The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 177 - Invite Him To Dinner

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Chapter 177: Invite Him To Dinner

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

Those delegates sent by Huayang went back with gloomy face. Failing to complete their task, none of them was happy.

"How could Mo Yixuan be so arrogant! We came together, but he did not even meet us. Instead, he asked Boss Ye to meet him. Who does he think he is?" One manager of the marketing department said with great displeasure.

It's uncomfortable to be ignored.

Another senior official also said:

"They simply got a big project, didn't they? How dare Tianyu compare themselves with Ye Group?

"Exactly, how dare they?" Huayang has long remained the largest real estate development company in Ye City.

"The thought of this is irritating. I bet Boss Ye must be p.i.s.sed off on hearing this."

"So are we really going to miss this project?"

On the way back, these Huayang delegates kept discussing, all of them filled with indignation.

Back to the company, they reported to Ye Hao what had happened today.

Ye Hao turned the leather chair around, with a freezing cold smile hanging on the mouth corner.

"I get it!" Looking lightly at these senior officials, he waved his hand and motioned them to go out. It seemed that he had already antic.i.p.ated such an outcome.

They all went out except Lu Ming, who chose to stay.

"Boss Ye, are you sure you will meet him?" He asked doubtfully. When meeting Mo Yixuan, he felt that he had no sincerity to cooperate with them at all. He also noticed a sense of hostility in Mo's eyes.

Ye Hao slightly sketched the corner of his lip. His eyes were so cold without any sense of warmth. Still no reply, he only signaled him to go out.

When the office returned to quietness, he called the Scretary.

"h.e.l.lo, Boss Ye." Soon a woman secretary answered the phone.

"h.e.l.lo, please help call Mo Yixuan, the head of Tianyu, and tell him that I will invite him to dinner tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the West Lake Restaurant." After that, Ye Hao hung up the phone and did not say anything about it.

He had turned the man over in mind for a long time, and finally decided to meet him.

When it was time to leave work, he packed his things up and left on time. Although there were still a lot of things in the company waiting to be dealt with, he would rather finish these things back home. He wanted to go back early so as to spend more time with her who were in pregnancy, lest she always worry about something.

He went into the elevator and pressed b.u.t.ton of the negative first floor directly. At this time, the elevator was crowded with no less than fifteen people, all of whom were his employees. Since he came to the company only for a short time, he did not know the name of many of them.

"h.e.l.lo, Boss Ye." Several employees greeted him, but he just responded with "Hmm", not even lifting his eyelids.

Out of the elevator, he took the car keys out of his bag and headed for his parking s.p.a.ce.

The moment he came to the front of the car, a woman's shrill voice came from behind.

"Cousin…wait a minute."

Yang Kexin stepped near from behind on a pair of 8cm high-heeled shoes, went straight to Ye Hao's car and put her hands on the door.

"Cousin, let's have dinner together. I know a western restaurant nearby, the food is very delicious." Yang Kexin said enthusiastically, a sweet smile hanging on her lips. She was reluctant to spare any moment looking away from the man in front of her. She came working here exclusively for him.

Ye Hao turned around, looking coldly at the woman in front of him. He frowned and thought for a while before he remembered that she was his second aunt's adopted daughter whose name is Yang what…. He couldn't remember, only remembering that she had said that she would come working here before. He asked her to go to the interview by herself. That's all.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 177 - Invite Him To Dinner

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