The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Where Is Your Residence Registration Booklet?

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He Xiyan returned to the bedroom after breakfast, she saw Ye Hao was rummaging around, the cabinets were opened by him one by one, and even her bags were flipped.

She walked over and patted him on the back.

“What are you looking for?

Ye hao turned around and looked at He Xiyan doubtfully.

“Where is your residence registration booklet?”

He had been looking for a long time he couldn't find it.

He Xiyan frowned deeply, she was surprised and confused.

“What do you want to do with it?” She walked to the cabinets and closed them. Then she opened one of the cabinets and took out a small vermilion booklet under the folded clothes.

A thinner booklet.

She handed the small booklet to Ye Hao, looking at him with full of doubts, she couldn't figure it out the reason he looked for it, even if the population registration was needed her ident.i.ty card.

Ye Hao opened it.

It was only a thin page inside, the householder was He Xiyan, she was the only person who registered in this booklet. Not even Yuanyuan.

He pitied her.

She had no relatives except for Yuanyuan.

Ye Hao slipped the booklet into his bag, with his booklet together. Then he turned to the wardrobe and got a coat and a scarf.

“Oh yes, Yanyan, do you still have relatives?” Ye Hao put on his clothes and asked curiously, he knew her parents were no longer alive, but how about her grandparents, uncles and aunties?


He Xiyan was stunned for a moment, but then she shook her head and lowered her eyes, covering a trace of sadness in her eyes. She lived alone and had no family since she was seventeen. But now, she had Yuanyuan.

“Well.” Ye Hao reached out and patted her head gently and softly. Since no one was alive, he had no occasion to call and politely inform them. He took a long down jacket and a red scarf from her wardrobe and put them on her.

“Let's go to the civil affairs bureau.” Then he took her hand in his.

He Xiyan could feel her chest contracted suddenly, she turned to look at Ye Hao in surprise.

Residence registration booklet, civil affairs bureau, she suddenly thought of what he was going to do. But in such a hurry? He didn't even bring her to see his family, included his father and grandmother.

It was too hasty.

“Shall we inform to the elders first?” He Xiyan couldn't figure it out that he suddenly put forward to get a marriage certificate. It was too abrupt.

Ye Hao held her hand tighter, his eyes were filled in firmness.

“My mom gave me a call yesterday and she said I have to work on my marriage this year, else I'll be widowed.”

He Xiyan: …

Ye Hao carried her without giving her time to ask, and heading to the castle's underground garage. He had planned to marry on a romantic island in the spring of next year when all the flowers were in bloom, but the two messages he had just received made him very unhappy.

And he didn't want the other men to be concerned about his woman.

It was the 28th of December on the lunar calendar, the hall of civil affairs was deserted today, and there were only seven or eight couple to come for registration.

The staff distributed the marriage application form to everyone, Ye Hao had filled it all within two minutes, He Xiyan was slow and she turned to look at Ye Hao while filling.

“You really won't regret it?” Her lips opened slightly and her voice sounded as thin as mosquitoes.

Ye Hao reached out and patted her shoulder.

“Fill it out.”

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 149

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The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 149 summary

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