The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: Tricked (1)

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15 minutes later, they both exited the main hall, carrying a small red booklet in their hands. From this day onward, they were officially man and wife and had become each other's closest relative.

He Xiyan placed her marriage certificate into her bag. It was an item that was extremely light but it felt like it weighed a ton in her hands. This was not the first time she had come to this place. In fact, she came here five years ago. She was only 20 years old then and naively thought that once they collected their marriage certificate, their marriage would last forever.

Who could have expected that things would have turned out this way?

This time, she truly hoped that their marriage would last forever.

“What are you thinking?” Ye Hao's grip tightened on her hand and turned to look at her, a faint smile dancing on his lips.

He Xiyan paused and her lips curved into a small smile. She didn't want him to see her troubled expression.

“Oh right. I forgot to mention that we will be heading to Pear Garden the day after tomorrow and will be spending Lunar New Year's Eve there.” Ye Hao said.

He hadn't planned on going this year since he did not care for a single member of the Ye family. However, his mother would be there and he didn't wish his mother to suffer nor anyone in that family to make things difficult for them, so he ultimately decided to go.

He Xiyan turned to look at him and after a moment's hesitation, she pointed to herself and asked, “Do I have to go as well?”

“Yes!” Ye Hao put his arms around her shoulder. “Don't worry, both my mum and dad would be present. You don't have to concern yourself with the rest of the family. All we'll be doing there is to have a meal together and we'll probably go to Pear Garden a maximum of one time a year.”

These people might be his relatives, but since he had not grown up in that family, he wasn't emotionally attached to them at all. He only cared about his wife, his mother and his child.

In an apartment in the city center.

It wasn't as lively as before and it was exceptionally quiet in the apartment on this day. There weren't even that many people taking the elevator.

It was the 29th of December on the lunar calendar and it would be Lunar New Year's eve tomorrow and since a large majority of the residents in this apartment only purchased or rented a unit here due to its proximity to their office, they would return to their hometowns every Lunar New Year.

Mo Yixuan would occasionally stay in this apartment since he often had to put in overtime hours at work and it would be past 11 PM by the time he knocked off. He was too exhausted and it would take him another 30 to 40 minutes by car to reach the Mo family mansion, so he would stay in this place whenever he was too busy with work or whenever he ended work late.

It was a small one-bedroom studio of only 40 to 50 square meters. There weren't any other rooms so it was very suitable for a person living alone but it wouldn't be suitable for a family.

Mo Yixuan leaned against the sofa and held a cigarette in his hands out of habit. He had already smoked half the cigarette. Despite it being Lunar New Year Eve the next day, he did not feel like returning home. His mother was not there and neither was his son. As for his wife, he had abandoned her more than a year ago.

Therefore, he planned on spending the Lunar New Year alone in this place. Although he had purchased this place five years ago, He Xiyan had never spent the night here, but Xia Yuwei had.

He could not help but heave a sigh at the thought and quashed the cigarette in his hand against the ashtray and his face turned livid.

Due to the fact that he would occasionally stay in this place, he came to know Xia Yuwei who rented the place opposite him. He hadn't noticed her at first even though he would see her in the elevator or along the corridor once in a while, they didn't speak to each other. Then one night, when he was in the elevator, Xia Yuwei entered carrying two large bags of things and a large tub of oil and asked for a.s.sistance when it was time to exit the elevator. He did not reject her then since it would be tough for any woman to carry so many things on her own, so he carried these things to her apartment.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 150

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