was also related to their lifestyle.

In their eyes, money can do anything, and it can resolve any problem, no matter how big they were.

On the other hand, Ding Xiu barging in and throwing money in their faces has offended their pride.

Although Li Yede did not say anything, he also felt that Ding Xiu should be punished in his heart. After all, she hid the fact that she had a boyfriend and her pregnancy and caused him to spend so much time on her.

When Su Tao and Qin Meimei exited the elevator, they saw two men dragging a fainted woman over.

Glancing at the woman's complexion and the blood on her thighs, Su Tao was shocked.

Help the dying and heal the injured was the calling of doctors, and if he was five minutes later, this woman's child would be lost, and she would also be in a life-threatening condition.

"Put her down!" Su Tao solemnly ordered.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you? Get lost!" One of the bodyguards glanced at Su Tao in annoyance.

Seeing how the two bodyguards were rough with that lady, he immediately stepped forth and pushed them away before laying the lady on the ground. At this moment, he did not have time to waste with the bodyguards.

Retrieving needles from his medical box, he inserted them into the woman's acupoints on her head before removing her coat and pulled up half an inch of her s.h.i.+rt to reveal her abdomen to insert nine needles!

This was an emergency situation and there was no need to pay any attention to the difference in s.e.x!

Roughly ten minutes later, the woman's condition improved and she weakly opened her eyes while mumbling, "My child, my child…"

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao wiped the sweat on his forehead and comforted, "Don't worry. Your child is safe!"

Physician's Odyssey Chapter 399 - The Bitch And Bastard

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