Physician's Odyssey Chapter 457 - The Ultimate Reversal

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"Recently, Su Tao has encountered some trouble that implicated my medical clinic as well. Thus, I feel the need to explain to everyone." Kim Jung-ho calmly said before he continued, "Su Tao is someone in the same field that I admire, and I do not wish for him to be treated with such injustice. At the same time, many truths have been twisted, which makes me feel uncomfortable, not to mention that both my sister and I are involved in this as well. So now, please look at the screen again."

The screen lit up once again, showing the battle between Su Tao and Kim Jung-ho in the International Medical Summit that was recently hosted in South Korea.

"We have to go all the way back to last year, when Su Tao and I met in the Three States Forum Exchange held at Yuhang City. During the compet.i.tion, TKM crushed TCM entirely. But soon, I realised that China's representatives weren't the best. During an incident, I discovered Su Tao's shocking ability, which was the reason why I invited him to partic.i.p.ate in the International Medical Summit hosted in South Korea."

Kim Jung-ho wore a smile as he calmly reminisced, "Back then, I was extremely excited because he's an opponent worthy of my respect. During the International Medical Summit, I tried my best to compete with Su Tao. Back then, we were both treating a patient with a benign tumor, in which he crushed me entirely. When I lost our compet.i.tion, I honored our bet and changed the name of my medical center to Three Flavour Hall. So, strictly speaking, the Three Flavour Hall located in Seoul is my personal a.s.set, and Su Tao has nothing to do with it."

Hearing Kim Jung-ho's explanation, a commotion broke out once more. Although the reporters still had their own doubts, the seed had already been planted.

"Truth be told, before I met Su Tao, I was filled with disdain for the TCM standard of your country. Although TKM originated from TCM, TCM's development has been falling behind TKM. I personally felt that there's a huge gap between the two medical studies, so I have never placed TCM with any importance. But after my compet.i.tion with Su Tao, I realised that there's always someone better in the world." Kim Jung-ho sighed. "But now, I'm filled with indignance. How can such a charismatic man that fought for the dignity of his country be called a traitor by his people? I believe there's no greater grievance than this, right?"

Kim Jung-ho's words instantly caused silence in the field and many people felt ashamed that they had to be reprimanded by a Korean. This Korean was defending their own fellow countryman, whom they even joined in to denounce.

The situation had a sudden turnabout. After all, the supportive words from a Korean were way more powerful than anyone's speech.

Kim Jung-ho was also taking a risk since he might be called a traitor in his own country for standing out and defending Su Tao. However, he was driven to do this due to the respect he felt for Su Tao in the depths of his heart.

Yesterday, his sister called him, and he pondered for a long time. He even went on to discuss this matter with his grandfather. Hence, the moment he obtained approval from his grandfather, he made a decisive decision to come over.

Su Tao might be a narrow-minded nationalist and has been treating him with indifference, but Kim Jung-ho still felt the need to speak the truth. After all, if this controversy buried Su Tao, not only would it impact the rise of China's TCM, but it's also a significant loss for the whole of Asia.

After that, Kim Jung-ho went on to explain the details that occurred during the International Medical Summit on how Su Tao made use of his medical skills to convince worldwide professionals.

Although the reporters couldn't understand the medical terms being used, they were also captivated by the story with their blood boiling. So it turned out that there's a young man in China that shouldered the burden of TCM by himself to win praises in another country.

"That's right; he's such a charismatic person. Even if he's my opponent, I was convinced by his medical ability, not to mention that his medical ethics were likewise praiseworthy. There are also many people in South Korea that received his help.

"Yet, you guys are actually accusing such an outstanding person?

"You're calling someone like him a traitor?

"Isn't this ridiculous? Isn't this an irony? Isn't this despicable? Is there anything in the world that's more disappointing than this?

"I feel that you should all do some reflection!"

Kim Jung-ho's series of questions was akin to a hammer that struck everyone's chests.

"Secondly, I believe that everyone must be curious about the relations.h.i.+p between Su Tao and my sister, right?" Kim Jung-ho briefly pondered, then smiled. "That sister of mine has loved China's culture since young, and even majored Mandarin in university. She's an independent girl with her own thoughts, and she firmly believed in Su Tao's success after meeting him. Hence, she created an international fan club for Su Tao. Due to Su Tao's dazzling performance in South Korea, he won the hearts of many girls in South Korea, and I believe that my sister is one of them. However, the feelings of my sister are like my feelings for a certain celebrity in China; it's the adoration of a fan for their idol that's pure and innocent. How can it be turned into a reason used to attack Su Tao? Can it be that someone's jealous?"

Facing Kim Jung-ho's question, the reporters all fell into silence once more.

Su Tao had won over the hearts of Koreans, and it should be something honorable. But due to the mastermind of this scandal, he became a traitor that went against all logic.

At this moment, the reporters all felt ashamed and humiliated since they had been misled.

After that, Kim Jung-ho bowed to the reporters and continued, "Even if our two countries are in a complicated relations.h.i.+p, I feel that we should all be reasonable. Even despite being Korean, I admire Su Tao. So I hope that everyone can see the truth and help him restore his reputation. For a doctor, their reputation is equivalent to their own life. With this, I end my speech. Thank you!"

His words were sincere, which made everyone feel emotional.

Amongst the crowd, the reporters couldn't hold back from clapping and the applause echoed.

Although the two countries were in a tense relations.h.i.+p, Kim Jung-ho's action has won their respect.

Watching this, a smile rose on Yan Jing's lips as she sighed. She never expected that Kim Jung-ho would make the trip over to Hanzhou City to clear up Su Tao's name. It was something that has exceeded her expectations.

But it was precisely because of this matter that everyone was convinced.

She didn't even have to guess what would happen next. In just a few hours from now, the entire scandal will collapse. After the reporters came to know about the truth, they would surely clean Su Tao's name. At the same time, Huo Kun, Du Yu, w.a.n.g Guofeng, and the Medicine Deity Corporation will be under fire for their despicable scheme.

"With that, this press conference has come to an end, and I hereby thank everyone for coming here. In just a moment, our branding department will hand out notes of this press conference for everyone, so do support us." The host waited for Kim Jung-ho to leave before he announced the closure of this event.

The reporters all started to scramble as they fought over the notes and swiftly typed out an article for their editors, which would soon be published on the various official media sites.

Yan Jing left in a hurry and saw Kim Jung-ho standing outside. Initiating a handshake, she thanked, "Thank you for coming. Because of your appearance, our press conference became a great success."

"I only did what I thought was right. If Su Tao was truly done in by those vile creatures, then I would be in an awkward position." Kim Jung-ho humbly replied as he smiled.

"Awkward position?" Yan Jing was baffled as she looked at Kim Jung-ho.

Letting out a sigh, Kim Jung-ho replied, "My medical clinic is now bearing the signboard of the Three Flavour Hall, and if Su Tao's reputation was ruined, then wouldn't my business be affected as well?"

"You don't seem to be such a materialistic person." Yan Jing showed a complicated smile.

Although Kim Jung-ho wasn't Chinese and he had his own view, Yan Jing could tell that he's actually filled with respect for Su Tao from the bottom of his heart.

"You're overestimating me. Compared to me, Su Tao is the one who's not materialistic." Kim Jung-ho bitterly smiled in response.

His words caused Yan Jing to be briefly stunned. As Su Tao's rival, Kim Jung-ho's evaluation of him was impartial.

Aside from being a lecher, Su Tao really didn't bother about materialistic gains, and his mind was solely focused on TCM.

If his reputation was ruined in this incident, then it would be a huge mental blow for him.

But fortunately, the situation was developing in a better direction.

Sitting in the car, Huo Kun's phone vibrated before he picked it up. He could tell from w.a.n.g Guofeng's voice that the latter's mood was terrible as he questioned him, "Have you heard?"

Huo Kun was startled by the sudden question, so he asked in perplexion, "Young Master Feng, what's going on?"

"You still have no idea about it?! The entire internet has exploded! The controversy has been turned against us now!" w.a.n.g Guofeng felt the urge to slap himself, since he never expected that Huo Kun would be so stupid. He initially thought that the latter could be his trusted aide, but Huo Kun was simply a pig to admit that he was the mastermind!

"I'll look at it, and I'll give you a call back later." Huo Kun nervously said, since he subconsciously knew that there's trouble.

Letting out a sigh, w.a.n.g Guofeng coldly replied, "We should avoid contact for the time being so that the other party won't be able to launch further attacks against us. But don't worry about it, you'll always be a brother of mine in my heart, and I will stand together with you no matter what happens."

Huo Kun was touched by w.a.n.g Guofeng's words, so he responded, "Young Master Feng, don't worry about it. I will take responsibility for what I've done, and I will not drag you down with me."

After hanging up the call, w.a.n.g Guofeng knocked his finger against the desk and gave out orders to Luo Ran.

"Immediately make a statement saying that the Medicine Deity Corporation has no relations.h.i.+p with Huo Kun, and we retain the right to pursue legal actions for the vile-intended accusation."

"If we make a statement now, won't that mean that we've admitted to it?" Luo Ran was shocked by the order.

"At least it's better than doing nothing!" w.a.n.g Guofeng ordered.

Perhaps Huo Kun will be disappointed when he sees the statement, but w.a.n.g Guofeng believes that the former could understand that they're no longer the kids they used to be. They now had responsibility on their shoulders, and they had to make considerations for the bigger picture.

Physician's Odyssey Chapter 457 - The Ultimate Reversal

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