The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Tricked (2)

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They just had a quick conversation and nothing much. It was just help between neighbours. He didn't even mind.

Later, they had gone from strangers to be familiar with each other after one thing had happened.

Mo Yixuan suddenly gripped his fingers tightly at the thought, his eyes were filled with hate.

That night, he and several senior managers of the company were busied about a project that went wrong until midnight. Leaving the company, he did not plan to go home but walked towards the apartment, as the apartment was less than 700 meters away from the company and thus he didn't need to drive.

He was so tired and had a terrible headache, and he was trying to find a solution in his mind. So when he crossed the street, he did not pay much attention to the people behind him or even the vehicles. It was a zebra crossing which was not at the crossroads and without traffic light. He had only to walk two or three hundred metres straight to the apartment. When he was about a third of the way, a car came out of nowhere which almost drove into him, and before he could react, he was pushed a few meters away. When he looked back, he saw a girl lying on the ground. She was Xia Yuwei.

The driver and he sent Xia Yuwei to the hospital, she was only slightly injured, which had just strained her elbow and grazed her skin. So she was discharged in the same day.

They had become acquaintances since then, he had signed a cheque to thank her, but she insisted on not accepting, they become familiar with each other later, she would ask him to help, replacing a bulb, asking some questions, and he even paid her to clean his room.

The pasta she made was so tasty, whenever he came to the apartment to rest in the evening, she would make a bowl and sell it to him for 30 yuan. It was said that she couldn't earn money during the exam, so she wanted to earn some extra money from him. After a few days, she even went to his company to bring him lunch, 50 yuan per order. She was good in cooking, and it suited his taste.

Getting along with her gradually, he accepted blindly without resistance, and also lost his way in feelings little by little. He even had s.e.xual relations with Xia Yuwei after he got drunk, which thoroughly betrayed his woman who was at home.

Then they began a four-month underground romance.

Mo Yixuan walked to the window and pushed it open, letting the cold wind cut his face like a knife. Every time he thought of the terrible past that happened in this apartment, it had hurt him, but it did happen, and he bore all the consequences in the end.

Yanyan, you must be very sad at that time.

He remembered that after he had a shady relations.h.i.+p with Xia Yuwei, he went home lesser, sometimes he would go home for two days on weekends. Yanyan would ask him every day whether he came home, and he always said that he was busy, needed to work overtime or had a meeting, sometimes it was true, but sometimes it wasn't. And every time she would answer him “I got it” without bothering him anymore.

He knew that she had realized there was something wrong and thus, she wanted to come to the apartment to accompany him for several times, and he had found excuses to refuse. Once he had come home very late, he saw her eyes were red and he knew she had cried. He did ask her but she said nothing and asked him to rest.

He was very sad and lay awake all night, thinking to break up with Xia Yuwei completely, he had never considered divorcing her at that time. He had reserved a place in his heart for his wife, and he had never thought of abandoning her since the day he married her.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 151

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The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 151 summary

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