The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 201 - Take Off Your Ring

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Chapter 201: Take off Your Ring

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

Mo Yixuan entered the cafe. He had specifically chosen the clothes that He Xiyan bought for him in the past and he was clad in a casual suit that fit him perfectly. It made him seem tall and handsome.

A faint smile danced on his lips and his gaze, as he looked at He Xiyan, was full of surprise.

It had been six months since he last saw her, the woman whom he had divorced but missed every day.

His Yan Yan seemed a little different, she looked clean and fresh without makeup. Her looks weren't considered stunning but her looks made one feel comfortable. She seemed to have become a little chubbier and her face was rounder.

She sat down and looked flatly at her ex-husband. Then, she cast her eyes downward as if she was trying to avoid his hot gaze.

"Please sit," she said as she gestured for him to sit.

Mo Yixuan took the seat across her. The soft fabric of the sofa was very comfortable. He continued to stare at her, as though he was unable to tear his eyes away from her. He watched her every move but when his eyes clearly darkened when he spotted the blue jeweled ring on the fourth finger of her left hand. A snowstorm seemed to brew in his eyes and his eyes were extremely cold.

"Yan Yan…" He suddenly called out her name.

He Xiyan had just placed an order. She looked up when he suddenly called her and was surprised to see the sudden anger in his eyes. Wasn't he alright earlier?

"Take off your ring!" Mo Yixuan commanded and his anger was reflected in his eyes.

That ring was like a knife that hurt his eyes.

He Xiyan frowned, then she shook her head.

"I'm married to him now, Yixuan…" He Xiyan looked at the ring on her finger before she looked at him. She wasn't trying to show off, she just wanted to tell her that she had re-married and hoped that he wouldn't continue hara.s.sing her.

"I don't care. Take it off." Mo Yixuan stood up angrily and reached out to pluck that offending thing off her finger.

He Xiyan gave in to his request, afraid that he would go overboard in a fit of anger. She could only take off her ring and keep it in her handbag.

After she kept her ring away, she looked at him coldly and said with a sigh, "Yixuan, I asked you out today because I hope that you would forget our past together and embark on a brand new life. I don't want you to waste your time pining after me, neither do I want you to look for Ye Hao any longer. He can't be bothered to be our enemy and I don't wish for you both to get into any more fights." These were her heartfelt words and the reason why she was here today. She wanted to lay everything on the table to prevent further clashes.

Mo Yixuan felt as though a sudden snowstorm had swept through the skies, sending him into an ice cave. He was so cold that his pupils shrank and his frown grew deeper.

He had been overjoyed to receive her text today but her words earlier had drenched the happiness he had felt. There was nothing left but coldness.

His Yan Yan was treating him so coldly that his heart ached.

"I won't get into another fight with him," he finally said after a long while. His fingers balled into fists and his reluctance did not diminish.

To him, the woman in front of him had always been his. She had been his woman since the day he transformed her from a girl to a woman. He did not intend to abandon her despite getting a divorce with her more than a year ago. He had no choice but to send her out to live alone and giv her a large sum of money when they got divorced, hoping that she would live a better life. He had never expected her to find another a man and form another family unit with that man.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 201 - Take Off Your Ring

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