The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Miss He, Join Us For The Games

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It was December 24th on the lunar calendar, a traditional lunar year.

The castle was especially lively today. Big red lanterns were hung up at the door, and the house was full of New Year's ribbons.

Housekeeper Lu called dozen of people in the castle to the restaurant except the security guards. Everyone gathered around a large round table and learned to make dumplings from the chef.

Chef Liu, who was from the Northeast of China, taught them to make dumplings. Chef Liu had been making dumplings for more than 30 years. He was skillful. Miss He said that whoever did well today would be the first to choose the New Year red packet and thus, they all learned very hard.

In a short while, the dumplings were made in different shapes: crinkled dumplings, pilaf dumplings, clam-shaped dumplings, fish-shaped dumplings, wallet-shaped dumplings and more.

Sitting in the baby carriage, Yuanyuan also held a lump of dough, kneading and rolling like adults.

He Xiyan beside them drew the scene into a cartoon.

Living in the castle and getting along with each other day by day, they were already close.

It was the end of the year, and most of them would go back to their homes tomorrow, leaving only a few security guards. So today they were had a lot of fun and enjoyed eating.

After a sumptuous dinner, everyone got together and began to play games.

A dozen of people surrounded a large rectangular table, and began to play the werewolf card game. Housekeeper Lu was served as a moderator. He Xiyan did not how to play but Qin Xiaoyu dragged her to join them. In the first round, she got a witch card, and the next night she poisoned the real seer.

In the second round, she got a werewolf card. She wasn't a good liar so as soon as she spoke, she was guessed by everyone. The next day she was voted to death, and she had also screwed her teammate.

I'm so stupid!

“Ah… I'm quit.” After the second round, He Xiyan covered her red face, she was very shameful. She felt like an idiot in the game.

She rose to her feet, pushed over her chair and wanted to go out.

But soon she was pulled by the servant, w.a.n.g Lan beside her.

“Miss He, join us for the game. Mister Ye has not returned yet, and you are the master of this family. We are so bored if you leave.” w.a.n.g Lan pouted her lips with grievances, as if they couldn't play the game if He Xiyan quit.

“Yeah… Miss He, just come and join us!” They spoke with one voice and looked at He Xiyan.

Her face was still red with unspeakable tangle.

“But I really can't play this game!” She glanced at their expectant eyes and she was speechless.

Housekeeper Lu came out with a gla.s.s jar and a small red ball on his hand at this moment, the jar was filled with notes.

“It doesn't matter, let's change the game. True or Dare. Though this game was a little childish, but Miss He will definitely play.”

He Xiyan:…

The second game started. The rules were simple, everyone pa.s.sed the ball one by one, housekeeper Lu would turn his back with his eyes closed to everyone. When he stopped, the player who held the ball would draw a note and followed the contents of it.

The little red ball was pa.s.sed down by everyone like a hot potato. Once they got it, they didn't dare to stop for a second and quickly threw it to the next person.

The game stopped first time, the ball was in the hands of Gu Chi. A 21-year-old boy who had practiced martial arts since childhood, he had a great stature. Gu Chi drew a note from the jar without hesitation. The young man was shocked when he glanced the note.

—— Which opposite s.e.x at present would you m.a.s.t.u.r.b.a.t.e to?

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 133

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