The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Chapter 119 —Please Administer The Injection To My Grandson First

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He Xiyan came to the cas.h.i.+er, she turned her face away embarra.s.singly, laid down the things she wanted to buy on the desk.

She looked down in her purse for the money, she was going to pay and a long arm reached out and s.n.a.t.c.hed it from her hand.

“Sorry, we are not going to buy these.” The speaker was the family's bodyguard, Gu Chi.

Gu Chi didn't give her time to react, and dragged her away.

He let go his hand until they left for more than 20 meters from the pharmacy.

He Xiyan angrily looked at the tall and st.u.r.dy man, she looked displeased.

“Were you tracking me?” She stared at him, she felt uncomfortable of being tracked.

Gu Chi admitted his fault with a nod apologetically.

“I'm sorry, Miss He. Mister Ye said you are not allowed to come to the pharmacy to buy such things.” He cleared his throat and said apologetically.

Mister Ye had expected such a thing to happen.

He Xiyan sigh deeply.

She was left speechless.

“Let's go.” She waved at him. She knew he was carried out Ye Hao's order and thus, she didn't embarra.s.s him.

Her heart was in a flutter. Ye Hao wasn't allowed her to eat the contraceptive pill. What did he want, did he know if she might be get pregnant?

She was restless and she had no appet.i.te when she got home.

Little Yuanyuan seemed to feel his mother's unhappiness, he clenched his fits and outed his pink mouth.

Nanny came out from the bathroom, she reached out to hold the little baby who was about to cry, she thought he was hungry, she hurriedly lifted up her clothes and fed him.

He Xiyan did not have enough milk to nurse her baby one month ago, she was in delactation. Most of the milk that Yuanyuan drank was belonged to nanny, and some was cow's milk.

The little one grew very fast. Yes, he was only five months old. He was taller than seven months old babies, and could sit tight.

“Oh, Miss He, today is seventeenth.” Nanny stretched her hair, she had remembered something.

He Xiyan recalled after being reminded, she knocked on her head. Her mind was slow-witted that she couldn't remember well.

Today she had to bring Yuanyuan to children's hospital in the Ye City for hepat.i.tis B vaccination. Babies around 6 months must inject this vaccine and it was also one of the important infant vaccine.

She should have woke up and went earlier in the morning. The children's hospital had always been crowded, she had no idea about how long the queue would last in the afternoon.

She packed her son belongings, including milk, water and diapers.

She put Yuanyuan into a baby carriage, and went to the hospital with Qin Xiaoyu.

Arrived at the children's hospital in the city, here was crowded as expected. Since many of the patients were children, cries were heard from time to time in the hospital. The children had just been injected and were crying their heads off.

They went to the vaccination site. It was noisier here, all babies were half a year old, crying for all sorts of reasons even without a shot.

He Xiyan got the number, and there were more than 120 numbers in front of them. She could only stand at the end of queue. Yuanyuan was awakened by the cries in the hospital, but he didn't cry, and put his little hand into his mouth. He looked at the white ceiling, his eyeb.a.l.l.s rolled from time to time and looked around at the people.

The country had stipulated that hepat.i.tis B vaccine could only be injected in several public hospitals in Ye City. In order to prevent counterfeit vaccine, the people in Ye City were rus.h.i.+ng to the best hospital, and the children's hospital was their first choice.

There was crowded and jam-packed with the babies crying, the mothers waited impatiently at the hallway. A climacteric woman who was in her 50s was even more impatiently.

She cut the long queue, took out a wad of red bank notes from the bag, and put in front of the doctor who was vaccinated the baby.

“Doctor, please administer the injection to my grandson first,” Woman who was rich and arrogant looked imperious bearing.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 119

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