The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: An Annoying Game

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The men cheered and clapped when they heard the question while the women all looked at each other in dismay. They were so nervous that they clutched at the corners of their clothes, afraid that their name would be called.

He Xiyan looked down and thought that it was highly unlikely that her name would be called. When she looked up, she was surprised to see Gu Chi staring at her.

She was surprised!

That kid reached out and hesitated for a second but ultimately pointed at someone.

“It's her!”

Everyone looked toward the direction of his finger.

He Xiyan finally realized that he was not pointing at her but Qin Xiaoyu who was seated on her left.

Qin Xiaoyu shrieked and her face flushed red. She turned around, her back facing the group and bent over as she covered her face, looking like an innocent young woman who was embarra.s.sed. Everyone then burst out laughing at her reaction.

The game continued.

When it came to the fifth round, He Xiyan noticed that everyone was pa.s.sing the ball at an unhurried pace and a few dozen seconds had pa.s.sed but the ball was only pa.s.sed to five people. Then, the ball was pa.s.sed to w.a.n.g Lan who was in front of her. w.a.n.g Lan happily caught the ball slowly. He bounced the ball on the table twice, then after the ball fell off the table, she picked it up again. Seven or eight seconds were wasted because of her actions. Finally, she was ready to pa.s.s the ball. She lifted her right hand and handed the ball to He Xiyan.

He Xiyan just caught the ball and was about to hand it to the next person, when all of a sudden –


The referee's voice rang out.

He Xiyan's heart skipped a beat and her eyes suddenly widened. She didn't manage to pa.s.s the ball to the next person.

It was her turn!

Everyone excitedly smacked the table and shouted when they saw that the ball was in the hands of their mistress. If they could stand on the table, they would have done so. The atmosphere suddenly became very lively.

The referee brought the gla.s.s bowl over and He Xiyan nervously pulled out a slip of paper from the bowl. She didn't look at the paper and clasped her hands in prayer, fervently praying that she picked something that she would be able to handle as cold sweat dripped down her back.

“When, where and with whom did you share your first kiss with? Please answer honestly.”

He Xiyan was speechless.

The moment they heard the question, everyone looked expectantly at He Xiyan.

“Who was it? Who was it? Who was it?” They chanted in unison and beat the table in tandem like madmen.

He Xiyan was dumbstruck and she felt as though her heart was about to jump out of her chest. She put her hand over her racing heart and her face turned pale.

No, she couldn't possibly answer this question and more importantly, she could not utter her ex-husband's name in this situation. It would be so embarra.s.sing and Ye Hao would be angry if he heard about it. Furthermore, it wasn't a secret that she was a divorcee so if she lied, everyone would be able to tell.

“I refuse to answer this question. I'll…I'll draw another question.” The words stumbled out of her mouth as she bit her lips and looked at everyone's hopeful faces.

Everyone rejected her request.

“But I don't want to answer this question. How about this, why don't you propose a punishment instead? I'll do anything you guys ask! I'll agree to physical punishments, singing or dancing, whatever it may be.” He Xiyan was prepared to forfeit the game.

Everyone could only sigh when they noticed that she was not about to answer the question. They then started to discuss the ways she could be punished and the discussion lasted quite a while.

Then, the referee stood up.

“Alright, as your punishment, how about spending 30 seconds confessing your love pa.s.sionately to Mr. Ye? I'm sure Mr. Ye would definitely not be angry at that.” The referee said with a smile.

Everyone cheered and some even clapped when they heard this suggestion as they all agreed that this was a great plan.

He Xiyan looked up toward the ceiling and rolled her eyes and she felt like giving up on life.

These people were totally making use of this opportunity to prank her.

“Mr. Ye is not at home today.” She smiled as she looked at them, thanking her lucky stars that Ye Hao was not home yet.

However, the smile soon froze on her lips when her gaze moved toward the door. She felt as though she was struck by lightning and wanted to fall on the floor.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 134

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