The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Finally Pregnant

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In the hospital, Xiyan pursed her thin lips. She hadn't been eating much lately, plus the vomiting just now, she was almost worn out. Hao had to lift her to walk to the consulting room.

“Doctor, how am I?” She asked the doctor who was feeling her pulse. Hao first registered her for internal medicine, but the stomach expert pointed them to O.B. after asking some basic questions.

It was a female gynecologist in her forties, who asked to observe her tongue after feeling her pulse.

“Is your period late this month?” The doctor blurted out a question that caused Xiyan headache.

She shook her head.

“Doctor, my period has always been irregular. It's never on time.” Ever since she had her first menstruation when she was fifteen, she had never welcomed her period as expected. It was not unusual for her to not get it for even three or four months–typically a sign for infertility. It had only gotten better in the past few years because of the numerous medications she had tried, but it was still on irregular terms.

However, if it wasn't food poisoning, then…

It suddenly struck her – the ultrasound examination she took the previous month. Am I…?

The doctor took a box from a cabinet and gave it to Xiyan.

“The blood test won't have any result tonight. Take the test strip and test it yourself in the bathroom.”

Xiyan: “…”

“You mean…?” She stared at the doctor in astonishment, her eyes flas.h.i.+ng with telltale thrill.

“Yes, you might be pregnant. Now go.” A smile briefly crossed the doctor's lips.

Suddenly she was all energized and jumped right away from the chair, striding out to confirm the good news.

Cautiously dipping the strip in the test cup in the restroom, she watched unblinkingly the strip end getting soaked where the red lines are supposed to show. Seconds later the first line appeared, and… the second line ensued.

“Oh my!” She covered her face with hands at the sight of the second visible line.

She was shocked, but also exultant.

She was pregnant, for G.o.d's sake. Finally.

It was obvious that the news struck her hard, though in a good way for her. Xiyan burst into joyful tears, leaning onto the door.

She's going to be a mom? She caressed her stomach, tears of thrill flooding in her eyes.

My baby, you're finally here, aren't you? It's just the waiting has been too long, too long.

Hao looked up and caught sight of Xiyan, teary-eyed. He took her out of the hospital with his brows entangled.

“What's wrong? What did the doctor say?” He asked dearly. He could tell, with her abrupt crying and smirking, that something's up.

Xiyan shook her head, refusing to spill. She's not unwell, just normal side effect of pregnancy.

“Was it that sc.u.mbag? He wanted to get back together?” Thinking of the possibility of the latter, Hao's face flashed with discontent. It'd better not be.

Xiyan denied by again shaking head. She remembered that it'd better be kept to oneself for the first three months of pregnancy, as the elderly used to say.

“Thank you for being here, Mr. Ye. I…” she paused. She meant to say that she would take him to lunch another day, but given the seven thousand RMB he just lavished he would very likely snag the next bill as well.

Hao turned his eyes at Xiyan, his lips pursed for a second. He knew what she was going to say.

“Next time we'll go to your place.”

Xiyan clearly didn't expect this coming, her eyes wide open. She wanted to turn it down but couldn't find a way to say no.

Her place? But she lives alone, and there will only be they two…

“What? Do I look like a bad guy? Am I going to eat you alive?” Hao arched a half-curved smile, his amber eyes betraying a fling of obscure emotion.

He does have an evil appearance.

Xiyan shook head right away. It's not like that. She knew he had a good heart. Just the two of them made her somewhat uncomfortable.

“It's a deal, then! Now, what's your address? I'll take you home.”

The Problem With Marrying Rich: Out Of The Way, Ex Chapter 31

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