Physician's Odyssey Chapter 544

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Published at 6th of April 2020 10:05:02 PM
Chapter 544: 544

The three of them soon arrived at the billiards club as the neon lights blossomed like pa.s.sionate flames by the entrance . The parking lot was filled with cars, which spoke for the decent business here in the billiards club, many of the vehicles cost over ¥300,000 . Before they entered, they could hear dynamic music coming from the club . As they went up, they saw several fas.h.i.+onable youths gathered below, which Gu Rushan knitted her brows and exchanged a glance with Cai Yan . The two of them were both hesitating .

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“Let's forget about it . This place seems pretty chaotic!”

Although Gu Rushan drifted in Beijing for years, she rarely comes out this late . The furthest she went to was going to Karaoke with her fellow colleagues at the dance school .

“Since we're already here, how can we back off right now?” Su Tao waved his hand and continued, “Let's go; I don't think it's that exaggerated . ”

When they came to the second floor, the billiards club was s.p.a.cious . The receptionist who wore thick makeup glanced at the three of them .

 “It must be your first time here, right? Are you guys interested in a members.h.i.+p card? You can get a 20% discount with the members.h.i.+p card!” She asked .

“What's the requirement for it?” Su Tao inquired .

“You can obtain the card by topping up ¥3,000 . Furthermore, we will give you an additional ¥800 in your card!” The attendant explained .

“Forget it; we'll just go by the normal price!” Su Tao wasn't reluctant to spend, but he won't be coming here often, so it will only be a waste of money for him to top up so much money .

After paying the deposit, Su Tao came to a billiards table and smiled as he turned to the two ladies, “The management is pretty standard . The two of you can play, and I'll just watch from the side!”

With a smile, Gu Rushan proficiently used the triangle rack to arrange the billiards b.a.l.l.s as Cai Yan smiled . “Then, I'll start off first . You have to watch out!”

Thereafter, she framed up the cue with her left hand and pulled her right hand back before unleas.h.i.+ng a strike . As the cue smacked onto the white ball, the white ball shot out as it collided against the green '11' ball, before it crashed against the other b.a.l.l.s and started to spread out . One of the b.a.l.l.s bounced from the edge before it dropped into the pocket .

“Great ball!” Gu Rushan held the cue under her arm and clapped .

Wearing a smile, Cai Yan walked around the billiards table as she pointed with her cue to find an angle . Thereafter, she aimed at the white ball and unleashed another strike . As the white ball took the impact, it accurately hit the number '7' ball, pus.h.i.+ng it closer to the edge of the table .

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Watching this scene, Cai Yan's expression grew solemn as the other b.a.l.l.s weren't in the right positions . After she pondered for a long time, she finally decided to create a defense by putting the white ball in a tricky angle to make things difficult for Gu Rushan .

Letting out a soft sigh, Gu Rushan bent down, which Su Tao felt his nose getting a little hot from the view within Gu Rushan's opened collar . Usually, he shouldn't be able to see anything, but as she bent down and squeezed against the billiards table, it formed into a bizarre curve .

Along with crisp resounding collisions, Gu Rushan straightened herself and the allure from before disappeared . Rubbing his nose, Su Tao took a deep breath after checking that nothing flowed out of his nose . He never expected that a simple game of billiards would get so hot .

Judging from Gu Rushan's posture, she's clearly experienced in billiards . However, the setup by Cai Yan was too tricky, and the white ball did not get a return as planned for the number '10' ball to enter the pocket . The ball traveled until it was ten centimeters away from the pocket before it stopped .

“What a pity!” Gu Rushan pouted as she panted and pounded the cue against the floor .

If a man did this after failing to get the ball into the pocket, he would definitely be questioned on his sportsmans.h.i.+p . But when Gu Rushan did this, it made her look pampered and cute .

However, Cai Yan smiled upon seeing this . She's not a man, so she wouldn't have tender feelings for the fairer s.e.x . In the end, she grabbed onto the opportunity and scored two b.a.l.l.s into the pocket . By the time she struck the third ball, her palms had sweated a little and missed the shot .

“You have to buck up, or I will be winning this round!” Cai Yan smiled .

Although Gu Rushan wore a smile, there was something pent up in her heart as she bent down to aim the cue once more . Subconsciously looking at Su Tao, her nose nearly crooked from the anger .  That fellow is practically on the verge of drooling!

She felt both annoyed and teased at the same time as she swiftly unleashed a strike, hitting the double-numbered ball into the pocket . After that, she swayed her body as she came to another corner .

As Su Tao looked at her from the rear, Gu Rushan's center of gravity was leaning forth . She used her left leg as support with her right leg slightly raised, causing her skirt to rise as well .

Although it was only in an instant, Su Tao's heart actually sped up .

Despite knowing that it's despicable for him to peek, he still couldn't help it . After all, it's more despicable for an ordinary man not to have any reaction upon seeing such an alluring scene!

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Touching his chin, Su Tao looked around, and he suddenly realised why this billiards club was so popular . It turned out that there were beauties at every single table, and many men came for the beauties while playing billiards became a secondary joy .

After Gu Rushan successfully hit a ball down the pocket, she wanted to continue her streak and came to the other side . But when she pulled her cue, she suddenly heard a yell from the rear that startled her . When she turned around, she saw a young man in black sleeveless s.h.i.+rt grabbing onto his groin, yelling out in pain, “Holy s.h.i.+t, are you trying to kill me?!”

Seeing his reaction, Gu Rushan started to panic . She instantly thought that her cue hit the groin of this man .

A green-haired man came over and pointed at Gu Rushan . “Do you think that an apology will do? You injured Young Master An in such a serious location, so shouldn't you do something practical as an apology to him?”

The several other youths who had their hair dyed with different colors laughed out .

From the side, Su Tao locked his brows . He knew that these people came to cause trouble, and they had ignored his existence .

“You have crippled Young Master An, so you have to take responsibility for the rest of his life!”

“Well, you got a bargain! Young Master An is a famous person around here, and he will definitely treat you well if you follow him!”

As they spoke, some of them even whistled to try and put Gu Rushan in an awkward position .

Standing at his location, Su Tao could clearly witness everything . That man's acting was great, and he clearly dodged when the cue was going to hit his groin, so Su Tao knew that this was a scheme .

The reason was also simple . Young Master An wanted to hit on Gu Rushan, which was why he created such an incident on purpose .

Seeing Gu Rushan at a loss, Cai Yan said, “Are you guys trying to create trouble on purpose? She only pulled her cue a little, so how powerful can it be?”

“You might be a woman, but you should know that a man's groin is his weakness . Being hit in this manner, who knows if he can still use it in the future?” The green-haired man unhappily said .

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Hearing the green-haired man's words, Cai Yan frowned, “How disgusting! Get lost!”

“Wow, what a shrewish one!” The green-haired man smiled as he raised his brows .

They couldn't help it since the two women were too tempting, and it's unavoidable for their hormones to rage .

Pulling Gu Rushan, Cai Yan stepped back and comforted, “You don't have to be afraid . This group of people is just acting!”

When the green-haired man heard those words, he smiled in disdain before his gaze wandered on Cai Yan and Gu Rushan .

“It's also because the two of you are pretty charming . Otherwise, I would've called my brothers to come at you guys . ”

His words sparked laughter in the surroundings . They were all interested in how the green-haired man teased the two of them .

“This matter needs to be resolved, so how do you guys want to resolve this matter?” Cai Yan glanced at Su Tao, the source of her confidence, and calmed down .

With Su Tao's skills, dealing with this group of people wouldn't be an issue .

“Simple, you can first apologise to Young Master An and serve him for a period until his groin recovers . ” The green-haired man said as he glanced at the ceiling .

“Boss Qiu, this is a good idea . When the two of them are together for a long time for feelings to build, the injuries to the groin won't matter!” Everyone else laughed along .

Being insulted in this manner, Cai Yan was extremely furious . She grabbed a billiards ball and threw it over . However, the green-haired man reacted swiftly . He caught it and hooked his finger . “You guys started it . Everyone, grab them!”

“What about that man?” Someone asked .

“Depends on his reaction . Ignore him if he continues to be a coward, but if he dares to retaliate, then bash him up!” Boss Qiu instructed .

“But this is Boss Meng's territory!” Someone reminded .

“Do you think that I'm afraid of him?” Boss Qiu raged and continued, “I'll take the responsibility if there's any problem!”

As everyone started approaching Gu Rushan and Cai Yan, Young Master An straightened his waist and smiled . “If we're going to play, then we have to play something bigger!”

“Since I'm not in a good mood, then I naturally have to find something fun to do! Since that chick has caught your attention, then I will surely help you get her in your bed today!” Boss Qiu snorted .

Young Master An knew that Boss Qiu suffered grievance at home today, which was why he came out to relax . The two women were charming, and they've also done such things in the past .

Occasionally, force was needed for some women . They might refuse in the beginning, but when they realise that they have no path of retreat, they would submit to fate, in which Young Master An had treated Cai Yan and Gu Rushan as delinquents that frequent these sorts of places while grinning . “Boss Qiu is mighty! You're too loyal!”

But shortly after, Boss Qiu and Young Master An were dumbfounded when they saw a silhouette charging into the crowd and beating everyone to the ground in the blink of an eye . The other goons were all terrified, so they immediately stopped their approach . All eyes were focused on that person .

“No wonder you guys dare to be so arrogant, so you guys were pretending to be prey!” Boss Qiu squeezed his brows to Young Master An and continued, “Get more people over . He can fight, but how many people can he fight against?”

As Young Master An whistled, the people nearby who were playing billiards all stopped and came over . “Young Master An, what's wrong?”

The person that dove into the crowd was Hei Jin . He frowned and casually whipped out his leg, breaking one of the billiards table's legs, causing the billiards b.a.l.l.s on the table to fall onto the ground .

Seeing this, Boss Qiu's throat started to itch . He knew that he struck a metal plate today . As his forehead beaded with sweat, he hollered, “You guys, watch out!”

Thereafter, he gave a signal to everyone else in the surroundings before he fled first .

Isn't this fellow a little too unloyal to his friends?

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Physician's Odyssey Chapter 544

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