The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: A Happy Family

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When the two girls looked up, they saw the master of their household. Mister Mo's face was cold and his gaze was as cold as ice.

“Miss Xia Yuwei instructed us to do some things, so we are not taking the day off.” Wu Xiaomin said, her voice quavering as she shrunk back. It had only been a few days but she sensed that her master was now even colder than before; she could not even detect any expression on his face.

Mo Yixuan did not probe further. He walked past both maids and strode straight into the dining hall.

In the dining area, Li Qin was whipping up the final dish in the kitchen, her face covered in sweat since she had cooked all these dishes alone without the help of the maids. Xia Yuwei sipped at a bowl of chicken soup beside the dining table.

Xia Yuwei's face broke into a smile when she saw who had entered the dining hall. She walked over and hooked her arm through his arm.

“Yixuan, have you been very busy? You haven't been back in a few days.” She said sweetly, with a hint of dissatisfaction.

Since the day He Xiyan left on the 26th of December, Yixuan had not returned home. He said that he had company matters to attend to and had to attend an important meeting in the capital. He had not returned thereafter.

Mo Yixuan nodded woodenly and kept all his feelings hidden away.

“Yuwei…” he started, “In the future, please don't ask Little Min and Little Lin to work over the holidays. This is only their job and they are not our servants. They are ent.i.tled to their holidays.”

Xia Yuwei suddenly frowned in annoyance. Naturally, she could hear the dissatisfaction in Yixuan's voice. How dare those two girls complain about her to him. She would make sure they pay the price one day.

“I'm sorry, Yixuan. I did not know that. I will take note of it in the future.” Xia Yuwei said insincerely as she pouted her red lips.

“Let's eat.” Mo Yixuan took off his jacket and turned to sit down.

Li Qin brought out the final dish and she smiled so hard that her face was about to freeze when she saw that her son had returned home.

She marveled at what a pretty picture they must look like now as a family of three, about to become a family of four. This is what a family should look like. She untied the ap.r.o.n around her waist and lifted her chopsticks to pa.s.s a slice of fish to Xia Yuwei.

“Little Wei, have some of this steamed turbot. It is very fresh and delicious.”

Xia Yuwei accepted the food that Li Qin pa.s.sed her and her lips then curled into a polite smile. She then quickly scooped a bowl of rice for Li Qin.

“Aunty, let's eat together.”

Together, these two women were a picture of harmonious familial bliss.

This man took in the scene in front of him.

Mo Yixuan looked down and stared at the dishes in his bowl, lost in thought.

He was in a daze.

He was reminded of that woman once again. He recalled the times they had eaten together. She would always have a bowl of rice ready once he entered the door. If she was not at work, she would make his favorite dishes and if he liked a dish, she would definitely find a way to make the dish taste just like the dish served in the restaurant.

Was she alright? Where would she be on the first day of the new year? What would she be doing?

Was she lonely? Did she miss him?

He suddenly felt full at the thought of that.

“I'm done.” He rose to his feet and strode up the stairs.

“Son, you've only eaten one bowl, what is wrong…” Li Qin shouted something after him but he did not hear anything.

He climbed upstairs to the living room, pushed open the gla.s.s window and stared at the brightly lit city outside.

He guessed that she should still be in this city.

He dug out his phone and opened up Wechat to find her display picture. He then tapped on the moments section to see her recent activity, to see if she had been well.

Unfortunately, he did not see anything. He could not even see her previous posts.

She had either deleted everything she shared in her moments or she had blocked him.

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 22

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