The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Have You Fallen for My Looks?

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He Xiyan continued to smile politely. She might have only met this man once but she could sense his concern for her.

They both divulged their basic information and only spoke briefly about their work and private life over the meal. It could be even said that they had each gained a friend.

After they were almost done with the meal, she stood up to call for the waiter.

“Bill, please.”

She dug out her credit card but just as she was about to hand it over, the waiter had already accepted another card.

“This is on me.” Ye Hao waved at the waiter and gestured for him to leave.

“No!” He Xiyan grew fl.u.s.tered and quickly stuffed her own card into the waiter's hands. “I already said that I'll treat you. I can't let you pay for this.” She gently pushed the waiter, motioning for him to leave.

The waiter was completely baffled. Was this couple out on a blind date? This was a $1,000 bill, why were they both fighting over it?

Ultimately, he returned the lady her card. “Ma'am, why don't you let this man buy you a meal.” Then, he headed straight toward the cas.h.i.+er.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the restaurant had a rule that the man would pay. Obviously, the entire industry conformed to this practice. When they encountered a situation where both man and woman fought for the bill, the waiter would accept the man's card.

After they left the restaurant, He Xiyan bowed her head in disappointment. She did not like to owe others a favor and now she had caused him to spend an additional $1,000 because of this meal.

“I'm really sorry, Mister Ye.” He Xiyan said awkwardly as she rubbed at her s.h.i.+rt sleeve. She then handed him a small bag.

“This is for you.”

Fortunately, she had bought him a watch, or she would have felt even worse. She truly was someone who did not like to take advantage of others.

Ye Hao accepted the package and took a quick look. He had only taken a look, but a look of surprise crossed his amber eyes. Then, he looked up at the delicate woman in front of him, who was also a person full of warmth.

“You…” He suddenly approached her and looked at her pretty face a.s.sessingly. He reached out and held her shoulder.

He Xiyan was stunned by his actions and immediately blushed. Hadn't he always been very gentlemanly earlier?

What was wrong with him now?

“Tell me, are you flirting with me?”

She had still not recovered from her shock when his deep voice sounded next to her ear. She was so shocked, her legs almost gave way.

What was he saying? Did he think she was flirting with him? How could that be?

She was not able to wrap her head around his sudden change of att.i.tude. He Xiyan felt like her head was spinning, as though tiny, little stars were dancing around her. She could not say anything in return.

However, to him, it just looked like she was nervous.

Ye Hao's raised his thick eyebrows, a teasing smile dancing across his lips.

“Why, have you fallen for my looks?” He smiled devilishly, his gentlemanly image ruined all of a sudden.

He Xiyan was completely dazed and shook her head firmly, her head still unable to process this sudden turn of att.i.tude.

Suddenly, she felt like her stomach was turning. She pushed his arms away and sprinted to the nearest rubbish bin.

She put her arms around her chest and stomach churning, she soon vomited whatever she had for dinner.

Um…then she vomited again.

Ye Hao reached out to pat her back, his face a picture of concern. They had only met twice but this woman was always getting herself into trouble around him. She was so feeble, as though she might break if someone touched her.

“I'll send you to the hospital.”

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 30

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